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Well, it's supposed to rain in Atlanta for the next week straight, so of course this is when my ceiling springs a leak. It seems to have only been dripping (and only a little bit) during the period of the strongest rain earlier this afternoon, which was when I walked into my bedroom (of course it's my bedroom) to get my phone and discovered it; it hasn't been dripping since. I called my landlord (who's out of town), who called a repair person, who came a few hours later to look at it and said that unfortunately he can't fix it until it stops raining. He passed this onto my landlord, who texted me to tell me that he will fix it on Thursday or Friday. (The repair guy said Wednesday. I think my landlord is hoping he can fix it himself once he's back in town.) I'm extremely AAAAAAHHHHHH right now, since even though it's not currently dripping it could start again at any time. Did I mention it's in my bedroom? Yes. It's also right next to my desk and the place where I had a lot of (framed or in plastic) art leaning up against the wall, which again: AAAAAAAHHHH. The art has been moved, my computer has been moved, I am still extremely AAAAAAHHHHHH but can't do anything but wait for someone to fix it. I's not currently dripping. Hopefully if it's not raining hard it won't drip? I am not very happy at the moment.
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Here is the alternate POV version of the first scene from the bargains AU, plus another scene that follows it! This is actually the first version of the scene I wrote, following two scenes set earlier in the AU that are very fragmentary and so haven’t been posted. (Those are the scenes that give the concept its nickname, go figure.)

Please note that while I don’t typically warn, these scenes contain discussion of self-harm and suicide.

About 2.7K below the break.


“Blast.” Ahsoka sank down onto a bench and rubbed her hands over her face, her exhaustion from the day’s events finally catching up with her. They’d been lucky that Free Ryloth had been as close as it had, or Barriss would probably be dead right now.

That’s one asset blown, she thought with cold-blooded resignation that startled her when the rest of her mind caught up with the thought. It was better for the galaxy that there were two Inquisitors out of the Emperor’s hands – three, maybe, though she hadn’t been able to tell if the Hunter had survived or not. A lightsaber through the back was generally fatal, but with Force-users you could never be sure. She’d learned that lesson in the dying days of the Clone Wars.

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Some scenes from the Bargains AU concept! I’ve been working on this on and off since July or so and it’s still very fragmentary, but these scenes are relatively complete (though were written in reverse order). The first scene I originally wrote as an Ahsoka POV, then rewrote it with a Hera POV a few months later; I’ll just post the Hera one now so that I can post the second scene along with it.

About 4K below the break; these are bargains AU concepts 9 and 4.


I should be flying right now! Hera thought, trying to fight down her irritation as she hurried down the corridor. She had gotten to fly more than this at the ISB Academy, where cadets were required to log flight hours in a variety of vehicles. After eight months with the Free Ryloth fleet, she could count on one hand the number of times she had been in a cockpit. The fleet had a limited number of starfighters, all of which were currently assigned to other pilots, with a waitlist that Hera hadn’t been able to even get on. She had finally managed to convince one of the squadron commanders to give her a trial and had been in the port hangar about to climb into a V-19 Torrent when her father had commed her.

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It’s interesting rewatching a show that you originally watched as it was airing – I didn’t watch a lot of TV live (ish – episode by episode as it aired, I mean, same or next day; I didn’t have a TV in college and was watching on the network websites) and I’m not totally certain what shows I watched from start to finish on that timeline. The Unit, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe – I think that’s actually it, aside from Rebels. (I didn’t start watching TCW until near the end of S4.) A couple I picked up after the first season had already gone to DVD (Eureka, Jericho), or started at the beginning but dropped at some point (Supernatural – I think I stopped around S3, S4 – and Friday Night Lights). There are plenty of things I was in the fandom for but couldn’t watch live for various reasons (Stargate SG-1, SGA, Buffy – this was back when fen would transcribe the episodes, so I read all the transcriptions of both BtVS and AtS, but still have never seen most of the eps). Really my college years were just about the golden age of my watching TV, since I was at school and had a faster internet connection than I did at home, so I could stream stuff on my laptop, but a lot of my formative influence television dates from about 2006-2012, so high school through college.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying I’ve been rewatching Fringe, possibly for the first time since it originally aired back in 2008, and first of all, holy shit Olivia and I are the same age now, I don’t know how to deal with that fact. I rewatched Jericho and the first season and a half of The Unit last year, and I’m just…I guess I’m just always really surprised at how specifically TV will date to a specific couple years in time? Of course the mid/late-’00s were when I was first really starting to be aware of both wider world events and trends in TV/film/fiction; I was already active in fandom, but this was also when some of those canons for various fandoms were starting to become accessible to me for the first time. (Checking, this is also around when (a) Netflix’s DVD rentals started to really take off and (b) when Netflix started streaming a few years later. But I still remember trying to get Smallville and BtVS DVDs from my local Hollywood Video and Blockbuster.) (My public library has them now, but definitely did not in 2005.)

