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And it's DONE! No, seriously, the story is complete as is; I didn't leave anything hanging that wasn't done deliberately and it doesn't end in the middle of a sentence or a scene the way some of my other UFOs have. Further notes at the end about the AU, what would have happened next (Water was conceived as the first in an increasingly cracky trilogy), and what probably happened before.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six


Be Like Water 7/7 )


Further notes on the Petaverse, with snippets )

And that's all! I hope you enjoyed reading "Be Like Water." Thanks again everyone who betaed it the first time around. If y'all have any questions, I am, as ever, happy to answer them in comments.
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I believe this marks the beginning of the part I wrote after finishing NaNo 2008, so this was written several months later in January 2009.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five


Be Like Water 6/7 )
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Heads up, people who read this through the first time: so far my only major rewrite came in this part. Although by "major" I mean "300 words."

Note: This is a repost, I kept accidentally cross-posting.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four


Be Like Water 5/7 )
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More sex in this one. And spymistress Susan. *hearts her* (Oh, the vagaries of the genderfuck AU.)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three


Be Like Water 4/7 )
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I suspect this will actually shake out at closer to six parts than seven, but I'll deal with that when we get there.

Read Part One here.


Be Like Water 2/7 )
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I have been threatening this for the better part of three years now; it's time to man up and admit that the chances I'll ever actually give Water the complete rewrite it deserves are slim to none. So! The quick backstory: Be Like Water is a genderfuck girl!Peter AU of PC; I wrote the first 50K for NaNo 2008 and the next 18K a couple months later, then sent it out to beta and never did the edits. After three years, I'm reasonably certain that it's never going to get the edits it deserves, especially since I'm about ninety-five percent sure I'd have to give it a complete rewrite, plus my characterization has shifted enough in the intervening years that, well...yeah.

Anyway, I'll be posting it in seven parts over the next week, about 10K a day, with minimal edits as I find things that don't quite work for me as I go through adding HTML. Even though I didn't do major edits, thanks to my betas from 2009: [personal profile] harpers_child, [personal profile] ineptshieldmaid, [ profile] westingturtle, and [ profile] ceirseach; sorry this didn't actually turn into anything, guys.


Be Like Water, part I )
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I am reminded by all the genderswap fic on the three-sentence-ficathon (and yet no one wants girl!Peter! thus the reminding) that I have a finished 70K fic that -- yes, has been betaed, but has not been edited, and is seriously unlikely to be edited because I have major issues with it now, but the thing is -- um, would people be interested in seeing Be Like Water, the PC AU where Peter is and always has been a girl, a.k.a. the 2008 NaNo, going up? Being as it is (almost) the last day of the year and all and I...feel bad about it just sitting on my hard drive.

...oh, shit, tomorrow is the last day of the year and I have stuff to write. Er, ignore that last bit, I am convinced of jinxes. Unedited Be Like Water, yay/nay?

ETA: It suddenly strikes me to add that Water has actually been done since about January 2009, so I've, uh, been sitting on this a while.
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This is coming in multiple parts mostly because I have to type everything up, and I would like to get to Dust sometime tonight.

Susan, Peter, in the woods )

Peter, Susan, together )

Susan, Peter, crash landing )

Peter, Susan, bar kiss )

Petaverse, alternate Be Like Water scene, Cornelius )

two things

Mar. 9th, 2009 10:37 am
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* I don't even know what it says about my state of mind that I'm currently concerned what the chances are that LB-era Narnia (pre-conquest) had some form of assembly or parliament or congress or something of the type. I know there's the Council of Lords in PC; I wouldn't be surprised if something of the sort had stuck around during Caspian's era -- not necessarily the old Telmarine lords, but perhaps some of the younger, more progressive ones, as well as the prominent Narnians like Glenstorm and Trumpkin. A Council of Lords -- the Small Council? Something like that -- would probably not be elected, but now I'm wondering if the Narnians had some form of representative government. It doesn't seem completely mad, even by the old Narnian system (Golden Age; I doubt there's any kind of House of Representative or House of Commons, but I'm fairly certain that the Narnians had no problem voicing complaints or requests to the Pevensies) or the Telmarine system, and I can kind of see the Pevensies and the Narnians pushing the concept on Caspian, given the circumstances. Thoughts?

