Jan. 4th, 2017

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What I'm currently reading

I am mostly finishing up rereads of books that I didn't finish before the end of the year -- Circle of the Moon by Barbara Hambly, which is one of my favorite Hambly novels, and Sunshine by Robin McKinley. I've got a couple other books that are currently on the backburner and which I'm trying to finish the others before going back to -- Blood Maidens, the third Asher/Ysidro Hambly novel, and Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans by Gary Krist, which I'm trying to decide whether I want to keep reading or not. I've also apparently started rereading Barbara Hambly's The Time of the Dark again.

(I don't actually recommend reading multiple books by the same author at the same time; it's a little bit disconcerting, and the recurring themes and character types sometimes get really obvious.)

What I've just finished reading

Weirdly, a lot of short stories. I don't read short stories very often, and I tend to only do so if it's an author whose novels I also like. But I started off the year by going through Scott Lynch's four shorts -- "In the Stacks," "A Year and a Day in Old Theradane," "He Built the Wall to Knock It Down," and "The Effigy Engine: A Tale of the Red Hats." Then I picked up the anthology Night's Edge and read the Charlaine Harris short "Dancers in the Dark" (fine at the time, but in retrospect I'm kind of distressed by how stalker-y the vampire love interest is) and the Barbara Hambly short (a reread) "Someone Else's Shadow," which always amuses me just because of how clearly it's dated to the early '00s. I bounced off the Maggie Shayne short in the anthology and only got a chapter in before noping out.

Also, the T. Kingfisher novel Summer in Orcus, which I liked but which also somewhat unexpectedly set off my current set of Issues -- spoilers, and also, my breakup issues ) But on the other hand, were-house.

What I'm reading next

I've got a stack of library books out, but I really want to do Gentleman Bastard and Circle of Magic rereads, so we'll see.


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