…I don’t remember where I was going with this. Oh, yes, now I remember. Anyway, I wrapped up S1 tonight, which has a pretty dramatic last shot (if you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to spoil it even though it’s ten years old), and I was just remembering how much of a shock it was to see in 2009 when it first aired. It’s weird going back to things. I don’t really have that experience with media I engage with pretty deeply (i.e., Star Wars) because I go back to it over and over again; I can’t remember the first time I saw or read it. Or with something like Outlander, where I read the books almost twenty years ago (yes, I was too young for them), watching the show is a completely different kind of emotional experience. (I cried during the series premiere.) It’s weird going back to stuff. Sometimes it’s good weird. Sometimes it’s bad weird. Sometimes it’s just An Experience.
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So, a list of things I am stressed about right now, because writing them out usually gets them out of my head and occasionally people have advice on what to do about them.

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Reading Wednesday! Reading always slows down when I'm not at home just because of the way I occupy the space I'm in -- when I'm at home I'm reading at the counter over breakfast (and usually for a few hours before and after), typically either on my Kindle or a hardcopy. I'm not doing anything else except reading (and eating). When I'm in Atlanta -- and this was true in New Orleans as well -- I'm usually on my computer then, so I'm reading in between checking my Tumblr dash, my e-mail, etc. It's less focused. I would really like to actually stick to not being on my computer until after breakfast, but I would have to physically remove my Surface from the dining table and put it somewhere out of reach. Though since I've currently got a spare bedroom, I guess I could set that up as an office. (Right now the dining table serves as my workspace because BIG.) I typically eat all my meals at my computer in my room. Yes, I have a dining table. No, I don't use it for dining. (I will also almost never do anything on the couch -- I hate reading books on the couch or in an armchair or anywhere where I'm not at a desk/table. I use a bookstand for hardbacks.)

What I've just finished reading

Since last week: Music to My Sorrow, Rosemary Edghill and Mercedes Lackey, which wraps up the Bedlam's Bard books -- this was something of an odd one to read, because it is extremely 2005 but in a way that's oddly and disturbingly 2018. (Twitter link, note that my Twitter is locked.)

Other books: The Armies of Daylight, Barbara Hambly; Star Wars: X-Wing: The Krytos Trap and Star Wars: X-Wing: The Bacta War by Michael Stackpole. All rereads, though I haven't read the Stackpole X-wing books in a few years.

What I'm currently reading

The Ladies of Mandrigyn by Barbara Hambly (back on a curated chronological reread, a.k.a., skipping the ones I don't like) and Star Wars: X-Wing: Wraith Squadron by Aaron Allston (reread). And stuff for school.

What I'm reading next

Next books in those series, undoubtedly. Maybe some other stuff, we'll see.
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A fun thing that is happening with my body right now is that my ears won't stop ringing -- I'm guessing this has to do with my recurring earwax problem, which has been giving me issues for the past couple of weeks. The obvious answer here is "go to the doctor," but I don't...want to...I want it to go away. Or for the over-the-counter stuff to make it go away. Every few years I have to have my ears watergunned at the doctor's office, and I think I'm probably going to end up having to do so again, except I haven't been to the student health center at Emory yet and while I know I have insurance through the university, I'm not positive, like, how to prove that since I don't have a physical card or anything. Also I hate having to go anywhere for anything. I should have dealt with this while I was home, but I felt weird going to The Actual Doctor for something as relatively minor as "my ears are intermittently stopped up and ringing."