* I've been hunting down good A Song of Ice and Fire art and all I can say is "Look! It's Peta!" More or less -- blue eyes, with a tabard over the armor, and with Rhindon, of course -- but that's more or less what Peta looks like in my head. Slightly softer face -- for a younger Peta, I mean. But even the tilt of the head -- Peta's a little more arrogant than Peter is, or at least a little more outspoken about it.

ETA: ...possibly this is just an excuse to rail about how civilization leads to big government, and big government leads to taxes, and some other stuff! And urbanization and industrialization! And a certain feeling of nostalgia for the simpler days of yore, and my Victorianism class is really showing here, isn't it?
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OH GOSH. You know what I just figured out? One place that the Petaverse deviates from regular canon, way back in LWW -- Peta would have been sharing a tent with Susan, and Edmund and Lucy probably would have been together.

That means that Lucy would have dragged Edmund off after Aslan, and it would have been Lucy and Edmund who saw Aslan sacrificed on the Stone Table by the White Witch. And Lucy and Edmund who were with Aslan when he went to the White Witch's castle. Oh, man, the Tumnus and Edmund interaction must be...interesting.

It also means it was Susan who was with Peta at the battle, which means -- something. Maybe the battle was going considerably worse in the Petaverse because Edmund wasn't around to break the White Witch's wand? Maybe Peta did it. MAYBE SUSAN WAS TURNED INTO STONE. Or maybe it didn't happen until the cavalry showed up with Aslan. But it means worse casualties, and a harder Susan, because she was out there in the killing fields with Peta.
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Part one of Be Like Water is done in draft, which is a moment of vast YAY, but the key word here would be "draft." I don't suppose there's anyone willing to submit to beta duty? For, yes, the nearly 70K of Narnia genderfuck, in which Caspian is whipped, Aslan's How turns into Parris Island, Miraz does not understand the harvest, and Peter is a girl?

Not hardcore beta duty, mind, just plot stuff. Possibly over the course of several months and at least two or maybe three drafts. Or just this first one, depending. But it is 69K of Narnia genderfuck and PC revisionism.

teaser, so that y'all know what you're getting yourselves into )

*bats eyelashes* Please?
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Excuse me, I need to bask.


For reference? FINISHED.

(I mean, for now. At some point in the future I have to start in on edits, which are going to be substantial but no so substantial I have to rewrite the entire story, because hi, it's not like the plot is going to change.)

...I can't believe I wrote 69K of Narnia genderfuck. (Okay, it's more like 68,781, but it rounds.)
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On this day, last year, I posted about how I was not going to write CSI:NY genderfuck, even though I was thinking about it.

Meanwhile, the only thing I have been writing for the first two days of 2009 is 10K of Narnia genderfuck.

*throws confetti* Apparently January is for genderfuck! Who knew?

That said: ENDGAME. ENDGAME OH MY GOD. Miraz is dead! The battle is about to begin! It is going to be vaguely creepier than the battle in PC, because goddamnit, I can do two different Narnian cultures if I want. This is the Petaverse, not the Warsverse!

You would not believe how excited I am about this.
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Endgame, guys, endgame! I know I have been saying this for the past three days, but ENDGAME OH MY GOD. Caspian is getting himself all gussied up for war, baby. I mean, yes, there is the whole matter of the battle and the aftermath and the set-up for part two, but ENDGAME OH MY GOD.

Also, you know me, sixty thousand words in I just figured out the emotional arc for Caspian. Go figure, the narrator has an emotional arc. Who guessed that? NOT ME. (The sad part is that I'm not actually kidding.)

OH YES. Water just beat Dust's current wordcount, 63,033 (and rising!) to 62,619 (which is, you know, rising, just not at this point in time).

You have no idea how excited I am. I cannot concentrate on anything else. (This is bad, by the way, I have things I need to do.)

Bring it on, Miraz. Your army may have been sitting around doing nothing for three months, but the Narnian army has been training its ass off (you have no idea. It has). We don't even need Aslan to beat you this time. *bounces excitedly*
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Now, I know I'm endgame on Water: I'm back to quoting canon. That, and Water's creeping up on Dust wordcount-wise. Dust is at 62,619; Water is 60,057 and rising steadily. The last time Water out wordcount-ed Dust was during NaNo.

