Mar. 21st, 2012 10:05 pm
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Still mildly reeling over the fact that I wrote 30K of Star Wars fic. (Slightly embarrassed over the fact that I wrote 30K of Star Wars fic right after dropping out of the Narnia Big Bang, but what can you do, right?)

I had the usual post-fic blues where I poked at my various WIPs in hopes that something would stick (the Obi-Wan and lady!Anakin one, the time-traveling lady Jedi one, the sequel to What is Lost, the one where Qui-Gon ends up in the midst of the Clone Wars (this one has Ahsoka in), the post-RotS one where Asajj Ventress and Obi-Wan team up, and, yes, the sequel to Dirt) before I settled on the lady!Obi-Wan backstory, which includes some of the lady!Obi-Wan/Padme. Which I feel duty-bound to tell you is, so far, made of lulz (at least for me).

Anakin's flirtations were generally well-meant but poorly executed. )

*muses* And a round-up of the others, I guess, so I can keep it straight:

wip round-up )

Okay, so, as usual, I'm never allowed to complain that I don't have anything to write.

ETA: Accidentally hit "post" before I was done with the entry.
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Lady Jedi has taken an abrupt turn from angst to (thwarted) sexytimes. Ani has had it up to HERE with angsting about the other Anakin Skywalker and how he may or may not have turned to the Dark Side and the whys and wherefores thereof and has decided that now is the perfect time for makeouts. Unfortunately for her frustrated lust, Obi-Wan has decided that this is exactly why there cannot be makeouts. Poor, poor Anakin.

The other day [personal profile] juliekarasik and I were talking about what a BSG/Star Wars fusion would be like, where they're all Jedi! And Lee is a terrible Jedi because he just has feeeeeelings all over the place. And the Cylons are clones who are designed to have high midichlorian counts and are basically dark Jedi, and Helo is the Jedi who is stranded on the planet and hooks up with dark Jedi Sharon! And then brings her back and is, like, "No, we have to embrace our emotions! We're different from them! But they can be turned to the light side, see --" and everyone else is like, "Great, he's, like, two minutes from turning to the Dark Side." And Cain is clearly a Jedi who has turned to the Dark Side.

@bedlamsbard: ...although Baltar. *ponders* Non-Jedi Force user? Or someone who's trying to rationalize the Force?
@createsomething: force sensitive but non-aligned, (and probably ill trained) thus distrusted by all sides.
@bedlamsbard: Maybe his midichlorian count is too low to be an actual Jedi, but high enough that he can feel the Force (but not use it)
@createsomething: that works. A lot of resentment could build up like that.
@bedlamsbard: His father took him to be tested even when he was too old, but the Council refused...
@createsomething: ... and he vowed then that he'd just *show* them, someday.
@bedlamsbard: And who wants to be a thug, anyway? Because that's all he sees the Jedi as.

Except otherwise it's basically BSG canon, except with lightsabers. (Kara Thrace: best Jedi ever or worst Jedi ever? It could really go either way.)

Have also been pondering the lulz of dumping Anakin and Obi-Wan in with Moya's crew in Farscape. BECAUSE LULZ, THAT'S WHY. (This is basically my motivation for existing right now.) (Terrifying, they'd probably bond.)


Dec. 8th, 2011 10:01 pm
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Okay, so it probably shouldn't have taken me a month -- or more -- to figure this out, but, oh hey, I actually talked in my seminar when I was still taking copious notes in the readings + eating enough + and getting enough sleep.

Probably might have been nice if I'd figure this out sometime before the last day of class. *headdesk* Okay, technically tomorrow is the last day of classes, but today was the last day for my seminar and my Chaucer class. And I was basically half-asleep through all of Chaucer, since I didn't get enough sleep last night; I came back to my apartment and sat around going, "Did we actually get to The Parson's Tale? I can't remember." Turns out we did, I took notes on it, I just can't...figure out what they were on. Since I was mostly asleep. And my handwriting goes when I'm asleep. Well, there will be choices on the final; I just won't do anything that involves the Parson's Tale.

