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*sideeye* Oh, right. The reason I don't usually read sci-fi is because every time I pick one up, it's all bitter angry dark cynicism right off the bat. (Because someone will ask: Cyteen, Cherryh. I'm now trying to figure out if I still want to go on.)

OTOH I finally have a plot bunny for an original! Which is sort of genderswapped Star Wars crossed over with Prison Break IN SPACE, so, uh, I fail at originality. I summed it up to [personal profile] aella_irene thusly:

also she has tattoos all over her arms to show off her rank )
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Still toying with the idea of genderswapped cross-dressing lady knight and crusader Robin Hood. I kind of want to swap Marian too and make her into Martin...the Sheriff of Nottingham. Theirs is a forbidden, star-crossed love!

Or she can just stay Marian and be Robin's childhood friend and then there can be lady friendships and ladies loving ladies. Or I could split the difference and have Marian and Martin as twins or something. And then there can be THREESOMES.

...look, I'm pretty sure I gave up any pretensions towards historical accuracy when I made Robin Hood into an ass-kicking lady crusader. Perhaps I shall just write the intro scenes for both of them and decide later. (I mean, if I actually decide to write this. I don't have any plot aside from "Robin Hood is a laaaaaaaady. AND AWESOME. Too awesome to have manpain.")

Marian )

Martin )

Hmm. I think I prefer Martin, but on the other hand, laaaaaadies.
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So basically what I really want to write is an alternate history novel where Juan Borgia does not get murdered and Cesare becomes pope when Rodrigo dies (and, um, obviously these events are five years apart, but, you know). *considers* It could be a lot of fun, actually. So much research, but a lot of fun.

(I'm starting to love Juan. I honestly did not think it would happen, but JUAAAAAAN. I mean, not more than I love Cesare or Lucrezia, but the same amount! Although he is less screwed up, because he dies before he gets really messed up.)

The Borgia boys. Hmm. And Lucrezia, of course, I'm not sure what she would be doing but I'm sure it would be awesome, and Alexander VI on a rampage to find out who the hell tried to murder his son, and then there shall be REVENGE MURDERS. Like I said: it would involve a lot of research, but it could potentially be a lot of fun, and an interesting alternate history thought experiment, because it changes everything. (Well, in Renaissance Italy, anyway, I'm not sure what the repercussions would be outside of Italy but it would be really interesting to work out.)

*goes back to Shakespeare paper*
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If I ever wrote a vampire story, which is unlikely but possible, I would write the story where a Forest Ranger in the Pacific Northwest investigates what's been killing off natural predators, causing a rise in the prey population, causing famine in the animal world, and discovers that what's been upsetting the natural balance of animal life is vampires. Because that is the part in Twilight that drives me absolutely insane. Ecology does not work that way. (Because the "good" vampires in Twilight are vampire vegetarians, and only eat animals? But they prefer to hunt predators like wolves and bears and cougars and so on? This is the part that keeps tripping me up whenever I think of Twilight, which isn't often as I don't care for it.)

Also one day I shall write the great fantasy cattle-driving story.
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My job today did NOT make me despair of humanity, possibly because I had a lot less content from blogs this time. (That or there was just a lot less rape, misogyny, sexism, and sheer idiocy over the weekend.) However, I feel REALLY TRIUMPHANT over this fact. I practically bounced out of NCCROW.

Some of that is because I was very careful to end the day on this blog post, which has enough Awesome in it to share here. Skip paragraphs two, three, and five, and check out one and four. ESPECIALLY FOUR. WWII Girls With Guns. What more do you need in life?

...oh, wait, that's my NaNovel for this year. How the hell do I forget that? Because I'm an idiot, apparently.