(Thank you, Dad, for those genetics; he has the same problem.)

I'm back in Atlanta for the new semester, which I'm not exactly thrilled about because I don't like Atlanta particularly. Emory is okay, but I don't particularly like it either; I hate being on campus and will avoid it at all costs, which has backfired on me a few times because I miss university or department events. (Like now, avoiding going to the health center. To be fair, it is impossible to find anything on campus, because Emory is built on either a fold in the space-time continuum or a fairy hill.)

I was having my mail held while I was gone, which I was starting to freak out about because delivery didn't resume on the day it was supposed to (Saturday), but they delivered all of it yesterday so, well, thank gods. I was trying not to buy too much stuff while I was away so that it wouldn't build up -- I have a wee bit of a spending problem -- so it was mostly stuff I had ordered before I left but hadn't arrived by then, and a couple of other things.

Another fun thing that happened recently: I had to have my debit card cancelled the day before I left Washington, because since my bank statements are sent home I never look at them, and therefore did not notice there was a recurring charge for a service I don't have. So THAT was fun. (Small towns being small towns, the bank person I talked to was my high school drum major.) Now I don't have a debit card for a couple of weeks; at least I finally got a credit card last year. UGH.

Also, my birthday was Saturday, so now I am one year closer to death 29.
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I always like to post fic on my birthday, but I don't have anything new ready to go this year so I thought I would post a sequence that was written as part of the flashbacks for On the Edge of the Devil's Backbone. This was meant to directly follow the flashbacks in Backbone 17, but I ended up not using them because I thought they weakened the present-day narrative. I was going to use them for Down in the Devil's Lair, the sequel to Backbone, but I don't think they're going to work there either, and it's a sequence I've been asked about posting a lot. This is Kanan's first Hunt -- the occasion on which he earned his name.

About 5K below the break.


From above, the savannah looked like a rippling purple sea. )
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I didn't do last week's Reading Wednesday because I'd just done my end-of-year book roundup, but oh well.

What I've just finished reading

Some rereads -- mostly comfort rereads, including Martha Wells' The Element of Fire and Barbara Hambly's The Walls of Air (I'm doing another Darwath reread, which may turn into another Hambly chronological reread). Also, uh, the middle/end of Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill's Bedlam's Bard series, starting with Spirits White as Lightning and Mad Maudlin, since I was in the mood for it. I read Mad Maudlin today, and it was kind of startling in a way -- one thing I find interesting about urban fantasy is that it can sometimes be very precisely dated to when it was written, which is particularly true for Mad Maudlin because it was written after 9/11 and takes place in 2002 (it was published in 2003), with a lot of references to 9/11 and the way it affected NYC.

In Star Wars rereads, I'm working through the X-Wing books again -- I reread the Wraith Squadron books pretty regularly, but haven't reread the Rogue Squadron books since the first time I read them, so I'm doing that. Also this week were Thrawn and Thrawn: Alliances, the former for Devil's Lair (the sequel to Backbone), which is going to have Thrawn and Eli in it. I want to do a review of Thrawn: Alliances (and have meant to do so since I listened to the audiobook this summer), but I'm not really sure what I have to say about it. I mean, aside from the fact that trying to reconcile the two Thrawn books and Rebels is basically impossible. (I have a post somewhere in me on how frustrating Star Wars ~canon is for me right now.)

And new this week was Seanan McGuire's In an Absent Dream, the fourth Wayward Children book. I have mixed feelings on this book -- novella, technically. Of the Wayward Children books I like Every Heart a Doorway the most, which is probably predictable for someone who came out of Narnia fandom. In an Absent Dream is a tragedy, but I also feel might have worked better as a full novel rather than as a novella? Of the four novellas in the series it's the one that for me feels the most cramped by its format. spoilers )

I also read the first four issues of Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider this week, the new Seanan McGuire run, and while I'm not much of a superhero comics girl (Star Wars, yes, a couple of indies, yes, Marvel and DC, not so much), I have read a lot of McGuire and Ghost-Spider's very, very Seanan McGuire. Like, extremely so. It reminds me the most of the Sparrow Hill Road books and her novellas (both the McGuire ones and the ones written as Mira Grant), and I'm not totally sure it works. But I don't know the character or the franchise, so this is my read as someone familiar with the author but not the genre.

