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1. I very seldom go to the movies, because it's a bit of a hassle and it's expensive and I don't really have the patience for movies, so I prefer to watch them on my computer where I can pause them and walk away if need be, but I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them weekend before last and Moana last weekend, and both movies were absolutely delightful.

1a. I wanted to see Fantastic Beasts while it was still in theatres because I knew that if I didn't, there was a pretty good chance I wouldn't see it for literally years (I still haven't seen any of the Marvel movies since Winter Soldier came out), especially since there was a lot of criticism of it on Tumblr well before it came out and I tend to be pretty susceptible to other people's opinions -- this is the reason I've stopped reading reviews and reactions and am wary of discussing things I enjoy with other people. Especially in this current age of "if you liked THING you are an IRREDEEMABLE MONSTER" and I have enough problems with that already, thank you.

2. On a related note, there's a particular strand of criticism that sometimes gets leveled at JKR that makes me really uncomfortable -- not the diversity or the representation or any of that, but the "she's beaten the HP world to death," "why doesn't she fulfill her duty as an author and write a new fantasy epic not set in the HP 'verse," "she's a failure," etc., which quite frankly baffles me, especially the second one. (Which I have actually seen, though I don't remember where. Tumblr, obviously.) I don't know what I'm getting at with this, but while there are certainly legitimate criticisms to be leveled, some of the entitlement (which is a rough word to sling around) there is really uncomfortable and upsetting to me.

3. Today was the first snow of the season here, and I am not in favor of it at ALL, though obvs it is good for various reasons including decreasing the chance of a drought (which means bad harvests and increased wildfires) next year. I just don't like being cold and I don't like snow: these are the reasons I moved to Louisiana in the first place.

4. Multi-day cooking or baking projects are not good for me: I don't have the attention span to do things two days in a row, especially if day two is a day when my mother is home, because I don't like doing things where other people can see me.

4a. I've had cookie dough languishing in the fridge since Thursday. Hopefully it's still all right to bake off if I do so tomorrow; I bought decorating tools and everything.

5. I've got applications due next week, so I am trying to buckle down and actually get them done, which means I am back in statement of purpose hell. I'm a good writer, but this is the kind of writing I'm the absolute worst at, and I wish I had someone to show them to. (Like, there are people I'd be okay showing them to, but I feel awkward asking.) I'm just really anxious about this because I don't know what I'll do if I don't get into graduate school, and also -- applying costs a lot of money. Between GRE scores and application fees, it's about a hundred bucks per school. I've got the money from my grandmother, but I hate paying that much for something that's not guaranteed, and I just...I don't know what I'll do otherwise. This is literally the only thing I'm good at or trained to do.

5a. Except write, and I've got deadlines for a handful of different sci-fi/fantasy short story submissions set aside and marked on my calendar. The only problem is that I very seldom write original fiction and I very seldom write short stories and I very seldom write anything to a prompt. I'd like to submit at least one thing, but I'd also have to write it, which means that I need to turn from fic to original, and at the moment I've been bashing my head against the same three chapters since May, so on the other hand I'd rather get those sorted so at least they're out of the damn way.

5b. I really miss being a student; I broke down at my mom the other day and sobbed "I just really miss writing research papers!" Which I do; I'll complain about it the entire time I'm doing so but I really do enjoy it.
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What I'm currently reading

I'm just finishing up a reread of Martha Wells' The Serpent Sea, and I'm still reading At Day's Close by A. Roger Ekirch. I've also started and put down a couple books since, so they're on the "sort of currently reading" list. I'm still stalled out on Ahsoka.

What I've just finished

For Rewatch I read Star Wars: Servants of the Empire: Rebel in the Ranks yesterday, and also reread The Gate of Gods by Martha Wells, finishing up the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy.

What I'm reading next

There's another Servants of the Empire book up tomorrow, so that will be up there, and then probably one of the stack of books I just took out from the library.
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What I'm currently reading

I've been wanting to reread At Day's Close: Night in Times Past by A. Roger Ekirch for years (I originally read it when I was an undergrad), and I finally got a copy of it. I missed reading nonfiction so much, y'all -- there's nothing really stopping me from doing so, but I haven't done so in a few months now, and like...I'm an academic, I'm used to reading nonfiction all the time, especially coming straight off a master's thesis. At Day's Close is a study of night in medieval and early modern Europe (and some in the Americas) -- super interesting, if you like microhistory, and it's solid scholarship too.