(Also, apropos of nothing, when [personal profile] aella_irene and I talk about the kind of fic people will write about The Novel Series OH GOD HOW, as people who come out of fandom do, I remarked that people would probably do genderfuck. Then I thought about it. And realized that because the MC is basically a female Richard Sharpe, boy!MC would...actually be Sharpe. Only, you know, faux!Austrian/German. No, seriously, we actually have these conversations. What, you don't?)
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My NaNovel plot idea has suddenly changed. Huh. Now it is -- vaguely WWII-ish, in a city that is not New Orleans except in that it, well, is, and stars a young woman named Nedda and a houseful of recuperating female soldiers.

And magic. Somehow. I'm not sure how. I don't really have a plot yet.

But there are awesome female characters, and female friendship, and kickass women, and girlkissing.

Which is funny, because my previous plan was for vaguely incestuous het.
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...I forgot what it was like to have free time. I could -- I could study, or read books, or catch up on my TV, or knit large amounts at one stretch!

Or, you know, study. I should probably study.

([personal profile] aella_irene and I are taking a day off before going into edits.)

As usual, if you want to find me on NaNoWriMo, this is one of the only places on the Internet (besides FB) that my username isn't bedlamsbard: Manami. And I think I know what I'm going to write! (Not the colonial fantasy, I think. I am mashing together something vaguely Narnia-esque, and lovely creepy uptown New Orleans, some non-incestuous incestuous subtext, some fantasy, and...uh, no plot, yet, but there's some wonderful atmosphere lurking around in the back of my brain. And some characters. Or I could change and do the colonial fantasy, but I'm not sure.)

Also, on the note that I can apparently only have one universe in my brain at the same time, Narnia started moving in slow-revolving circle last night...slow. Very slow. And we're back in Ingvar (our original 'verse) tomorrow.
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I think this may be the longest I've ever gone without updating. WTF, world?

* My pinchhit for [community profile] narniaexchange went up last week (or possibly the week before, actually) and is here: The Eye of Man. Edmund, very early Golden Age.

* I'm currently working at Sophielab, the social media lab at the Newcomb College Center for Research on Women. One of my jobs is to update the @sophielab twitter feed (yes. I get paid to update Twitter), and another one is to post to the Sophielab blog (the one linked up above). There's one other blogger, so most of the posts that go up there aren't mine, but if you happen to be interested in listening to me talk about women, technology, and possibly trying to figure out how to sneak fandom and knitting in there, my last three posts are: Twelve Women, Two Female Scientists Announced Among 2009 MacArthur Fellows, Don't Judge a Book By a Cover, Even if the Cover has Sparkles, and Once More Without Spirit. Hmm. Are y'all interested in me linking my Sophielab blog posts over here? I know it's not the usual fare.

* [personal profile] aella_irene and I finished our novel! Soon we will go into edits, which it sorely needs, but in the meantime we must do a little trans-Atlantic dance. Also, have I mentioned that our main characters are a kickass princess and an Army captain who's basically a female Richard Sharpe?

* I am knitting my first sock. So far, going fairly well, though I'm still only on the cuff.

* One will also notice that @sophielab was live-Tweeting from the Creative Writing Symposium on the personal essay, called "Less-Than-Secret-Lives". I was not the one Tweeting. I was the one behind a camera, filming. For seven and a half hours. But I get paid! No, seriously, it was interesting. Not generally my thing, but interesting.

* I want more yarn. *goes to WEBs*
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I am really kind of horrified at the fact I could go three days without posting anything but fic; to this end, I am resisting putting up "Mercy Cry" for at least a few hours.

Also, I wanted to say stuff before "Mercy Cry" goes up and my post-fic posting moratorium goes up again. We shall proceed in bullet point format:

* Dust 17 ends part one of Dust in the Air. In theory, this means I am going to set Dust aside and go back to Water. In actuality, one alt!PC fic a month is about all I can handle and Dust 18 is screaming in my head, so. *shrug* Also, if you have been holding off reading WIPs, the wordcount's just short 150K and it's stopped at a fairly neutral place, so.