For some reason yesterday I completely blanked on the fact that I have an 8:30 class this morning, despite the fact that I've had an 8:30 every freaking Thursday this semester, and only remembered at the lovely hour of midnight, which means I didn't get to bed until sometime around 1:00 and I just. I cannot function on six hours of sleep.

I'll be very glad when the semester's over just so I can make another try at readjusting my sleep schedule to something resembling normality. (Actually, I am so tired that I'm going to finish this post, take a shower, and go to be, which might help. Sleeeeeeeeeep.)


Unrelatedly, today I watched, or tried to watch, the pilot episode of Carnivale (Ron Moore! Tim DeKay! I like playing, "Where have I seen this actor/television-related personage before?"). It was...interesting. Very HBO-y. There were a couple things in that episode that really, really put me off, so I had it on as background noises while I switched windows (...I can't remember, there might have been one scene where I actually took out my headphones), which led to me missing things when I went back to it and suddenly there were things like MYSTERIOUS RAIN OF BLOOD. Hopefully all the things that set off my stupidly sensitive embarrassment squick were used up in the pilot, because I'm interested enough to go on, it's just so...HBO.

Even less relatedly: Am still poking at the Dollhouse/BSG crossover, though my enthusiasm appears to be fading (except for when Athena or Leoben HACKS THE DOLLHOUSE COMPUTERS IT WOULD BE AWESOME, and the Colonials are all, Ha, this is why you frakkers shouldn't network!), and I keep weirdly coming up short at the difference in fight scenes between the two. Because Dollhouse is almost gratuitously violent, with these long, stylized fight scenes -- apparently Tahmoh Penikett choreographed a lot of his own fight scenes, though! -- and trying to mash up that up with BSG is just...it's really bizarre. We've got a couple of hand-to-hand fight scenes in BSG -- Kobol's Last Gleaming Part Two, the one with Starbuck and Six, and...maybe Unfinished Business? Those are the only really extended ones I can think of; there are also cases of people getting beaten up, which don't really count. The feeling is just so different between the two, it's weird. And I like writing fight scenes, so trying to mash up those two styles just...it's not working for me right now. It's a moment where I go, "Well, if I was writing Dollhouse fic, this would be going on a lot longer and they'd completely trash the apartment. But if I was writing BSG, he'd probably just get hit over the head a couple of times with something heavy. OMG WHAT DO I DO?" Look, I like writing fight scenes. I can probably say with some certainty that I like writing fight scenes more than the average fanperson. I haven't even started writing this fight scene and just trying to figure out some kind of balance between Dollhouse-style fight scenes and BSG-style fight scenes is completely stopping me in my tracks. What a weird thing to get hung up on, right?

The weather can go back to being in the mid-seventies any day now. Get on that please, New Orleans! (Sure, y'all may have, like, snow and ice and below-freezing temps or something, but the mid-forties is really goddamn cold for us, okay?) I am totally rethinking my plan to go somewhere with four seasons. Seasons! Who needs them?
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I appear to be actually writing the BSG/Dollhouse crossover, or at least playing with it. We've got Helo, who is of course obsessive paranoid violent Special Agent Paul Ballard (Athena: "CAVIL MADE MY HUSBAND CRAZY. ABOUT ANOTHER WOMAN. I AM GOING TO RIP HIS EYES OUT."), and Athena, who is Special Agent Athena Valerii, then we've got Anders, who was a high school PE teacher and football coach, and Starbuck, who I think was a forest service helicopter pilot, and then Leoben, who was...Leoben. I think he was a barista or a baker or something. He's the first one to break through the imprint, which really doesn't work that well on Cylons, and being Leoben, takes off to go find Kara. (Look, everyone has to have a hobby, okay?) And then they find Anders and Athena and start looking for (a) Helo and (b) the truth behind what the hell is going on.