I'm also on a reread of Martha Wells' The Serpent Sea, but I'm not really feeling it right now so I'll probably switch to something else. I'm stalled out on my Star Wars: Ahsoka reread.

What I've just finished reading

For Rewatch I just sort of skipped the interstitial novel section and moved onto the Rebels section, which actually kicks off with Servants of the Empire: Edge of the Galaxy by Jason Fry, so I read that on Sunday. (It was...a little too real, considering current events in the U.S. Except actually it ended up seeming too mild compared to current events in the U.S. and things like government reaction to protests.)

I also reread The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley (total comfort read) -- I also sort of skimmed through a couple of Valdemar novels, but those don't really count since that was skimming for the familiar comforting parts, not the whole book. I also finished up Martha Wells' The Ships of Air, as well as the other two Barbara Hamilton novels, A Marked Man and Sup with the Devil.

What I'm reading next

The other three Servants of the Empire novels will be up sometime in the next week or two (when exactly is on The Schedule), and since I'm not feeling The Serpent Sea I'm absently skipping through my Kindle and trying to decide what to read. Maybe some Hambly, maybe some Pierce, who knows. We'll figure out what it was this time next week. I guess probably the third Fall of Ile-Rien novel.
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What I'm currently reading:

I'm on a reread of Star Wars: Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston for Rewatch; I meant to go through this in one day but it's taking me longer, so at this point I'm just hoping to have it done by the end of the week.

I'm also rereading The Serpent Sea by Martha Wells, and another Martha Wells short story from her collection Between Worlds.

What I've just finished reading:

House of Many Ways, by Diana Wynne Jones, which I started comfort-reading last week because ha, like the protagonist in a situation of great stress I also retreat into a book. It's not my favorite of DWJ's books by a long shot (Howl's Moving Castle is), but I'd wanted to reread it for a while and it was nice to go back to that world.

I started reading The Ninth Daughter by Barbara Hamilton (Barbara Hambly) on Election Day, then had to put it down because I was too angry and sad to read about Revolutionary War-era (or rather, immediately prior to -- the book takes place in 1772) America, and Abigail Adams would be so disappointed, y'all! HOW COULD WE DISAPPOINT ABIGAIL ADAMS THIS WAY anyway I picked it up again yesterday because I couldn't face Ahsoka again and I finished it this morning.

Even though Star Wars: Kenobi isn't part of Rewatch since it's Legends rather than canon, I wanted to reread it after RotS as it's my third-favorite Star Wars novel, and tbh it was the Star Wars story that I really needed after that week. I needed the small-scale and the perspective.

What I'm reading next:

Tarkin and Lords of the Sith are both supposed to be up for Rewatch, but I think I'm going to skip them because right now I just can't handle reading stories where the villains are the protagonists and win and acts of rebellion are put down and are ultimately futile except to get innocent people killed. I really mistimed putting The Schedule together, though in all fairness, I could not have predicted this back in August.

Star Wars: A New Dawn, which is one of my top two Star Wars novels, is up next and I've been looking forward to rereading that for a while now. I've also got the other two Barbara Hamilton novels and I'm mid-series reread on two separate Martha Wells series, as well.
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Wow, I've never been so angry I'm literally dizzy before.

Someday someone is going to ask me how anyone could possibly relate to the Old Republic Jedi, and I'm going to be forced to answer "because I spend so much of my life training myself not to actively react emotionally to things that now I don't know how to do so in a healthy way."

I have a lot of emotional reactions to things, and for various reasons I don't trust my emotions. This is fine, sort of (not really, since this has obviously fucked me up in some spectacular ways), if I'm just dealing with me, if I'm dealing with other people...not so much. Apparently "I don't know how to react to this" is not an appropriate response, even if it is a true one.
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1. I've been watching a lot of River Monsters lately because it's very soothing, and it always delights me how much the host loves fish. HE JUST LOVES FISH SO MUCH, GUYS! EVEN THE VICIOUS MAN-EATING ONES!

2. Last night's Dancing with the Stars was really good, and I've been watching James, Sharna, and Jenna's trio jive and Laurie, Val, and Maks' trio samba over and over again all day.

3. I got a tiny Black Series Inquisitor's TIE to go with my Ghost, B-wing, and Poe's X-wing, and I am delighted by the fact that the wings fold down and the hatch pops up. (I do wish the tee-tiny Black Series figures were proportionate to each other, since they're all about the same size.)

