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I'm going to do another graphic of daily reads for February, but not tonight.

What I'm currently reading

Rereads of A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin, the first Matthew Swift book, and White Mughals: Love and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century India by William Dalrymple, which I read a few years ago before I finalized my academic subfield (Roman imperialism and cultural identity), so it's really interesting to read something that's the same general topic but at a two thousand year remove. (And of course a lot of the academic talk is the same; both my field and Dalrymple's studies come out of the paradigm shift in post-colonial academia.)

I've also got Barbara Hambly's The Silent Tower on a slow reread, but I'm not really in the mood for it so I keep putting it down.

What I've just finished reading

The Minority Council and The Glass God by Kate Griffin -- I did my Matthew Swift + Magicals Anonymous out of order, whoops. (I tend to do series rereads out of order for various reasons.) And, huh, looking at my spreadsheet that actually seems to be it. Weird, I thought I read more this week.

What I'm reading next

I've got a bunch of William Dalrymple books either checked out from the library (In Xanadu and Nine Lives) or that I've just bought (Return of a King and The Last Mughal), so there's a high chance it's going to be Dalrymple for non-fiction. I also want to try and read (or reread) more Star Wars this month than I did last month. (Still haven't done that A New Dawn reread I've been wanting to do for ages.)
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