Yeah, you know what it's like having two novels trying to out-wordcount each other? Strangely inspiring. I used to think Water was going to beat out Dust, if only because of the three-part thing (this is part one, right now), but I am eyeing Dust warily right now, because uh, hey, remember when I thought it was only going to be, like, 30K? (Let's not even get into the part where I used to think it was just going to be snippets.) Yeah, CLEARLY NOT SO MUCH.

SO. Currently, in Water, the following things are in motion:
Aslan's How = Parris Island (I kid you not, oh my god. Witness:
Summer has turned into early autumn and the air is cooler now than it had been before, the leaves on the trees fading from green to burnished shades of red and gold. Out in the field, Susan and a troop of centaurs are galloping back and forth, shooting at a set of human-shaped targets set in the ground. Caspian stops to watch them. They gallop in a single-file circle, continuously moving and continuously shooting.

“Good!” he hears Susan call when they’ve emptied their quivers, her voice bright and eager. “Very good.” She nudges her horse to the target and starts plucking arrows out.

Caspian finishes scrubbing the bucket clean in the stream that runs behind the How and goes back inside, pressing himself against a wall as a group of fauns and satyrs runs past, Hilzarie and a wolf named Longclaw at their heels.

“Come on!” Longclaw barks. “What’s wrong with you, do you think you’re back in your beloved caves chasing rats? Run faster! You’re a disgrace to the High Queen!” He and Hilzarie chase them out into the sunlight.

I don't know whether to be ashamed, vaguely thrilled, or horrified. I BLAME STIRLING.)
Peta = extremely pregnant, though she actually doesn't realize it at the moment. I think Edmund and Susan may have their suspicions. Caspian's just hoping she doesn't give him the flu.
Doctor Cornelius = now in the How, and intent on setting Caspian on the throne despite Caspian's intentions otherwise.

Coming soon: THE DUEL. THE BATTLE. Sometime after that, a marriage proposal. Way after that, Water parts two and three, a.k.a. the Warsverse gets in on the action and Bedlam lives up to her name.

*pops knuckles* All right, back to the salt mines. Someone tell me why my characterization of Cornelius revolves around "manipulative bastard who wants to be the power behind the throne"? (Hell, it's not like we don't see it in canon. Really, I don't pull this stuff completely out of thin air.

Well, okay, the drugs in Dust. That was pretty thin air.)
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And today in the wonderful world of Narnia AUs, I will knock up the High Queen of Narnia and give her morning sickness.

Clearly I'm talking about Water and not Dust here. At least, one would hope.

Brain, when I said I wanted to finish Water before the New Year, I meant over the course of December, not in the last two days. *throws things* Especially since the scene I want to put in now is actually handwritten and in my Japanese notebook, which happens to be a cool two thousand miles away in my dorm room. In New Orleans. I mean, I know precisely what happens -- it's one of the earliest plot-related scenes I knew about, the one where Doctor Cornelius tries to break into the How -- but still. It's the principle of the matter.

Also, I am wildly skipping over vast swaths of time. It's like, "battle, shortly followed by sex," and then "in the following weeks."

It has been so long since I worked on Water that I think I may have contradicted certain things established previously. Like the fact that Edmund is supposed to currently have a broken arm, and thus cannot rush off into battle. *facepalms immensely* Perhaps it healed? No, probably easier just to write him out of the battle and have Susan save Caspian's life instead.

Although. On the bright side, I do not actually think I have 30K -- well, 25K now -- worth of story left. Occasionally I forget that Water is a great deal more straightforward than Dust. (I mean, I could have have 30K worth of story left, it just depends how long it takes for Cornelius and the duel and the battle and where exactly I decide to end the story. And then at some point we hit part two and Peter/Peta.)

*cough* I think there's a strong possibility I'm working on Water right now because I'm going to have to drop the 3K I have of Dust 9 and switch it over to Eustace's POV. Because when I figure out a POV's not working, the best thing to do is generally to figure out who knows the least about what the hell is going on and give them the POV. And hey, Eustace is probably overdue for a POV anyway.
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I see I have written myself into one of those corners where I am not writing an action scene.

And I really want to write a fight scene.

Off the boat, Peter. Stop with the negotiation; you suck at it and I suck at writing it. And this, sadly, cannot devolve into fisticuffs.