* Lucy is afraid of babies. In case you were wondering. In this way, she kind of resembles me. Look, small children and I, we're not a thing. A woman (I knew her; it wasn't like, random stranger lady) once put her newborn baby in my arms and wandered off and then the baby started crying and I had no idea what to do. Also, I think I was still in elementary school? Yes. Look, only child. Anyway, I think there are the beginnings of a fic here, but we shall see.

* The colonial fantasy novel has the working title The Farthest Shore, which is actually me misremembering the title of this book (which I am also currently reading, by the way). I rather like it, though. Also, naming large bodies of water like oceans sucks; all the good names have already taken by Lynch and Martin. And Lewis. Not that "Great Eastern Ocean" is exactly the best name ever invented. (Dear C.S. Lewis, there are three separate landmarks in your novels that begin with the word "great": the Great Eastern Ocean, the Great (Southern?) Desert, and the Great River. This is HELL for fic writers, at least for me.)

* Argh, cramps.
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* I promised I'd drop a pile of vid recs, Star Trek Reboot (which I still haven't seen, god, cruel world) and otherwise (mostly old, so y'all might have seen these before), today, so:

Don't Stop Believing, by [personal profile] arefadedaway (Star Trek, team)
Circus, by [personal profile] butterfly (Star Trek, Kirk)
Poker Face, by [personal profile] talitha78 (Star Trek, Spock, Spock/Kirk)
We Go Together, by [personal profile] such_heights (Star Trek, team)
Space Olympics, by [personal profile] taleya (Star Trek, team, humor)
Cuz I Can, by [personal profile] arefadedaway (Iron Man, Tony)
Snakes on a Plane, by [personal profile] dualbunny (Harry Potter, Harry, Voldemort)
Cuz I Can, by [personal profile] dualbunny (Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck) (apropos of nothing, this is the one that makes me want to write kickass Susan and/or Lucy)
God is a DJ, by [personal profile] dualbunny (Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck)
Glorious, by [personal profile] such_heights (multifandom, yay women!)
One Girl Revolution, by [personal profile] arefadedaway (multifandom, yay women!)
Bionic, by [profile] tallulah71 (multifandom, yay women!)
I'm Your Man, by (multifandom, femmeslash, yay women!)

* See the two vids up there to the same song? That is the song I keep mentally vidding Warsverse Susan to in my head. Let us all be very glad that (a), 98% of the footage does not actually exist, and (b), I cannot actually vid. No, seriously, look at the lyrics! Susan, Susan, Susan, from LWW through the Golden Age through post-PC through Dust. It would be awesome. Also, I would intercut fighting and sex, and "I live a life of sin" would be her sleeping with various men intercut with her sleeping with Peter. And "you talk real loud" would be Lucy yelling at her. See, aren't we glad I don't vid? Yes.

* Oh my God, the first part of the colonial fantasy novel starts out with so much colonial BS, I cannot even. "The natives are harmless as puppies – more so, puppies gnaw on your boots and piss on your uniforms." My modern day soul where the liberal and conservative halves are waging a continual war for dominance weeps.

* I have 2K of Dust 17 and it hasn't made me want to cry yet. I am looking at this as as a bright side. (Apparently, on one side of the Great River Narnia is Louisiana. On the other side, it's Maine. Or possibly Washington. Look, don't ask, I just write the thing.)

* On the not so bright side, I am about ninety percent certain I'm going to have to rip out the tank top I'm knitting because I used needles a size too small on the neck. DEATH.

* Currently reading Agincourt, by Bernard Cornwell, and rereading Red Seas Under Red Skies, by Scott Lynch.

* One of these days I shall learn not to watch so-called romantic comedies. All they do is make me feel pissed off at the world and also that I'm not doing anything with my life. Oh, it's not the "get yourself a MAN" thing; I have no idea what it is specifically. Also, a lot of these movies deal with embarrassment and I have a HUGE humiliation squick. In other words: watched Never Been Kissed for the first time last night. This one didn't piss me off as much as 27 Dresses did; after that one my roommate came in at one in the morning with a friend to find me ripping the sheets off my bed in a fury. Seriously, you'd think I would have learned by now.