4. Some recipes I've made recently that I really like: the Holy $#!% Pulled Pork and Pork Enchiladas with Shredded Pork Sauce from Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Back to the Kitchen, this Slow Cooker Pulled Pork from Shutterbean, this Baked Nashville Hot Chicken from A Cozy Kitchen, and this Slow Cooker Jambalaya from Budget Bytes. (I'm not in love with the jambalaya, because it tastes like something's missing, but it's really good. And that might just be me going "this doesn't taste exactly like the Cafe Maspero's!")

5. One of my best friends is getting married, and she sent me a picture of her wedding dress and it is SO PRETTY and I'm so happy for her.
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1. My mother got back from Japan today, so now I'm no longer alone in the house and just taking care of myself. And now things have to be back on a certain kind of schedule again, instead of just whenever I feel.

2. I've been working on our semi-feral barn cats (Convor, Fyrnock, Tibidee, Dokma, and Romulus Augustulus -- he's the only male), and after months Fyrnock, the bravest of them, finally let me pet her. She's still pretty unsure about it, but she hasn't tried to scratch me or anything, and every time I go out to feed the cats she winds around my feet and rubs against me. The others are still keeping their distance -- Dokma's never come out from behind the spray rig -- but at least Fyrnock!

2a. Yes, I named my cats after critters from Star Wars Rebels. Except for Romulus Augustulus, obviously.

3. I'm dissociating a little, or maybe a lot, from the whole...politics thing. (You know the thing, everyone knows the thing.) If I think about it I freak out; if I don't, I'm also thinking about how I'm not thinking about it and then I feel guilty/bad/terrible about that. It's...a lot.

more on this )

4. I've been scratching open my ear again, so that' It's a stress thing, I suspect.

5. tbh at this point my entire attitude is "dear god we're all going to die, what is the point of anything."
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I want to say one more thing, I think. Moving onto anger from sadness, hey, a different step in the grieving process!

I’m not ashamed of being an American. I love this country, warts and all. Has America done some shitty, shitty things in its time? Hell yeah. One happened yesterday. Were some of the people involved in the founding of America terrible human beings? Yeah. Is America doing terrible, awful things right now? Yes.

But I love this country, and the dream it represents – the dream it represented in 1776, and 1789, and 1865, and 1920, and 1964 and every other year, even those years when awful, terrible things were happening. Even though awful, terrible things were happening in those years, even though compromises were made and things were still awful and people were suffering, but my gods, things happened, things that mattered and continue to matter. In a lot of ways, especially for immigrants and the children of immigrants, this country is as much dream as reality, and you know what? The dream matters.

I’m half-Japanese. My mother is a Japanese citizen, and for a long time, she told me that I couldn’t call myself Japanese-American – because I was and am an American, because I was born here, I grew up here, I live here, this is my country.

I have dual citizenship. If I wanted to stop being an American, I could. But this is my country and I love it and gods damn it, no one can take that from me, because until 1920 women couldn’t vote in this country, and in 1942 the U.S. government took Japanese-Americans from their homes and put them in camps, and until 1952 my Japanese-born American-raised cousins couldn’t become citizens, and this is my home, my country.

I voted. I fought with my vote and my voice and my very presence as a human being who lives in this country. I live here, I’m a citizen, and I am proud to be an American even if I’m pretty pissed off at other Americans right now. That’s pretty much the guiding principle of the American people, after all.
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What I'm currently reading:

I picked up The Ninth Daughter by Barbara Hamilton (a.k.a. Barbara Hambly) yesterday to reread, in a fit of glee because somehow "first woman president" translates to "Abigail Adams solves crime," and now I am too devastated to read it, though give me a day or two to recover and I'll get back to it. In the mean time for some reason I really wanted to reread DWJ's House of Many Ways, so I'm reading that, as well as The Serpent Sea by Martha Wells (another reread).

What I've just finished reading:

An Ancient Peace by Tanya Huff, which is about SPACE ARCHAEOLOGY!!! or space tomb raiding, anyway. It's a follow up to the Valor books, which are about space marines, except now they've left the Marine Corps and are freelancing. Lots of fun if you like military sci-fi, which I...theoretically do, but tbh there are only two military sci-fi series I've actually read and liked.

I also finished rereads of Martha Wells' The Wizard Hunters and Stories of the Raksura: Volume II.