Hey. I wonder if this was the chapter where I was going to have Peter get arrested? (I don't outline. I don't keep notes except for my usual list-upon-list of relevent information, like names.)

You know, I was planning to have neck-breaking a couple chapters back, but that scene never made it into draft.

I suppose I could switch from Dust to Water; the next scene in Water is supposed to be a fight scene. Peter's cynicism is starting to grate on me, especially without his siblings to leaven it.

I mean, not that Peta is all that much better -- god, she may be worse; at least Peter is practical about it -- but at least I'm not in her head. On the other hand, the Petaverse Pevensies aren't much with the banter. On the other other hand, sex. Which we're clearly not getting in Dust. Although I'm not particularly in a Peta mood.

*grinds teeth* Action or description; come on, now. Okay, back to the writing.

ETA: OH MAN I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LIKE PETA. AND CASPIAN. Good god, they're straightforward compared to the Dust characters, where it's all manipulation and politics and back-stabbing and world-building, oh my god, don't even get into the world-building. In Water they're just hack and bash and make out and it is SUCH A RELIEF.
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In the interest of procrastinating cleaning, folding laundry, and packing, I am reading genderflip meta -- specifically, on girl!Daniel Jackson from SG-1 and how his/her upbringing would have been influenced based on the time s/he grew up.

Obviously, as the chick who's written 50K+ of Peta Pevensie, this gets me thinking.

The thinking would be working somewhat better if I knew something more about how a teenage girl in 1930s England (before being evacuated) would have been raised. Especially as the oldest of four siblings.

I can extrapolate that Edmund, as the only boy, might have had more responsibility; I can also extrapolate that Peta was a hell of a lot more aggressive than Peter, and that she was also less willing to fit into your basic nice English schoolgirl niche, and that therefore she may have been a little bit (or a lot) of a tomboy before Narnia. She was probably a lot more isolated than Peter and she was probably a troublemaker, and she wasn't as close to her siblings even after Narnia. But getting into Narnia was probably even more of a lock into a key situation than for Peter: for the first time ever, she fit. (She also had a much toughter time being taken seriously in Narnia, so she has a lot of issues that are tied up in her gender, and also the fact that her siblings are very literally her second-in-commands; she says to Caspian that, "I very seldom trust my siblings with Narnia," which is something Peter would never say.)

But, in other words, I'm wondering just how screwed up Peta would have been before Narnia, as a fourteen, fifteen year old tomboy in WWII London, and why and how she would have become the kickass warrior, general, and High Queen that she is in Be Like Water. (And oh, lordy, but does she ever have issues in Water. I didn't actually figure this out until I was picking at the scene that immediately follows the last scene I wrote in NaNo, the one where Peta and Lucy scream at each other about Narnia and Aslan and responsibility. And she had issues before Narnia, she had issues during Narnia, and she had issues post-Narnia.)

Also, I know that this post won't make much sense until Be Like Water is actually completed and posted (I have dreams about this. Someday, oh, someday). But, well. *flaps hands*

Anyway, this came out of one of the last things I wrote in Water, where Peta and Caspian are talking and he asks her what she was like before Narnia.
He hesitates before he actually says it, but says it anyway. “What were you like? Before Narnia.”

She winces, then raises a hand to her face, pinching the bridge of her nose between two fingers. After a moment she lets her hand fall back down to her lap and turns to look him in the eye. “I was a fuck-up,” she says.

“I’m sure you weren’t –” Caspian begins, automatically.

“No, I was a fuck-up,” Peta says. “I was a bad sister, I was a bad daughter, I wasn’t much fun to be around – I think there was a pool going on whether I’d get myself killed, arrested, or knocked up first. There probably still is, actually. The only thing that changed when I got back was that I actually had a clue how to fight, and that I could take on boys older than me and win. That doesn’t do much for a girl’s reputation back in England.” She grins a little, humorless. “Unless you happen to be one of the boys.”

ETA: Though to be fair, I don't know how much of this comes from writing juvenile delinquent!Peter with [ profile] lassiterfics.
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Hi, Peta! Glad to see you back again!

Right after I switched out my Peta icon, of course. *flaps hands*

Wow, she's even less functional in England than Peter. She was definitely worse off pre-Narnia than Peter was.

*prods carefully* I still have high hopes of finishing part one of Be Like Water before the New Year. Although by high hopes I probably mean something along the lines of "delusions."


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