Other comics I'm reading: Star Wars - Age of Republic and Die. Not really in the mood for any of them at the moment, but I'm still reading both. (There are a couple of Star Wars titles I'm no longer reading.)

What I'm currently reading:

Several books in progress: The Armies of Daylight (Barbara Hambly), City of Bones (Martha Wells), Music to my Sorrow (Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill), and Star Wars: X-Wing: The Krytos Trap by Michael Stackpole. Various books for various moods. I've also been trying to work through Barbara Hambly's Renfield: Slave of Dracula because I'm trying to be a Hambly completionist, but I think it's going to hit my DNF list since I'm not very familiar with Dracula and I think you kind of have to be to read this.

What I'm reading next:

The rest of the X-wing series, Swordheart, more Hambly, and since the term is starting next week, probably a lot of books on the Late Roman Empire. Those don't count, though.
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First day of the year means closing out the previous year’s reading spreadsheet and setting up the new year’s, which is my one really big ritualistic new year’s thing – since I’m on an academic calendar I always feel like the year is ending and renewing itself at the beginning and end of the semester, so the end of the calendar year doesn’t usually mean that much for me.

So, 2018, in books:

  • 184 books read

  • 110 comics (though I count singles and trades in the same spreadsheet, which skews the numbers)

  • 45 short stories/novellas (if it was published on its own like Murderbot I count it under books, it’s a bit of an arbitrary distinction with some)

  • 14 audiobooks

  • Month with most books read: December (29).
    • Runners-up: June (28) and January (27)

  • Month with least books read: October (6)
    • Runners-up: September and February (7 each) and April (8).

  • 27 new to me books, 157 rereads.

This is the first year that I've read no nonfiction for fun -- there was one originally, but I pulled it off the list since (a) I didn't finish it (it was a reread) and (b) I ended up using it for a school assignment. I'm a little surprised, but not too much -- as a grad student I do a lot of reading, and given that most of the nonfiction I would otherwise read is history, I don't actually want to do it for fun when I'm also doing it for school.

I don’t track academic reading – I’ve tried, but academic reading is such a weird fish I feel strange tracking it alongside for-fun reading. I actually used to track weekly and daily page count, but stopped when I switched over to doing most of my reading in ebooks. This is, I believe, the eighth year I’ve been doing these – the files on this computer only go back to 2012, but I’m pretty sure I started in 2010.

So, you know. I read a few books. I try not to set too many reading goals since I mostly read for comfort (thus why so many of these are rereads), but I would really like to crack 200 this year. (Not counting my graduate reading lists, since I’m doing my comps this year and those will be at least 200 books and probably more.)
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Wednesday reads on a Thursday!

What I've just finished reading

OH BOY, A LOT OF BOOKS. Pretty often when the semester ends I tear through books like a madwoman -- I don't stop reading during the term (I've had two occasions in my life where I just Could Not with fiction and that was a sign of some really, really bad brainweasels), but I slow way, way down. And then when the semester ends it all comes bursting out and I devour books. Usually older rereads, which these mostly are, rather than something new to me; during the term I tend to do really, really familiar rereads that I don't have to pay much attention to. Older rereads are things I haven't read in quite a few years, but did read at least once, so are familiar enough to be comforting but not so unfamiliar that it takes a lot of mental effort. There are some newer rereads on this list too -- Murderbot is in that category -- and a couple of new-to-me books that I read on the plane.

  • Artificial Condition (Murderbot Diaries) - Martha Wells - reread

  • Rogue Protocol (Murderbot Diaries) - Martha Wells - reread

  • Exit Strategy (Murderbot Diaries) - Martha Wells - reread

  • Star Wars: X-Wing: Rogue Squadron - Michael Stackpole - reread

  • Clockwork Boys - T. Kingfisher - new

  • The Wonder Engine - T. Kingfisher - new

  • Firebird - Mercedes Lackey - reread

  • Kingdom of Needle and Bone - Mira Grant - new

  • Final Girls - Mira Grant - reread

  • Rolling in the Deep - Mira Grant - reread

  • The Fairy Godmother (Five Hundred Kingdoms) - Mercedes Lackey - reread

  • One Good Knight (Five Hundred Kingdoms) - Mercedes Lackey - reread

  • Fortune's Fool (Five Hundred Kingdoms) - Mercedes Lackey - reread

  • The Snow Queen (Five Hundred Kingdoms) - Mercedes Lackey - reread

  • The Sleeping Beauty (Five Hundred Kingdoms) - Mercedes Lackey - reread

  • Beauty and the Werewolf (Five Hundred Kingdoms) - Mercedes Lackey - reread

  • A Tangled Web (Five Hundred Kingdoms) - Mercedes Lackey - reread

I'm a fast reader.