Strangely, it is terrifyingly easy to get into (at least early season one) Paul Ballard's head. He just wants people to believe him, y'all! He just wants a friend! Also he will probably beat you up if you don't, but if you do then, he will be very happy at you and tell you all the classified details about his top-secret conspiracy theory case. (Which he does. In canon. It makes more sense if you assume he's imprinted that way. Also, I'm sure there's a fabulous scene coming up where Athena and Starbuck are trying to explain what's happened and he freaks the fuck out because he thinks they're saying he's a doll.)

So far we've got Ballard/Athena interactions:
Valerii scrapes a scrap of pita across the bottom of the hummus dish. “Listen, He – Bal –”

“Paul is fine,” he offers, smiling at her.

She closes her eyes for a moment. “You don’t know me, do you?”

“We just met,” he says. “Should I? Did we go to college together or something?”

Her gaze flutters down. “Or something,” she says.
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...I actually have a totally reasonable plot for a BSG/Dollhouse crossover. This is kind of terrifying. cut for BSG semi-spoilers, I guess )

Terrible idea or one that has promise? It is going in my folder of BSG AUs to noodle with alongside the BSG/Eureka crossover, the fairy tale-ish story where Hera grew up with the Cylons, and the one where Helo and Sharon are captured on Caprica and Sharon and Boomer team up to save him.
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Am working through the first season of Dollhouse, which is one of those shows that definitely improves on a second watching and going straight through, rather than week to week (I saw it when it was originally airing, then never bothered with the second season), mostly for Tahmoh Penikett. Also for lulz, since in episode two we got Tahmoh Penikett and Mark Sheppard in the same scene, which is the sort of thing that makes me go, "Helo and Lampkin!" (I think Jamie Bamber might show up in the second season, but I never saw that season the first time round.)

I...also kind of think that Ballard is a substantially less stable Helo; they've got pretty similar personalities, and for exhibit A, I give you "The Woman King" from BSG. And because my brain is stuck on "everything is a crossover!" mode right now, this lets me slide into some kind of BSG AU that involves reincarnation and cycles and something, but Echo is no Athena, I'll tell you that.

...on the other hand, that might be a better way to think of the show, so maybe I'll go with that for right now. Ballard kicks way more ass in one episode than Helo did in the entire series run of BSG, which, wah, why couldn't we have seen Helo take someone out with some kind of flying kick to the face or whatever the hell that was in episode one? (Probably because he was always fighting Centurions. Except when he was (a) beating up Apollo or (b) getting beat up by other humans.)
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Today must be wacky fic idea day. How about the one where Athena never rescues Hera and Hera grows up on the baseship, until one day she meets a captured human prisoner, a pilot named Nicholas Tyrol? (I know, I know, but fairy tale. Or, alternately, depending on when we go AU: Kacey Thrace.)


ETA: I feel like I should add that I also tried to figure out how to genderflip Helo/Athena, but my brain just couldn't comprehend the mindfuck involved. I could get up to Shane Valerii and Karla Agathon, and then it just stopped working.
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Haven't finished a chapter! Have written approximately 230 words since last post. Have however found an excellent Saul Tigh song, which is not really a phrase I ever thought I'd type. Be more like the man you were made to be. (Or possibly a Final Five song, since I'm getting Anders bits from it too, but I think majority Tigh.)

Yeah, I suspect I'm going to end up in my advisor's office sometime this week having another breakdown about my thesis. I don't know why I'm so gods-damned bewildered by it.
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*facepalm* I feel like such a writing failure. I'm going to get this paper done -- I've got about 3.5 pages single-spaced right now, and I just need to get it to five so that it'll be ten double-spaced -- but it's such a disaster it's not even funny, because I can't figure out (a) what I want to say or (b) how to say it. Also, I've got that one paragraph that ends in WHY IS THIS RELEVANT BEDLAM GOOD GODS. (Only with my surname instead of Bedlam.) So that'll have to come out before I send it to my committee with abject apologies.

Of course it doesn't help that I'll write a page, or a page and a half, and then take an hour and a half break to watch BSG clips and play Solitaire. I have got to stop trying to write papers the night before they're due; it usually works out but it's clearly not doing so this time. I have notes, I have stuff I want to write about, I'm just not sure how to do it, which is, I've got to tell you, the worst freaking feeling.