What I'm reading next:

I've still got Grace of Kings out, though I suspect it's going to lapse before I read it, and whenever I get my emotions together enough to watch RotS (definitely did not think to arrange The Schedule around Election Day, it was supposed to coincide with new canon, not REAL LIFE), the next things up are all books: Ahsoka, Lords of the Sith, Tarkin, and A New Dawn.
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That's what I've been repeating to myself all day. I don't know what book I got it from anymore -- I know I got it from a book -- but it's what I always come back to when I'm reacting to something. Do the next thing.

I've been crying on and off all day -- I was mostly numb last night. I live on the West Coast, so I was doing the time zone conversions in my head, reminding myself that the West Coast (the Left Coast, as my Republican father likes to call it) always goes blue. Watching. Waiting. Food Network on the TV, Twitter on my computer. No news channels. I went to the store yesterday to buy booze, figuring one way or another I'd be crying into it. (Bad idea. I don't like alcohol and I don't react well to it, so, well, now I have this bottle of rum I need to do something with.) We canceled our newspaper subscription recently, and I was making plans to go to the store this morning so I could get a copy of the paper with the first woman president on the cover.


I think -- probably like a lot of people -- I've spent a lot of time going back through everything I could have and didn't do, because that's the way my brain works. I didn't canvas, I didn't phone bank -- but I live in a very blue state and a very red county. Washington went blue. (Kittitas County went red.) I can barely keep my own life together, and for me, that wasn't really an option. When my dad was here, I didn't even want to go over to the Democrat stand at the farmer's market, because I didn't want to touch off an argument about politics. But I voted.

And the thing is -- that's actually not something I've done the past few years. I voted in 2008, but I didn't vote in 2012 (I was abroad, not that that's an excuse), and I haven't voted in state and local elections for a few years. I stopped getting ballots in the mail. But this year I got up and I checked my registration status (I forget the technical term, but while I was still registered I hadn't voted in so long the state was basically like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and stopped sending me ballots; for WA that was an easy fix) and filed for an absentee ballot for the primary. I was still in Louisiana then, and while I was sitting there at my computer googling every name and measure downticket, I kept thinking "I don't know anything about what's going on in Washington, I know a lot more about Louisiana politics." (Still true, by the way.) But I'm registered to vote in Washington, not Louisiana, and I looked them all up and voted downticket in the primary. Because I wanted to do something, and sometimes -- all you can do is vote. Show up and speak out. And -- I wanted to vote for a woman. I wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton, something I had never done before. (In 2008 I was a Republican, so, like, things change. People change!)

My county is mail-only and has been for as long as I've been voting and as long as I can remember. I've never seen an actual polling station. I got my ballot in the mail two weeks ago and I looked up all the state and local names and everything up for a vote, and I filled in the little box next to Hillary Clinton's name. I got to vote for a woman for president of the United States.

And that's huge. That's so, so huge.

(And I don't know if I ever will again now. I hope so. But I don't know.)

And I keep thinking -- is there anything else I could have done? Yeah, maybe. Maybe not. But Washington went blue. There's nothing I could have done to change the outcome in my state, because my state already voted the way I voted. (By a LOT.) But I voted, and because for whatever reason (laziness, mostly) I didn't do so in the past few elections, that's huge for me on a personal level. And I keep reminding myself of that.

I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm scared.

I'm glad both my parents are out of the country, because I wouldn't have been able to deal with my father right now and I'm pretty sure my mother wouldn't understand why I'm so upset.

I'm tired.

I'm glad that the U.S. government was basically organized around the principle "we don't trust anyone else in the government."

I'm proud of the people and measures that I got to help vote in. I'm proud of Washington State. I'm proud that I remembered to fix my registration and send in my ballot.

I'm grateful that I got to vote for a woman to be president of the United States, and I'm proud of her.

But gods, I'm tired. And sad. And I wish she had won.

So many of the reactions I've seen have been "get up and fight," and I'll get there. Somehow, some way, even if it's just by voting. But right now I'm tired. And the meaning of life is: do the next thing.
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Gonna try to do reading Wednesday at least through November, a month when I am trying to be better at doing things on a regular basis.

What I'm currently reading

Rereads of Stories of the Raksura: Volume Two: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below and The Wizard Hunters, both by Martha Wells -- I'm on another reread kick (which I've been on this year even more than usual), and they're both comfort reads. I've been rereading the Raksura series in the weirdest backwards and inside-out order ever.