What I'm currently reading

I've got a few of my slow rereads in progress -- this is the stuff I'm so familiar with I can do a few pages here and there and whose prose is close enough to my style that it can reset me, since the problem with the way I read and the way I write is that I'm a mimic, I'll pick up someone else's style without meaning to, and it will throw me off. Barbara Hambly and Martha Wells are my two go-tos (I've got The Time of the Dark and The Element of Fire in progress), and a few others.

What I'm reading next

Some more Mercedes Lackey, since I'm apparently on a Lackey kick -- The Black Swan since I might as well round out the fairy tale retellings, then the Bardic Voices and Bedlam's Bard novels. (The latter of which I'm going to have to buy, as my home library got rid of their copies while I was in Atlanta. THE HORROR.) The rest of the Rogue Squadron books, probably Swordheart since it's in the same universe as the Clocktaur Wars. (I found them...fine? They were fine.)
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Wednesday reads!

What I've just finished

All the Newsflesh books except Feedback, which I read when it came out and didn't like. Anyway, that's Deadline, Blackout, and Rise (the novella collection). I haven't much been in the mood to read them the past few years, given that, well, "presidential election" has not exactly been something I really wanted to think about, even with zombies. It's nice to reread them, though, and now I'm sad I'm out of them.

In audiobook I finished listening to Star Wars: Darth Bane: Rule of Two.

What I'm reading now

Uh, like six books because I'm having trouble focusing on something that hits the level of prose style and familiarity I'm in the mood for right now. I think the Murderbot books came out on top -- I'm partway through All Systems Red at the moment. I also started rereads of the Locke Lamora series, the Darwath books (I don't think I mentioned on DW that last year/earlier this year I did a chronological reread of all Barbara Hambly's books, and I may start another one), and the Rogue Squadron books. Yeah, focusing problems.

In audiobook I started a relisten of Star Wars: Maul - Lockdown, because I wanted a break from Bane for a while. Unfortunately it's the same reader (Jonathan Davis), so this may not have been the best choice.

What I'm reading next

Presumably the rest of the Murderbot books, but by this time next week I'll be on vacation, so hopefully I can make a dent in the new-to-me books.
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So, we're at the point in the semester where my brain's slowly leaking out through my ears and I am sustained mostly by stress, anxiety, and sheer bull-headedness. Food, sleep, and tea come a distant third. ONE WEEK! And then I'm going home!

On the other hand, I feel like I've gotten healthier about it than I have in the past? I still ended up leaving a lot of stuff to the relative last minute, but so far nothing till the day before (I mean, in terms of starting, not finishing), and I've actually been able to push my evening stop time back from 10 pm to 9 pm, which bewilders me. Usually during finals season that gets pushed later, not earlier, though we'll see if I still feel the same way in a few days. I think it's because I don't have classes at the moment; when I don't get home till 5 pm or 8 pm, I have to work till 10 or 11 (I managed to pull it back from midnight last year) because otherwise it doesn't get done. Late afternoon classes are better for me in terms of getting enough sleep (anything before 1 pm, I will not get eight hours of sleep), but I'm not sure that the negatives outweigh that positive. At least I only have one more semester of coursework left.

(Last semester I had a class from 6-8 pm, which was miserable for reasons that include, OH YEAH, THE SHUTTLES STOP RUNNING THEN. The professor actually drove me home every week. I normally walk to and from campus -- I'm about half an hour away -- but I'm wary of doing so after dark because I have to go down several major roads.)

