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What I'm currently reading

Sisters of the Raven by Barbara Hambly, which is one of my favorite books and thus a good comfort reread, and I'm trying to reread Stray Souls by Kate Griffin, the first Magicals Anonymous book, but while I love the Matthew Switft books and I'm okay with the second MA book, Stray Souls is a little too real and tends to set off my ever-present despair about being twentysomething and not knowing what to do with life and life just being awful, and that's a little more real than I really like in my urban fantasy. Which is why I put it down the last couple of times I tried to reread it, too. I'm also rereading All Systems Red, the new Martha Wells novella, which is delightful.

I usually don't talk about comics on these, but because this is out of the ordinary for me, I'm also reading a bunch of Astonishing X-Men trades for the first time -- I normally tend to bounce off superhero comics, but I'm enjoying these. (My big fear with superhero (Marvel/DC) stuff is that I'm always paranoid that I'm reading the ones that are generally considered to be Not Good rather than the ones that are Good, because I'm not familiar with them and people have very strong opinions on what is and isn't good. Star Wars I know, superheroes I mostly don't.)

What I've just finished reading

Dog Wizard by Barbara Hambly, The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch, and Chalice by Robin McKinley, which are all rereads.

What I'm reading next

Honestly at this point who knows.
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