* My mother needs to learn that the one sure way to make sure I don't do something is to tell me to do it. Repeatedly. She hasn't told me to bake, therefore I'm baking up a storm. She has, however, told me to get a job, get a volunteer job if I'm not going to get an actual job, clean my room, start exercising, clean my desk space in the library (we have a library. don't ask), take self-defense classes (this is what happens when you watch S1 of Bones with your family), write a thank-you letter to my grandparents, get up earlier, go to bed earlier, and possibly do something with my life that does not involve getting a useless degree in the liberal arts from an expensive fancy-schmancy private university and then not use it in order to spend the rest of my life doing something that will generate no income, like writing books.

* I need to type up the rest of "Mercy Cry." I also need to go water my mother's plants.
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I...wrote original fic. And it wasn't the colonial fantasy!

I have decided to describe this one as "The Lies of Locke Lamora, only Locke is a doctor and Jean is Susan Pevensie. And set in Florence instead of Venice." In other words, Peter and Susan are thieves and probably not siblings and Peter is also Jack from Lost. But there is no island. Probably.

Apparently, I forgot how to write in past tense. )
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Now that I am back home, my year-long ban on writing original fiction is up. (Short story: Wrote a 100K novel for my senior project. Burned out. Narnia saved my sanity.) Which means that I am very tentatively thinking about poking at the originals again. Tentatively! As I think I just mentioned, it has been a year since I did an original. (Actually, slightly less? We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of PC's release date. LOOK, I AM EASY.)

I still don't think I'm up to going back to Spaceforce, though, although I think I have figured out a way to tell the past story and the present story side-by-side. (I have been contemplating the idea of having one of the POVs be that of an embedded reporter on the USSS North Carolina, which is something you don't see a lot in military fiction or sci-fi, but it is something that occurs fairly often in the real world; a lot of the books I read while I was doing research for Spaceforce were written by embedded reporters in Iraq.)

But what I do want to write is the colonial fantasy story, although I'm a bit uncertain about how to start it. Lady Lucy Loring and her kids and worldbuilding and imperialism, yay! Maybe. If I get more of a plot. It has been a long time since I've written originals.

And there are, of course, other things -- there's the original version of the werewolves and immortal!Susan, and older stories I haven't touched in an age -- Corinth High, Ellis and LaMontaine, various mysteries, a lot of urban fantasy.

Probably the colonial fantasy, though.

On the other hand, I'd like to turn out some short stories and make a try at sending them out, it's just that I don't think in short stories, I think in novels.
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...the colonial fantasy novel is now going to include Lady Lucy Loring (oh god, I know), the single mother of the four siblings who raised them and was completely kickass awesome after her noble husband Colonel Richard Loring died/went missing only a few years after the penal colony he was governing was abandoned by the government.

Cut for original babbling )

So, clearly, research for Lucy Loring's personality is going to involve me watching more Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Weeds. Strangely, I am perfectly okay with this. I'm not sure how much of a role she's going to play in the story, but it's going to be interesting.
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Huh. This is new. I think I figured out a way to turn the immortal!Susan story -- sans crack crossovers, obviously -- into an original, while still keeping the "they were kings and queens in a magical land during WWII" aspect of it. (It involves Faery, somehow. That part's still being worked on.) Also, because not everything I can write can have massive amounts of incest in it (ha! try telling this to the colonial fantasy story or the werewolf story), the Peter character and the Susan character are no longer siblings. The Peter character definitely has a younger sister and possibly a younger brother; the Susan character definitely has an older brother but I'm unsure whether or not she has younger sibs. All of them are dead by the time we get to 2009 and the FBI thing.

Also, Morgan le Fay may make an appearance. (In a generally beneficial sort of way. Not, like, evil, just immortal and cynical.)

In other news, remember when I said I'd like to see what the Revolutionary War would have been like with magic? Apparently it's already been done.

