Apr. 25th, 2017

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1. My mother has been telling everyone she knows -- which includes a bunch of university professors, since her restaurant is right across from the university -- that I'm going to Emory this fall, which keeps getting a reaction of "wow! that's such a good school! I can't believe someone who graduated from EHS got into a school that good!"

That's not as flattering as it sounds on the surface, not least of all because I graduated from high school nine years ago and getting into a PhD program has zip to do with graduating from high school, since I also have a BA and two MAs. (Which, admittedly, I would not have gotten without graduating from high school, but it's not like any PhD apps required my HS diploma or transcript.) Also, like -- I'm aware that even by American standards my high school was not great, and definitely not on par with those of a lot of people I went to college with, especially since I went to an expensive private university. And my degree is in classics, the most classist and elite of all academic fields. So it feels really weird to be getting complimented on essentially rising above my rural roots. Which are not even that rural: this is a university town. (I mean, the main industry in town besides the university is the hay industry, so it is also pretty damn rural, but.)

2. Post-SWCO (and I had this same thought prior to SWCE, because the Star Wars fandom is big on this, not to mention my ex is a professional costumier), I've determined I want to get into cosplay, which means I need to do things like learn to sew. I know enough to do basic repairs, but that's about it. I figure I should work on that before I move, since my mother has a sewing machine. Sewing, and then all the other stuff, because Star Wars being Star Wars is...a lot. Also because I'm still not over my ex I am this point determined to beat her at her own game even though I'm pretty sure she doesn't care about me anymore.

2a. As I result I've been digging through various Star Wars costuming forums, which are intense because the 501st and the Rebel Legion are pretty hard core, and the lightsaber construction and modification forums, which are even more off-putting because that's the most male-dominated corner of the SW fandom I've ever stumbled over.

2b. I really hope that by the next Celebration I'm not still fucked up over my ex, but it's TWO YEARS away so...hopefully not.

2c. Three separate people at SWCO, upon hearing I'm moving to Atlanta, told me that I need to go to Dragon Con. Which, hey, at least I know my ex won't be there.

3. I'm very excited about new Prison Break on the air, so I've been rewatching S1-4, which I originally saw back when I was in college -- I pretty vividly remember watching it back on Megavideo over my first Thanksgiving break, when I didn't go home and also didn't leave my dorm, because I was eighteen and freaked out by being a human being out in the world. I think I watched the bulk of it a few years later, on Netflix or Hulu -- I think Netflix -- when I was taking summer classes at CWU, using it as background noise while I studied. I'm not sure I ever finished S4.

3a. Twenty-two 45-minute episodes a season is excessive, and I think about this every time I watch normal-length shows. I'm used to 22-minute episodes and relatively concise storytelling; after Prison Break drags a subplot out over five 45-minute episodes I end up yelping, "Rebels or TCW could have covered this in seventeen minutes with time left over!" at my computer screen. (Admittedly they're different kinds of television storytelling, but they're not that different.)

3b. The least believable part of S1 and S2 is that America elected an unmarried female politician to vice president in the year 2000-whatever. I am very cynical in the present political climate.

4. Aside from the costuming forums, I've been on a teensy bit of a Star Wars break over the past week because I ended up a little Star Warsed out after Celebration. I think this happened with SWCE too, but after SWCE I was pretty much going insane since I was moving cross-country, and also...the incident with my ex that I had no idea how to process. So I had other things on my mind.

4a. I am going to take a break from the Prison Break rewatch as soon as I finish S2 and go back to Star Wars, but any time I take a break like that from SW I tend to get antsy.

5. I am going back to New Orleans next month for commencement, but I am starting to get antsy about the university maybe not like...knowing I am graduating. (I have already graduated, it's just the commencement ceremonies coming up.) But aside from the "order your cap and gown" e-mails I haven't gotten any info from the university, so I don't know if I'm supposed to do something or just wait. There aren't as many ceremonies for MA grads as for undergrads or the law school, med school, etc. So that's something I'm worried about right now.


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