I am, however, reconsidering my feelings towards doing English lit for grad. I like early modern English lit. I'm good at early modern English lit. I've done a lot of it in undergrad. A classics and history background is really good for early modern English lit.

Ugh. I mean, yay for BSG breaks, but ugh. (I am however thinking about going through BSG and making a list of every time Helo gets a gun pointed at him by Colonials, though. I can think of three or four off the top my head. Home Part I (by Zarek's men), Pegasus, Resurrection Ship Part II (both by Pegasus marines), Downloaded (by Galactica marines), Rapture (by Galactica marines) Faith (by Anders), The Oath (by mutineers). I think there might be a couple other cases in S2. Lay Down Your Burdens Part II, maybe? I'd have to check. Resistance only if you count the resistance on Caprica as Colonials, which you could.)

I am not a happy camper. Okay, I'm going to take my trash out, look over my notes, write a paragraph or so, take a shower, write another page, and go to bed. Well, I was stupid calm for the first four and a half days of Thanksgiving break, I'm making up for it now by returning to my prior state of high-strung procrastination + paranoia + STRESS OMG.
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Well, now that I've spent an engaging hour playing solitaire instead of starting my chapter, perhaps I should GET ON THAT.

Well. To be fair. I also watched about ten minutes of BSG. That scene at the beginning of Resurrection Ship Part II, where Helo and Chief are getting beat up on the Pegasus? Helo's expression: "Hey, frak you, I survived frakking post-apocalyptic Caprica, I spent three months alone on a devastated world with my rogue Cylon girlfriend getting chased by Cylons, I've blown away Centurions with bigger balls than you got and I didn't need a battlestar to do it, you frakking human punks. SO GIVE IT TO ME HARDER, BOYS. I'VE BEEN BEAT UP BY CENTURIONS, YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT THAT?"

Helo is a very calm badass.
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I see I have hit that point of pre-paper stress where instead of actually working on said paper, I just need to be constantly eating. Edamame on the stove right now.


My parents may be living in a Disney movie, as they apparently have a gang of teenage hoodlum raccoons living on the premises. I believe that it's two sets of orphaned twins; my dad killed at least one mother. They are called the Gang of Four. I've told my mom that if she sees any song and dance routines, then she'll know the Disney thing is true for sure.


Second time in a week I've gone to the Maple Street Patisserie and it's been closed. It's not closing randomly; I just keep end up going when they're not open, argh. It is a fifteen minute walk there and a fifteen minute walk back, so a not inconsiderable hike. Especially since today I had all my Latin books.


Speaking of Latin: omg Cicero why.


Okay, after I have finished my edamame and done the washing up -- well, my washing up, my roommates have dishes in the sink and my patience on this is starting to wear thin, because I don't like seeing gobs of frosting bobbing in dirty dishwater every time I go to wash something. Which is often because, see above, constantly eating. Or drinking tea.


Because I am the queen of procrastination -- well, not really, that might be my roommate -- I can tell you that my love for Kara/Sam is pure and true, omg, though also Kara/Lee! And Lee/Dee! This is not contradictory, this is supported by canon. Man, I remember the first time through this show, I hated Anders like fire. And now I flap my hands a lot and go, "ANDERS I LOVE YOU." Oh, show.


Okay, so, Chaucer. I shall be getting on that.
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Potential BSG AU: The one where Boomer and not-yet-Athena!Sharon team up to save Helo and a bunch of human prisoners from a Farm on Caprica.