What I've just finished reading

The Siren Depths by Martha Wells -- I said my Raksura reread was in the weirdest order ever -- and A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston, which really didn't work for me at all. Spoilers )

What I'm reading next

I've got a couple of books on slow reread, which means I started them but I'm not actively reading them -- Star Wars: Maul - Lockdown by Joe Schreiber and Cyteen by C.J. Cherryh, which I've been meaning to reread for a while. I've also got The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu and An Ancient Peace by Tanya Huff out of the library, if I ever stop doing rereads for long enough to read one of them.
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I…I didn’t think you could write a retelling of the Thousand and One Nights and actively remove the storytelling aspect as being an important part of the story, but apparently you can and it really bothers me, because even though this isn’t my favorite fairy tale that part – the power of stories, the power of being a woman who tells stories, the power of fantasy – is really, really important to me. And it’s not…totally removed, it’s still there in a way, but not in the story-telling sort of way. And its removal from the story is lampshaded in a way that’s kind of actively unsettling to me.

Like, I’m sure other people who’ve read this book will disagree with me, but I didn’t even realize I was attached to it until it was gone.

(The book is A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston, and between this and the fact that I was pretty meh on Ahsoka (thoughts coming later when I reach that point in The Schedule), I think I'm not going to search out any more of her books unless she writes another Star Wars novel.)
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1. I literally had an election-related stress dream last night -- I was trying to vote, but there was a test I had to take that I hadn't known about before, and I was driving around town trying to figure out where this test was being held so that I could vote, and if I couldn't vote then I alone would be solely responsible for the, you know, oncoming apocalypse and the fall of American democracy etc. and I was just going, "But I didn't know there was a test!" Ironically my county doesn't even have polls because it's mail-in only and I already have my ballot, I just haven't filled it out and sent it in yet.

Gods, I'm so ready for this election cycle to be over.

2. I've been having jaw pain recently, which I've had before on and off, so that adds to my level of stress. It's probably stress-induced, though other possible reasons include: the weather, the fact that I've been spending mornings lying in bed with my jaw pressed against my pillow at a weird angle (but about at the point where the pain is coming from), an actual medical problem, or aliens. Probably stress, though.

3. I need to actually start working on my personal statements (statements of purpose, whatever they end up being called) for my grad school apps, but I haven't done so yet.

4. Sometimes fandom really tires me. I love fandom, it's shaped my life, but sometimes...sometimes it really tires me. I feel like I've been censoring myself a lot more in the past year than I did at any point in the fourteen years previous -- I think partially because unlike LJ/DW fandom, stuff can get reblogged around without context, whereas at least with journal fandom people have to come to your actual journal to read something. And the other factor is that Star Wars Rebels fandom skews both young and new(ish) to fandom in general -- it's not really a fandom that attracts a lot of fandom ~oldtimers, so there are both real and fannish generation gaps that are on occasion really evident. (I'm honestly still not over the time someone called me "fandom mom" and I almost had a meltdown, because I was 24! I'm not exactly that much of a fannish old here! I mean, now I'm 26, but I'm still not a fannish oldtimer, particularly. Except I've been around since, eh, 2001/2, so I kind of am. Fannish generation gaps are weird.)

5. I can never tell if I'm actually a complete disaster or if I'm pretty together as a human being. Bit of both, I think.
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1. This week has been...weird. I had a backlog of school-related e-mails to send (I always have a backlog of school-related e-mails to send, because I hate sending e-mails), which sent me into an actual panic attack (of the mild hyperventilating variety) on Tuesday (I meant to get them out Monday but A Thing on Tumblr sent me into a panicked downspin), and then I got five of them out -- two responses, one follow-up to an unanswered but kind of important request for a rec, an inquiry to a prof at BC, and an inquiry about GRE scores to one university.

1a. I got a really nice response from the BC prof, so I will apply to that school even though I sort of...really don't want to go to Boston at all (Massachusetts has SEASONS, one of which is WINTER, and after six years I have become a delicate southern blossom even if I started as a hardy PNW evergreen), but I love her research so...we'll see if I get in.

1b. Which would be easier if Dr. F would reply to my e-mail and tell me he'll write me a letter of rec, which he has done on multiple occasions before in previous years so getting no response from him is freaking me out.

2. Today my touchpad stopped working, which prompted panic while I tried to figure out why why why, and couldn't, so I shut the lid of my computer and went to the store and when I came back the touchpad was working again. Problem Child, why are you like this?

3. My ballot arrived in the mail today, so I'm really glad that sorting out my voting registration worked. Like, you know an election's messy when I actually get my shit together. (I was registered to vote, but since I haven't done so for a few years my county just stopped sending me ballots -- we're mail-in only, no polls.)