Okay, studying now.
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You have no idea how much I'm restraining myself from writing, like, basic training in the Narnian Army. Like, a lot. Complete with the drill instructors yelling, "YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO MY BELOVED NARNIA. This is the Narnian Army! We can fight on the land, in the air, or while we fucking swim! WHAT'S THAT, RECRUIT? Do you think those squids in the Navy are going to come up the Archen River when Lune makes a move on us? YOU WANT IT EASY, YOU JOIN THE AERIAL CORPS. You aren't on your daddy's clanstead anymore, Recruit! THIS IS CAIR PARAVEL. THIS IS THE NARNIAN ARMY."

Complete with Peter hanging around, occasionally being helpful, new recruits not really recognizing him because hey, there are a fair number of humans around, including one of main instructors, Aliecer Greyjoy. (Who, seriously, I need to introduce at some point. Maybe this point.) And occasionally Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, as the mood strikes them. Possibly it's at the same time as basic training for the Navy and the Aerial Corps and there are bar fights in the taverns in the White City.


You know what else I want? Whales. One does not see whales in fantasy very often. (I'm somehow guessing that one sees whaling even less often. Nobody tempt me; I have Word and I'm not afraid to use it! Also, I think that the colonial fantasy novel shall have whaling. Also incest and daddy issues. Possibly werewolves. And I still want western fantasy, damn it. What would the American Revolution be like with magic? Not dragons, that's Naomi Novik. MAGIC.)

Really, one wonders what the hell goes through my head at times.

ETA: ARMY. NOT NAVY. I do not know why my brain gives me an Army scenario and then a Navy MC and vague plot. Although I suddenly know more about Aliecer Greyjoy. One of these things is not where he's from. (I am trying to figure this out based on his name. Could be Telmarine, maybe, or Natarene. Not Shoushani or Belgarine. Not Ranskan. Maybe Lascar.)

ETA2: Oh my God, the Narnian Army is the French Foreign Legion. Also, Navy problem has resolved itself. I haven't even started writing yet! This would be the most self-indulgent thing ever.
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So I have this weird habit of, in writing -- especially with original fic, and to an extent with fanfic -- to write the afterstory and not the forestory, even when the forestory/backstory is a hell of a story in its own right. With Spaceforce, my senior project original novel, I skimmed over the three years of wandering around in alien enemy space and went straight to what it's like to come home after that, and the story that spins out of that. The colonial fantasy novel looks like it's doing the same thing -- skipping the set-up about how twenty-some years ago this group of colonists landed and were abandoned and survived and going straight to what happens when contact is made again; we don't know how the characters got to the points where they're at. The Narnia rip-off -- it was basically reset it modern-day America -- did the exact same thing, skipped the LWW backstory and went straight to the aftermath, what happens when the characters come home. (Although, actually, one of the interesting things about that story is that the narrator wasn't one of the traveling children, but their older brother, so there would have been a fairly steady chunk of the story where the reader may have thought the travelers were completely nuts.)

I do this in fic too, to an extent. A lot of my interest in Narnia comes from the aspect of "Jesus Christ, these kids must have been fucked up when they came back to England"; it's the afterstory. (Although I do write a fair amount of the forestory/backstory -- I hesitate to call it either one, because it's not qutie -- but it's basically the LWW story I'm not writiing.) And within the context of the Golden Age itself, I tend to write where we see the ripples but not the stone -- the Natare incident, for example, the time Peter was MIA. We see ripples from that everywhere, but we haven't had that story. Likewise with my Peter's claustrophobia and the Caves of Angrisla bit. (Although I have written this story; it's just not in anywhere near presentable form because I have to fuck with the format again.)

This is probably one of my writing quirks that I can blame on fic, where we're used to already knowing the forestory and having to imagine the afterstory. The problem with doing it in an original is that you have to figure out a way to get the forestory/backstory across without making it seem clunky. (I disapprove of flashbacks. For the record. Lynch pulls it off most of the time, but it's hard to do. The colonial fantasy story will probably have flashbacks, though.)