Goes AU in: Probably Kobol's Last Gleaming, where Helo and Sharon are captured by the Cylons on Caprica and are both sent to a Farm. The other Cylons are planning to box Sharon as soon as her baby is born and use Helo to father more human-Cylon hybrids on other Eights. After she resurrects, Boomer finds out about this and decides that one way to redeem herself is to rescue Helo and take him back to Galactica. She breaks the other Sharon out of prison, where they have a tense and terribly awkward stand-off ("Do you love him?" "What?" "Helo. Do you love him?"), then go get Helo, who's all, "...two Sharons. Two Boomers. What the hell. Okay, I'll freak out later," and then insists on taking all the other human prisoners in the Farm with them. So they steal a Heavy Raider and return to Galactica! ...who freaks the fuck out, because, okay, dead guy and two identical dead Cylons. DON'T SEE THAT EVERYDAY. And then Chief angsts.

...only problem would be the timeline, because of Starbuck on Caprica + the Kobol plot + the Fleet split. Presumably Starbuck gets the Arrow of Apollo and goes back to Kobol and everything goes the way it did in the show except for Helo and Sharon, sans the Resistance subplot, but maybe not. Also for how it serves no point except to amuse me.
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bedlamsbard: Writing BSG makes me feel like I'm cheating on Narnia.
snacky: Haha, I was thinking that about Yuletide. "But none of these fandoms are Narnia! I'm being unfaithful!"
bedlamsbard: "Baby, don't key my car! I'm sorry I left you with three WIPs, but I always come back! I'm just going out to meet BSG in a hotel."
snacky: "She means nothing to me! I love you! I just needed something... different!"
lady_songsmith: Better watch out, or Narnia'll take a louisville slugger to your computer screen.
bedlamsbard: "I need to rediscover my creativity! And of course the WIP isn't mine!"
bedlamsbard: Because I've been slow-dancin' with a bleach-blonde battletramp.
lady_songsmith: And churning out 300 words of that bathroom reading.
snacky: Lol, suddenly Carrie Underwood = Narnia, and other fandoms = sing white-trash versions of Shania karaoke.
snacky: "Baby, you're the one I always come back to! Those prompt memes, they don't mean a thing!"
bedlamsbard: Narnia's going to carve her name in my DVDs and slash a hole in my keyboard.

...I have a strange urge to listen to Before He Cheats now.

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The Plague (a.k.a. The Common Cold) has decided to make its presence definitively known as of, oh, last night. Hate you, Plague! Will be going to get Dayquil/Nyquil later today, though I'm never actually convinced that it works that well. Until then, well, at least I have a lot of Kleenex.

Need to go back through my browsing history for the past week and put together a list of all the BSG vids I watched, to keep from losing them all. -- even though I'm still using Delicious, I now don't want to add anything to it because I love the recently bookmarked Delicious toolbar a lot, and if I add new stuff, then the stuff that's already there will go away. I wish there was a way to customize that toolbar aside from "recently bookmarked" or "most visited", and wow, I just realized there is, so I'll do that later today. (As you can see, I am totally on top of stuff today.)

Other things to do later today, aside from thesis stuff and a giant chunk of Greek because my Greek professor hates us (she probably doesn't, she brought us Laffy Taffy last week): cut up this mango, make biscuits, e-mail my first and third readers (stopped into my second reader's office after class today). Ugh, school, hate you. Go to library and print MacKay article and scarf pattern. Make dinner; eat. Read more of the Meyerson book.

...actually, since this post is still open, will make vid list now.

BSG vid recs )


Why, yes, I did write this post over the course of many hours in between classes and homework. (Also, yes, I've seen [livejournal.com profile] dualbunny's BSG vids, I just have them on the external hard drive and I don't want to dig the links up when I...already have them.) And now, to do school-related things.

...also I think I may have run into a pile of vids/commentary that does not match up with my own viewing of the show, woe. I think it is a very good thing that I was not actually watching this show while it was on the air, because I suspect I would have either hated the show or hated the fandom or both. I'm also actually pretty glad I took that year, year and a half long break between the front third of S4 and the back two-thirds, and that when I went back into it, I watched (nearly) the entire run of the show from the miniseries to Daybreak, because I don't think I would have handled it that well the first time. Going back through it meant that while I was invested in the characters, I wasn't going to be shocked and spoiled and personally aggrieved by their choices. Also, I'm older and more mature, or something. (I am a whole TWENTY-ONE YEARS OLD. The last time I watched this I was NINETEEN. That extra two years? Clearly a great improvement. By the time I am twenty-five I expect to be zen and calm, or something like that.)
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*eyetwitch* I think that I have at least finished going through the overwhelming majority of podcast transcripts for the episodes I care about.