4. My phone briefly popped up "sign-in failed" for my e-mail, sending me into a tailspin of panic, but manually signing in seems to have worked since the pop-up hasn't come back? It's done this once before, and it's always SUCH panic.

5. I still haven't transferred my music to my new/current computer, aside from the Amazon stuff I can just download again. Normally I just pull it all off my iPod, since there's not like...any good way to get it from my old computer to the new one. I just haven't done so yet because effort. And my ongoing fear that this time it won't work and I will end up erasing it all, so instead I just...don't.
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1. I'm having another fit of agony over grad school apps, which is exhausting because there's not really anything I can do except write them and cross my fingers.

1a. I e-mailed four professors asking for recs, got one "yes," one "out of office until Oct 31" response, one "no," and radio silence from the fourth, who happens to be one of the ones I'm counting on. I'll e-mail him again on Monday, and then e-mail another professor I had at Tulane and hope I can scrape up three recommenders. (I really only had a handful of professors at Tulane, and half of those were for Greek and won't work for recs -- my Greek prof was the one who said no. Leicester isn't much better, and I don't want to go back to undergrad for recs if I can help it, but I might have to.)

1b. I'm really concerned that my apps will just be thrown out because of my GRE scores, which the GRE website says are valid through June 2017, but which are over five years going by most university admissions pages, which say "within the past five years." (They're from August 2011.) But I also don't want to take the GRE again just on that off-chance.

1c. I need to e-mail the professors at the schools I'm applying to, which I haven't done yet because I hate writing cold e-mails, and what if they say "ha, no thanks"? What do I do then? Agh.

2. My father and my cousin both left within a day of each other, dropping the household from four to two, so now it's just me and my mother.

3. I still can't deal with Rebels S3 spec, and there's not really any good way to say that to people without sounding like I've lost my damn mind.

4. I'm more emotionally stable at the moment than I was a month ago, but I'm still at the point where one little thing will send me into a anxiety spiral.

4a. I'm kind of in one right now because of the grad school thing.

5. WHAT IF I DON'T GET INTO GRADUATE SCHOOL I will die in this town and my life will be over.

5a. I'm not actually sure I want to go to graduate school because the amount of stress literally makes me sick every time, but on the other hand I've been just as bad these past few months after grad school, so, like. There's no way to win here.
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On the Edge of the Devil's Backbone (245786 words) by bedlamsbard
Chapters: 21/?
Fandom: Star Wars: Rebels, Star Wars - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Kanan Jarrus/Hera Syndulla
Characters: Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren, Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios, C1-10P | Chopper, Ezra Bridger, Cham Syndulla, Barriss Offee, Kallus | ISB-021, Darth Vader, Ahsoka Tano, The Inquisitor (Star Wars), The Seventh Sister, The Fifth Brother
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Canon-Typical Violence

Ten years after she vanished during an Imperial raid on a Twi'lek colony, Cham Syndulla sees his daughter Hera for the first time in a hologram -- now wearing the uniform of an Imperial agent and apparently working closely with a human Inquisitor. All Cham wants to do is to bring his long-missing child home to what remains of her family, but he soon finds that Hera Syndulla is only interested in two things: her duty to the Empire and her loyalty to her crew, a mismatched collection of outcasts brought together by Hera and her pet Inquisitor.

With Cham and the Rebel agent known as Fulcrum in pursuit, a new mission takes Hera and the crew of the Ghost to the planet Lothal, where a chance meeting with a Force-sensitive teenager awakens something long buried in the Inquisitor once known as Kanan Jarrus...and has dire consequences for Hera, their crew, the Empire, and the fledgling Rebel Alliance.


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1. ETS says that my GRE scores are valid through 2017, but I'm a little anxious because most graduate programs say "from within the past five years," and I took the GRE in August 2011. So I'm not sure whether those schools will still consider them valid, or if I should take the GRE again. (And do worse, there's no way I'm going to do better because I haven't taken a standardized test since the last time I took the GRE.) Or if I should just contact each program individually to ask. Does anyone know?

2. My mother is still judging my spending choices hard -- well, half my spending choices, and half that I enjoy things that aren't Serious Business. It's making me paranoid, since every time I get something in the mail (which, honestly, is not that often) my mother makes comments about how I need to save my money and how I shouldn't spend money on my hobby. (Though on one occasion I was able to brandish the book I'd just gotten and go, "This is for my PhD applications! Not for fun!") But it's making me paranoid and unhappy and judged and I'm...pretty much all those things all the time anyway, so it's just heavily increasing all of those. (Like, I probably shouldn't buy things! On the other hand I did just not spend money on taking the GRE again. Unless I do have to take the GRE again. I don't know! Anyway, I'm a human disaster, but the paranoia is making me crazier than usual.)

