Dec. 14th, 2016

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1. Three out of six grad school applications submitted -- the other three are due in January, so I can give myself a little bit of a break. What is really worrying me is that none of them are showing that my GRE scores have arrived -- like, my GRE scores have been my biggest fear all along, since they're right on the edge of being too old to pass, and now they're not even there. I don't want to not get in just because my damn scores never arrived, because I think every other part of my application is solid as long as all my professors get their recs in, but god, the damn GRE.

2. I'm at high, high stress right now for a lot of different reasons, so I'm backing off social media a little, which I normally try to avoid doing. But I can't get on Twitter without immediately falling into a Pit of Despair, and Tumblr is a little better but not by that much, and now I'm going to have to start dodging Rogue One reactions and reviews as well as all the politics stuff, so I'm backing off for part of the day for a few days. (I'm not going cold turkey, I'm just limiting the amount of time.)

3. Rogue One tomorrow! Or at least I've got tickets for tomorrow: I also have a running mental list of things that could go wrong.

4. This has been such an expensive week because I had to pay application fees (A LOT) and buy Christmas presents. Also stress-buy stuff for myself, which tbh I spent more money on than the Christmas presents because I'm terrible and bad at buying presents.

5. I haven't written or sent any Christmas cards yet and since a bunch of them are going overseas they're going to be, uh, New Year's cards.
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What I've just finished reading

I ripped through a reread of all the Lost Fleet novels by Jack Campbell (like, all of them in about two days); this is one of the cases where I'm really, really into the specific tropes being used, but I actually can't stand any of Campbell's other books, including the Lost Stars series set in the same universe. I love the Lost Fleet, though.

Also, Mastiff by Tamora Pierce, and I finished up Barbara Hambly's Dog Wizard, which were both rereads.

What I'm currently reading

I'm into the second set of Lost Fleet novels, The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier, which starts off with Dreadnaught. I also poked at a couple other rereads for comfort, since I was so stressed this week; Spindle's End, which is one of my favorite Robin McKinley novels, and Howl's Moving Castle, one of my favorite Diana Wynne Jones books.

What I'm reading next

Presumably all the Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier books.


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