As an aside, this is what my workspace looks like right now -- well, actually not right now, but a few hours ago, before I finished my Empires paper and cleared off the Empires books. I do the vast majority of my schoolwork at my dining table and on my Surface, rather than at my desk and on my laptop; partially because my desk isn't very big or sturdy (cheap Wal-Mart desk) and I need a lot of space to spread out books, and partially because I need the mental divide of working on a different screen in a different room. It's helped a lot. No one has seen the surface of the dining table since the beginning of the semester. Once my housemate moves out I may turn the other bedroom into an office, but we'll see.

I've been trying to get about two work periods in the day for papers, which is what I did last semester and, actually, come to think of it, all through writing my MA thesis. The first one in the late afternoon (in the early afternoon I'm still waking up), going to Starbucks to work there, and the second one in the evening, at the dining table at home. Star dashes are really good for me, as I get very completist and it means that rain or shine I will be down at the Starbucks in the Square so I can get some stars. And then I just hoard the star rewards, I think I'm up to five now, so I should use those until the next star dash happens. That's another half hour walk there and half hour back, so it also means I'm getting out of the house and getting exercise. And means I can listen to my audiobook, which means I'm not thinking -- I realized last semester that audiobooks mean total concentration on that, rather than my brain going in six different directions at once or dwelling obsessively on some intrusive thought. Which are mostly the two other options, since I'm also too stressed to dwell obsessively on the plotting for Down in the Devil's Lair, the sequel to On the Edge of the Devil's Backbone. It's a bit like meditation, except easier for me to focus on. The same thing is true for the way I watch Star Wars, which is why anytime I go more than a few days without doing that my brain flies off the handle. (I also meditate -- I use the Headspace app, if I did a post on that, is that something that would interest people?)
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Wednesday reads -- which is going rather slowly, since I'm in the midst of final papers right now. (Finally had the last class of the term on Monday, and the exam period starts tomorrow.)

What I'm currently reading

Deadline, the second book in Mira Grant's Newsflesh trilogy. The Newsflesh books are one of the series I try to reread at least once a year, though it's been rough lately since I wasn't totally up for reading about an election (especially an election of a Republican) the past few years. But now we're past the election and into the dramatic government conspiracy.

On audio, I'm also still listening to Star Wars: Darth Bane: Rule of Two.

What I've just finished reading

I just wrapped up my Raksura reread with The Harbors of the Sun, and then for shorts, the two new Barbara Hambly novellas, The Dreamers of Black Rock and Gwenael. I always find her novellas such a treat, I love her full fantasy worlds.

What I'm reading next

Probably Blackout (Newsflesh 3) and then I also want to do a Locke Lamora reread. I've also got some new-to-me books stacked up, but I won't be able to brain anything new until after my final papers are done.
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The longer I’m in academia, the more I’m aware of the whole “you never get a day off, you don’t get a real weekend, it’s almost impossible to separate being ‘off’ and being ‘on’” thing. And I do have a more-or-less hard stop time in the evenings (this time of the term it gets more flexible than I would like), but damn, I just really wish I could have two days a week to turn my school brain off.

Every semester I say that I’m going to finally prioritize actually having a break every week and push my stop time up to a more reasonable hour (it’s currently 10 pm, which I pushed up from midnight last year with some serious effort), but between how overwhelmed I’ve been this semester (essentially five classes, which is really not tenable on a graduate level) and the way I work it just was not possible.

Next semester, I hope. I’ve only got two classes (and one’s a directed reading) and a giant paper, down from five classes and screaming (three actual classes, my Intro to College Teaching workshop + portfolio, and the class I’m TAing), so in any sane universe that will be much easier to handle. But also, just, damn. This has not been a great semester, and it’s about to go even worse since I now have to write the final papers I kept putting off because I didn’t have the time or energy to deal with them due to the regular amount of work I had to do on a weekly basis.
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(My jacket collection is...extensive. My Star Wars jacket collection is...well, it could be larger, there are a lot of Star Wars jackets I don't like enough to buy.)
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Let's have some actual content! In my traditional "five things make a post" style.