3. I was hoping to avoid the paralyzing, nauseating dread I usually get before a new episode -- especially a season premiere -- due to the fact that I saw the Rebels season premiere at SWCE, but NOPE. I've never been able to feel anticipation or excitement, just dread. People get excited about things before they happen? Okay...that sounds fake but okay...

3a. Sometimes I really hate being in a live fandom; it's incredibly stressful for me as a fanfic writer. Especially because my fic still isn't done because, see above, human disaster.

3b. The benefit of having an Ahsoka ARC is that I can get my extreme stress about new material out of the way before it's actually released. Maybe. I don't know. If I ever read it, the thing I'm terrified of.

3c. I also can't bring myself to be excited for Rogue One because, well, it's really hard for me to be excited about anything. The fact that I'm not currently feeling complete dread about it is actually a plus, but let's wait until we get down to December to see if I have an emotion rather than "huh" about it.

4. I've pretty much hit election fatigue at this point -- I don't want to hear anything about it anymore. I'm a citizen, I'm registered to vote -- I actually sorted out my voting status before the primaries, something I haven't done in more than four years (yes, I'm the problem in this country, I know), I'm informed, there's nothing I can do until I get my ballot. I just...I wish there was a way to not see anything about it anymore. Like, sure, that's probably willful blindness, but it's not doing anything except stressing me out. And literally everything already stresses me out.

5. why am I such a human disaster, this makes number 5, right?
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1. I'm currently doing a complete chronological rewatch/reread of all the Star Wars canon from TPM to Rogue One, to culminate with the Rebels S2 finale on December 15, which I started on September 1 and which has a schedule and a spreadsheet and which I've been making daily updates about on Tumblr, but haven't mentioned here. I'll finish TCW S1 today, and it's been an interesting experience -- less so now that I'm into something that I'm really, really familiar with than the first week (I'm not as familiar with the films as I am with the shows), but it's something I haven't done before. And seeing how the chronological order plays out when I usually skip around is illuminating in ways I didn't expect.

2. This whole week I have been so, so tired, and I don't know why -- if I'm getting sick, if I'm pre-menstrual, if it's stress because there has been a Thing, if it's because I went from being totally on my own and going for daily multi-mile walks to living with three other people (my cousin is here right now) and essentially never leaving the house except maybe to check the mail, if it's because I'm just putting off doing application stuff, I don't know. But I'm essentially just constantly exhausted, and occasionally it passes for a few minutes at a time -- there was about an hour today where I basically inhaled enough black tea to kill a small animal in the hopes of retaining the will to stay on my feet and awake in order to gt the pork tenderloin on, but as soon as that it was done it passed and I was back to being so, so tired. I don't know, maybe I'm just unwilling to deal with anything going on around me and I'm showing it by being exhausted all the time. Maybe it's because I moved home and stopped leaving the house. Or moving. Almost at all. Who knows.

2a. Given everything else in my life right now, I am also willing to admit that I'm pretty sure this is a textbook depression sign.

2b. About 95% of the time I feel like I've lost the ability to feel human emotions, or at least anything other than blinding rage, hatred, or existential sadness. The other 5% is fine, though.

3. I really want a fourth tattoo (did I ever say here that I got a third?), but that's not a possibility right now because my parents still don't know about the first three, as they've always been very outspoken about tattoos and I am terrified to find out how they'll react, so I just...haven't worn tanktops since I got home. (Two of mine are on my back, and the third one is high on my thigh, so I'm just really careful about not letting my shorts ride up. Well, back when it was still shorts weather, anyway.)