This announcement brought to you by my Ancient Novel class, wherein we just finished going over the Odyssey and how it's not even close to the story everyone thinks it is.


Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:38 am
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I want to write colonial fantasy. I'm not really sure what I mean by this notion -- except that I don't want to write urban or historical fantasy -- except that for some reason the idea fascinates me. (And if you people keep telling me that this is basically what I wrote in the Warsverse, may be right.)

Also Western-esque fantasy -- you know, cowboys, ranches, gold miners, the whole craze for the west. Except not historical. Whole new world. And I don't think I necessarily want it to be magic fantasy -- not your classic sword and sorcery -- but I'm not sure I want it to be just humans, either.

So -- maybe the Narnia gig (nonhumans, talking animals, etc.) in this new world. Although I'm not entirely sure if I mean American style colonialism (er, in America, I mean) or more along the lines of India or Africa. (Look, when I say colonialism, it's best just to assume I mean the British Empire unless I say differently. And, okay, I'm in New Orleans, there's reason to assume that, I suppose.) And I kind of want a New Orleans style city -- that whole mess of different cultures blending and mixing and the sheer bloody history of it all.

I also still want to do the fantasy special forces story, but I'm not sure if I can reconcile it with taking place in this world, because it's more along the lines of high fantasy. (I have been playing with the idea of it taking place in a colony that was abandoned; it's gradually grown out of the survivors and the natives. But I'm not sure it fits in with the rest of the world very well; I think it may be a different world entirely.)

*prods idea carefully* It's not a plot bunny. It's a world-building bunny. No characters, either. (And, uh, it's me, so I'm in debates over whether they have guns or not.)

I want to write an original this year. I haven't even thought about original fic since May and I finished up my senior project novel (military sci-fi, I swear that one day I will go back to it because it is epic like whoa but it is also way steeped in the politics and issues of the time. Which is, uh, also known as now, but there are parts of it that are just bitter. But it has potential), but I do want to write, and in my happy dreams I am one of those authors who gets published and gets good reviews and may even make money. Also, clearly, this whole mess showed me that if I want to read something, I damn well have to write it myself.

And on that note: Bernard Cornwell, yay/nay? I have never read Cornwell, but looking at his books on Amazon they seem to be along my general lines, and I do not immediately hate the writing style. Gregory Maguire, yay/nay? Never read him, either, but I have heard good things, and I didn't immediately hate the writing. And Charles de Lint, yay/nay? Never read him, had him recced to me once or twice. China Mieville, yay/nay? Again with the reccing -- once by my AP English teacher -- and I actually own Perdido Street Station, I just have not read it. Also, it is not here; it's at home.

In other news: I think I'm going to have to chart out the next couple chapters of Dust, just to see how everything lines up time-wise, because I have at least three chapters that are all supposed to be taking place at once (Peter, Susan, Tirian) and also the last three chapters were more or less concurrent (Jill, Eustace, Edmund), so I want to make sure nothing impossible is happening.

It'll get even more exciting when I have to chart out the (major) battles; after my betas get back to me with Water, I'm probably going to be changing the end battle even more than I already have, although perhaps not, we shall see. And there are several big battles in Dust, of course, although I really need to get someone to Archenland so that the plot could START MOVING ALONG, PLEASE. I'm going to pass 80K this chapter and we've still got a fair ways to go. Possibly I subscribed to the "all fantasy epics come in trilogies!" newsletter very early on. (Or I can blame Stirling and Martin. That's the other option, and...probably more likely.)
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[ profile] lassiterfics has asked me a few questions...

1. What was your first favorite book?

First favorite book? Honestly cannot remember. There is a pretty good chance it was this illustrated children's version of The Odyssey -- the funny thing being here that I grew up with The Odyssey, and I know the story, and I love it a whole lot, but I've never actually read the actual Odyssey, even in translation.