1. End of the semester wrap-up -- it's the last/next to last week of classes -- since Emory starts in the middle of the week, I still have one more Monday left, but all my non-Monday classes have finished as of today. Last night my Empires: Past and Present class went over to Dr. C's house for our last class and also dinner, which, well. I don't love it when professors decide to have The Last Class at their homes, partially because I have no car, a poor sense of direction, and social anxiety, and partially because I just don't like things changing. It was okay; he had a very cute dog, dinner was fine, conversation was more or less interesting. This class has been the bane of my existence all semester and now it's over except for the final paper, which is a prospectus paper/historiography essay. My intention is to use it as the first draft for the historiography essay I'm required to have for my comprehensive portfolio (we're switching over from comprehensive exams, thank gods), so I'm writing on a subject I'm interested in and which I may be able to repurpose parts of for my actual prospectus next year, as well as for the portfolio. I'm trying to multitask the big papers I'm writing as much as I can.

2. Department stuff continues to be overwhelming and confusing -- requirements for the PhD are changing beginning with this year's incoming cohort, with my cohort caught in the middle between the old requirements and the new ones. This has had the benefit of us being allowed to choose what we would like to do -- a comprehensive portfolio vs. comprehensive exams, for example, I'm doing the portfolio because the exams sound terrifying and confusing and with bad wrists, I literally cannot handle that much typing on top of that much stress without running the risk of injuring myself again. But it also means that sometimes, because of graduate school or university requirements, we sometimes get smacked in the face by changes that the department did not anticipate applying to us, though they're rolling them out for my cohort in a "since you did not know about this in advance you get to choose whether to do it or not" sort of way, which is better than "SURPRISE THIS IS REQUIRED NOW." But it's still stressful.

We're also doing a cluster hire, which far as I can tell they're considering hiring multiple people for the same position at the same time? But they want (read: require) graduate students to participate in the process to some extent, so tomorrow I will hie myself up to campus for a lunch meeting with other grad students and the visiting candidate, and then probably for her job talk. Couldn't make the one yesterday, can't make the one next week; have to show myself at at least one.

3. Things I have had to replace in the past month:
  • my backpack (it's technically fine, I just need to wash it because it smells very strongly of old sweat, and I don't want to do so until it's, you know, not winter because I'm not sure it will dry otherwise? and I'm not totally sure if I can put it in the washing machine or not -- like the tag says not to, but I feel like it's probably fine. It's an Eddie Bauer Adventurer pack from, oh, four years back? I'm a good Washington girl, I buy a lot of Eddie Bauer.)
  • my rainboots (they lasted TEN YEARS. TEN! YEARS! I bought them when I was a college freshman in 2008! They last six years in New Orleans, one year in England, and a year and a half in Atlanta! and several years in the part of Washington that does not rain. L.L. Bean Wellies, which is what I bought to replace them, and hopefully those last ten years as well. Actually, I bought one fleece-lined pair of wellies and I'l get a non-fleece lined pair when it's not winter anymore, but I don't anticipate that being too much of an issue for at least another few months, Atlanta or not)
  • the chip in my computer that makes the wifi go (TERRIFYING. it died Wednesday night, [ profile] amemait; and I spent the next thirty-six hours or so trying every possible software option before I finally took it into the shop on Friday, where they fixed it in an hour for a hundred and twenty bucks (sixty for the part, fifty for the labor, the rest was tax).
  • apparently, my main social media site.

I actually also have to replace or get repaired my big Dooney & Bourke Star Wars tote, since the zipper went this past summer, and there's another problem with it too because I have used this purse to DEATH. Normal people with expensive handbags: "Oh, I use it very rarely and on special occasions, otherwise I keep it in plastic on top of a shelf." Me: "I've hauled this thing through three years of graduate school, across two countries, to two Star Wars Celebrations and two Dragon Cons, and when it's home I just toss it on the table I keep all my other expensive Dooney & Bourke bags." (I like Dooney & Bourke, or at least their Star Wars bags.)

4. What even is the weather in Atlanta right now, this is ridiculous. Last week we were below freezing at night for three days, then the temperature jumped and on Sunday it was 72 F, and now it's back to being around freezing. (I think down in the twenties tonight.) Sort yourself out, Atlanta.