4. I hate not currently being in school. I bitch about school a lot, but for the past twenty years my entire life has been defined by being a student, and I hate not having that right now. I'm currently reading through the publications of some of the profs I'm looking at for grad school, and it's really, really soothing to read. (Which I guess is a good sign if I like her research, though it's sort of sideways to my own.) You'd think I'd be taking this as impetus to work harder ( all...) on my applications,

5. So there's a trilogy of books that I normally reread at the end of every term, or barring that at the end of every school year, which I've been doing for, oh, probably since 2006 now. Except for the last two years, where for whatever reason, I didn't do so even though I had them in New Orleans with me. I did try, but I just...couldn't. And I don't know how related it is, but those past two years I felt like I never really full turned "off," I guess, even during vacations. I'm rereading them now and it's such an enormous relief -- like reading them is telling myself gently that it's okay, I can relax now. (I can't, because see above re: applications and also the mess that my life is, but...actually being able to read them is a huge relief.)
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1. I moved back to Washington at the end of July, which has been...uh, an Experience, because while I grew up here I also haven't been home since Thanksgiving 2014 (a disaster), and I'd gotten used to (a) living on my own, (b) living in a city, and (c) living in Louisiana. So being back with my parents in my small town is interesting, and I spent all of August and the past few weeks in September in a pretty terrible headspace, even by my standards. Mood swings, ineffable sadness, irrational anger, the works.

2. One of the things I did -- benefit of moving back to your childhood home right after clearing out your first apartment -- was do a hard purge of my room, because there is stuff here that's been here since we moved here in 1996. I sent so, so many bags of stuff either to Goodwill or the dump (well, they're piled up in one of the outbuildings until we can go to the dump), but I've managed to get my room more livable or at least updated to my current interests -- I'm putting up art for the first time...ever, since I own so much Star Wars art. I've got a lot of stuff on the walls but more stuff piled up waiting for frames or the perfect place to go.

2a. One of the things I have to go through is my yarn stash, since I had to stop knitting when I injured my wrists three years and I'm too scared to start again, and I've had a couple of people say they're interested in buying it, so I need to find out what I have and price it. The problem is that this is more emotional for me than anything else, and I can only take about five minutes of looking at it every few weeks, which is not really conducive to any of the above.

3. I got really into the Star Wars Card Trader app pretty much as soon as I got home, and it's infuriating and addicting and probably not particularly good for me because of how frustrated it makes me, but it's impossible to stop. Especially once I, you know, spent real money on the thing. (And then I end up shrieking at myself "They're pixels! You could have bought REAL TRADING CARDS with that money! Or prints! Or books!" Though I lack a collector's mentality, which is probably for the best given that I also have hoarding tendencies, see above, twenty years worth of STUFF.) I just want the pretty things I want and for people not to yell at me, which is actually surprisingly ahrd to accomplish.

4. I've been cooking a lot from Freddie Prinze Jr.'s cookbook Back to the Kitchen, which I initially picked up because he voices my favorite character on Star Wars Rebels, but, guys, this cookbook is solid. LOVE IT. I think I've cooked more from it than I have from any other cookbook I own -- which is a lot, I really like cookbooks, I just don't cook from them particularly often.

5. I got my degree! My diploma came in the mail last week and I got the confirmation that my thesis passed all the checks a few days ago, which you'd think they would have confirmed before they gave me the degree, but it passed and that's the important part. I'm now in the building myself up to apply to PhD programs stage, which is nerve-wracking because I need to e-mail the professors at some of the programs I'm interested in, but I hate sending e-mails more than almost anything. (And I'd prefer to just go back to Louisiana, rather than anywhere else, which does require me to bet heavily on LSU and Tulane (again, yes, I know. Different department.) I hate change and I love New Orleans.)
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On the Edge of the Devil's Backbone (233831 words) by bedlamsbard
Chapters: 20/?
Fandom: Star Wars: Rebels, Star Wars - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Kanan Jarrus/Hera Syndulla
Characters: Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren, Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios, C1-10P | Chopper, Ezra Bridger, Cham Syndulla, Barriss Offee, Kallus | ISB-021, Darth Vader, Ahsoka Tano, The Inquisitor (Star Wars), The Seventh Sister, The Fifth Brother
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Canon-Typical Violence

Ten years after she vanished during an Imperial raid on a Twi'lek colony, Cham Syndulla sees his daughter Hera for the first time in a hologram -- now wearing the uniform of an Imperial agent and apparently working closely with a human Inquisitor. All Cham wants to do is to bring his long-missing child home to what remains of her family, but he soon finds that Hera Syndulla is only interested in two things: her duty to the Empire and her loyalty to her crew, a mismatched collection of outcasts brought together by Hera and her pet Inquisitor.

With Cham and the Rebel agent known as Fulcrum in pursuit, a new mission takes Hera and the crew of the Ghost to the planet Lothal, where a chance meeting with a Force-sensitive teenager awakens something long buried in the Inquisitor once known as Kanan Jarrus...and has dire consequences for Hera, their crew, the Empire, and the fledgling Rebel Alliance.


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