2. Tell me about your favorite memory of winter.

Let us discuss the fact that I moved two thousand miles away from home to get away from winter...what, no? No? Okay. Um. You know, generally I just find winter kind of annoying and vaguely terrifying, and I don't think there are any specific favorite memories. Except. You know that feeling where it's friggin' freezing outside and you can't feel your toes or your fingers or your ears or your cheeks, or, well, anything, and then you go inside and it's warm and you can sit in front of a fireplace and listen to the flames crackle and drink hot chocolate? That's pretty good. (Yes. My house has a fireplace. Not favorite memories of winter include having to stomp outside in the FREEZING COLD, get the sled, manhandle logs onto the sled, drag the sled back to the mudroom to fill up the woodrack, and then repeat the process several times. THEN go inside.) Also, my birthday is in winter. I'm just sayin', here.

3. Top three fave foods?

Tekkamaki (tuna rolls), Hershey's milk chocolate, really good fresh-baked sourdough bread.

4. Okay so like, if a talking bird or a girl with pointy ears, or a wizened man in strange clothes barged into your life and said you MUST SAVE THEM. YOU MUST SAVE THEM ALL BEFORE THEY DIE. "This magic dagger will guide your way!" they insist. What would you do?

Well, there would be a couple moments of shocked blinking, and then some carefully trying to warn them away or get them help that is not me, but then I'd probably try to help and let them drag me around. Unless it was the talking bird. Because I have the worst ornithophobia ever; it is horrible. I'm sorry, birds are terrifying. But, I mean, there would be some attempts to back away and distract their attention, but if they're persistent they would probably end up with me eventually.

5. What word/phrase do you say too much?

LIKE. Because I am a teenage girl. Also, um, y'all, because I am distinctly not Southern. And occasionally I go through other phases where I say some phrase all the time -- the year of "OH DEAR" for everything was before I got on LJ...actually, in retrospect, it may have been before I got into fandom -- but I don't think I'm in one right now. Could be wrong, though.

In other, non-related news. I now own Stardust the book and Stardust the movie for, uh, research purposes. And...I like the movie better, because WTF Gaiman, that was your ending? Dude.

Also, now I want to write the fantasy quest story where it's the putupon single father that has to go on all the adventures in order to bail his questing son out of, like, jail or something. YOU KNOW. Because I like Dunstan better than I like Tristran/Tristan, and also, I am kind of in the mood where I want to turn tropes on their heads. Also, wouldn't it be awesome?
Dear father,

My greatest apologies for the lateness of this message; I know that you said to keep in touch, but I have been otherwise occupied, and it has been difficult to find ways of communicating.
[...several lines of dancing around the subject...]
Through no fault of my own, I have found myself in prison, and I need someone to stand surety for me so that I may leave. Father, you must understand that I did not do the terrible things they are accusing me of, nor would I call on you for anything that was not the direst of needs. I beg you to come and aid me; I understand that this will take you away from your business and I am fully prepared to repay you for any losses that you may suffer during the interim.

Your loving son
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Apparently, last night my brain decided that exactly what it needed to do in order to go to sleep would be to mentally recast the werewolf story -- the original -- with a Peta-baseline oldest sibling instead of a Peter one.

Which puts me over here in the corner with Juliet "Jules" Bishop, werewolf, pack leader, actually a hell of a lot saner than her counterpart Nathan Bishop (the Peter character) although I haven't figured out why. Oh, yeah, and she started sleeping with the Caspian character, Sebastian Saracen, on approximately the second page. Not that I've actually written any of this yet, because, you see, I still haven't figured out what I'm writing for NaNo yet. Could be this. Could be "Be Like Water." Could be werewolves with Nathan instead of werewolves with Jules. Could be "In This Hollow Valley." Is probably not going to be Dust, but hey, you never know.

Oh, yes, and Happy Halloween. Don't let the werewolves bite.


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