I also think that I may have accidentally started going back through the series from the beginning. Or at least I have "33" on in the background right now, anyway.

Mostly my reaction from the podcast transcripts -- which I tended to skim through looking for stuff about Helo and Sharon, heh -- is a fairly impressed, "Wow, they had no idea what they were doing and they still managed to pull it off in a really awesome way." (Like: "How do we start this? Let's have Tricia Helfer in a bikini on a beach.")

Random trivia: I know it. I love making of stuff about half the time; I love the bits where the PTB talk about what could have been or what was cut or what the original plan was. The, um, the making of LotR books? The ones where you have all of Tolkein's drafts? Love those. (Or, well, I read the first one, I should go through the rest of them while I'm at Tulane, since Tilton has them.)

So much random trivia! Apparently at one point Helo and Sharon were going to move into Sharon's cell in the beginning of S3. And Sharon was going to beat the shit out of Gaeta in "Unfinished Business." And Lee and Dualla were going to become marines after "Exodus."
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Oh my gods, the BSG Wiki is actually going to either (a) make me blind (b) destroy my grades or (c) all of the above. I went on for five minutes to check a point of canon and emerged two hours later having discovered the transcripts of the BSG podcasts by Ron Moore. The eye strain comes from the fact that the wiki is white text on dark red and the font is a size or smaller than is actually comfortable to read. I can feel my eyes dying.


I was going to write for fifteen minutes and then do my Greek homework. This was at 5 pm. TWO HOURS AGO. Agh agh agh.

And I only wrote two hundred words before getting sucked in, too. On the bright side, I now know many and varied points of BSG trivia. Did you know Grace Park was one of two finalists for Starbuck? MIND-BOGGLING, I tell you. Or that the actress that plays Ischay is Jamie Bamber's wife? OR, hmm, what's something actually show-related, that Hera's name when she's being fostered with Maya is Isis? BLIND. (Or how many times Ron Moore and David Eick apparently went, "Hey, do we know why we're doing this?" "Because it'll look cool.")
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Wow, it's been a really long time since I wrote anything plotty based off a TV canon. Definitely differently plotty; I keep wanting to jump POVs so I can get all those scenes that you could get in an episode, but that's not really something that works in fiction. (At least not for me. It's too ragged; it doesn't really feel like I ever get to finish a coherent thought.)

I think I'm going to cut the 800 words of Hot Dog POV I just wrote, lengthen the Helo POV at the beginning, and pick up the second POV as Athena. Original plan included Boomer and Rebel Eight POVs, with a possible Starbuck, but I think it might work better just to keep to Helo and Athena for now. I'd probably stick to one if they weren't, er, separated by a vast amount of space.

...huh, actually, in retrospect, I do want that Starbuck POV, I don't think I can do that one scene I want from an Athena POV. Wait, maybe I can make it an Anders POV, I'm not sure about my ability to get Starbuck down but I'm pretty sure I can do Anders. Although, hmm, do I need him for anything other than that one scene? Can I switch out Athena for Anders? (Probably not.)

Obviously the only POVs I want in this fic are people with surnames beginning with the letter A. Who else is an option? Oh, right, the father-son Adama tag team.


Nov. 11th, 2011 06:13 pm
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Caprica! I have finished it, mostly by virtue of the fact I watched approximately two-thirds of the season yesterday. (I just couldn't stop.) I'd seen all of it except for the last five eps that didn't air in the U.S., and gosh, those eps are when it gets really, really good.

spoilers, I guess? )

In further conclusion: Caprica vid rec! (Which looks like it came out early in the season, since it doesn't have a lot of the bits from the back half.) Brand New You're Retro by [livejournal.com profile] hollywoodgrrl.


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