5. Wednesday reads, which I have not done in ages.

What I'm currently reading
In ebook (I do most of my fiction reading on the Kindle app on my computer), a reread of Martha Wells' The Harbors of the Sun, wrapping up my Raksura reread. I read through the entire series at least twice a year. In audiobook, I'm listening to Marc Thompson read Drew Karpyshyn's Star Wars: Darth Bane: Rule of Two, the second Darth Bane book. I read it a few years ago -- probably 2013 when I did my no holds barred Star Wars read after finishing at Leicester -- but don't really remember anything from it, which I like with audiobooks. I don't like listening to audiobooks when I haven't read the entire book before, though I've done it and enjoyed it.

Since it's the end of the semester and I have final papers due, I'm also reading about (1) Mark Antony, Cleopatra, and Hellenistic kingship, and (2) Hadrian's Wall and the Roman frontier in Britain.

What I've just finished reading
The second-to-last Raksura book, The Edge of Worlds, and also a reread of John Jackson Miller's Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith. I've been in a mood for Sith, I guess. (I'm still doing my reading spreadsheets, which I've done since, I believe, 2010, but for these purposes I stick to what I've finished in the last week.)

What I'm reading next
I've been in a very slow reread of Timothy Zahn's Star Wars: Thrawn, I just haven't really been in the mood for, well, Thrawn. So we'll see. Usually we never know till we know. I did also finish a reread of Feed (Mira Grant) lately, so probably Blackout very soon.
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I am slowly and experimentally posting backdated concept writing here -- experimentally because, unlike when I post fic to AO3, when I post it to Tumblr I don't manually code it, so I'm doing some copy-paste in Rich Text but having to tweak it so it actually looks readable on DW. We're working on it. I'm not best pleased. I'm going to even be less pleased once I have to start posting stuff that has a lot of navigation in it, like the werewolf AU. Here's part one of the cage fight AU. Here's part two. This was mostly a random choice.

I think there's a slight font difference between DW and Tumblr but I'm not sure what it is just by eyeballing. Hmm, it may just be font color? I think DW posts in a very dark gray but Tumblr posts in black. (And font size -- I had to size up here.) I'm virtually certain there's a very slightly different font, but I don't know how to change it in DW.
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Hello to the people who showed up from Tumblr. I don't really see the point in doing a welcome post since I assume if you're here, you know who I am, which is coincidentally also what I said when I joined Tumblr lo these many years ago and which is the reason I've never had a descriptive header there. Yes, I'm that self-centered, but I assume if you're here you knew that already too.

I will be backing up my concept writing over here sometime in the next week -- I'd rather have it in a blog setting than in an archive, so I'm still hesitating over reposting it to AO3. (Mostly because AO3 gets a lot of readers who don't read my blogs, and the concept writing is something a bit odd. And I get more grief from AO3 readers -- mostly over Wake and Gambit -- than I have ever gotten anywhere else, so I hesitated to add another target to that, especially something as weird as the concepts.)

Anyway. Hi. If you're using a different username here than you are on Tumblr, please let me know; if we're mutuals on Tumblr but you don't have access here, please let me know. I do lock some more personal stuff. (Like, I chronicled my entire non-romantic breakup and subsequent nervous breakdown here two years ago (under lock) so if you were...wondering about can finally have an answer...)

And to people who only follow me on DW and not Tumblr or Twitter, hi! I'm alive! Did you know I finally finished On the Edge of the Devil's Backbone? Because I did and it's 360K. I'm still in grad school and it's exhausting. I'm still in Atlanta and I still hate it. I'm still extremely stressed and extremely depressed and extremely anxious and still extremely fucked up over my ex, so, you know, business as usual.
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Some concept writing! This is a continuation of the cage fight AU from some months back, with a time skip between that sequence and this one. Alas, no more actual cage fights.

About 4.6K below the break.


Doriah woke instantly at the sound of the door sliding open, but the familiar sound of Xiaan’s footsteps followed immediately afterwards. He was already slipping back into sleep when she stopped by the side of the bed and said, “Hera’s gone.”

Doriah sat straight up. “What?”

Xiaan was dressed but looked tired, regarding him like she couldn’t quite decide whether or not it was worth panicking. “Hera’s gone,” she repeated. “She took Chopper and the Imperial shuttle and she left.”“When?” Doriah threw the blankets off and looked around for his clothes, which Xiaan dutifully handed him. “Where?

Read more... )



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