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Pompeii was actually really good and as a trained classicist I have no idea how to deal with this. I'M SO CONFUSED. Also I think it might be more historically accurate than Gladiator? (I really hate Gladiator, though, so take that with a grain of salt.)

Lots of lingering on Kit Harington's glistening abs and some absolutely lovely brutal fighting. Also, more than one female character? Who interacted with each other? I think it might have actually passed Bechdel, but I could be wrong.

Obviously it starts in Britannia, because I'm pretty sure there's some unwritten rule that every sword-and-sandals book or movie must interact with Britannia at some point; there was a historical inaccuracy that pinged immediately because the Romans don't hang people in trees, that's a Germanic thing, and some other minor stuff (pretty sure that Milo wouldn't have been called the Celt. Or Milo, which I think is Greek), but it was a lot of fun and very flashy and surprisingly touching and I just have no idea how to deal with the fact that I liked it, because I was prepared to (a) hate it or (b) be bored stiff.

They did leave out what I always think of as the most horrific part of the eruption, which is funny, because it's actually the bit they quoted at the beginning -- the calm in the midst of the storm.

For a while I thought they'd gotten the emperor wrong, but I checked the dates, and it was Titus, not Domitian, who was emperor then.

spoilers )

I'M JUST SO CONFUSED. Like, I'm not saying it's the most historically accurate movie about Rome ever put out, because HA HA NO, but...I was expecting it to be awful and horrendously inaccurate and it was neither. And I really enjoyed it. And I'm so confused about that.
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So today I saw Pacific Rim and while I liked it a lot (I never realize how much I want a character, especially a protagonist, who looks like me until the very, very rare circumstance where a young Japanese woman -- in TV or movies, one actually played by a Japanese or Japanese-American actress, rather than a Chinese or Korean actress (you would be surprised at how rarely this happens) -- actually shows up) and it was visually stunning and I'd like to see it again, I actually have no idea how I feel about it. (Well, I mean, aside from "I liked it and would like to see it again.")

Which actually really bothers me because I should at least know how I feel about it. It did some things I like a lot and some things I wasn't too keen on and I don't know how I feel.

Also, and this is going to sound crazy considering how visually stunning this movie is (and it is, it really, really is), I walked out of the theatre going, "I think I would have actually preferred this as a novel," because sure, that makes sense. But apparently there's almost an hour's worth of cut scenes, so that might explain it.

In conclusion: I liked it a lot but with qualifications, I'd watch it again, and it is a really beautiful movie considering it's giant robots fighting giant monsters.
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I am back in the United States! I was, oh god, in transit for twenty-four hours again -- well, I was up for more than twenty-four hours, I was in transit for about twenty-two. OH JOY. A semi flipped over on I-90 eastbound, so the shuttles were delayed. We stopped to pick up the passengers that had been stranded in North Bend when they closed the Pass for about three hours to clear the road (the other shuttle took the Yakima-bound passengers, we took the Ellensburg-bound passengers), and then the girls sitting behind me started talking about how this was their worst travel experience ever, their trip took eight hours instead of two, which, okay, BUT...ladies, have I got some stories to tell you about terrible travel experiences. But at this point it was late enough that I was too exhausted to make poor conversational decisions, thankfully (it was about eleven pm, a.k.a., wow, it is like five in the morning in England).

...but I did eventually make it back home. Weirdly, this is the second time coming back from England that the shuttle has been delayed or cancelled and the five o'clock shuttle has had it much worse than the eight o'clock, which is what I've been taking because of when the BA flight from Heathrow gets in. My actual travel experience getting from Leicester to Seattle was relatively painless except for the nine and a half hour flight, but even that wasn't too bad. I mean, for a nine and a half hour flight that was delayed by about an hour. I read my book, started my other book, watched Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (verdict: violent, way incestuous which I'm obviously into, but I'm strongly side-eyeing the part where they have to violently murder all the (female) witches) and Rise of the Guardians (verdict: whoa, I loved it, which really surprised me because I didn't expect to. The last time I watched an animated movie on the plane it was Up and I kind of hated Up. But Rose of the Guardians did some things that I really loved and I want to see it again).

Presumably because I spent all of yesterday hauling my suitcase around England and America, I woke up this morning and my arms were killing me. Have been killing me all day, although less so now. I'm sure my wrist problems don't help (I was in mild agony at a couple points yesterday because I had no options for doing anything for them aside from some stretches and sitting there weeping), but given that the pain is not focused on my wrists and I put in that much effort, I feel fairly safe in saying it's not related.

I started reading The Fellowship of the Ring on the plane and, because I haven't reread LotR in over ten years, I forgot that I used to have the hugest fictional character crush on book!Merry. He was probably my third book crush (after Odysseus and Jack Clayton/Korak). That part at the beginning where the Sackville-Bagginses are all, "You're not a Baggins, you -- you're a Brandybuck!" to Frodo and Frodo says, "Did you hear that Merry? That was an insult, if you like." "It was a compliment," said Merry Brandybuck, "and so, of course, not true." MERRY <3 <3 <3 I haven't read these in so long, I forgot that Merry was actually the sensible caretaking one in the books. (I love the movies, but man, I can't see Dom Monaghan's Merry here at all, though I'm not that far into it, so we'll see.)

Er, and the main point of this post is: I am back at home! Home is weird. All the cars are wrong and on the wrong side of the road and I keep saying "pounds" instead of "dollars" and then getting frustrated.

(Oh, also my parents sold the car they told me they bought for me last year. "Honey, we bought you a car! Oh, you can't use it because your father is using it. Oh, you can use it. Oh, by the way, we traded in the Corolla for a Camry." "...so you told me you bought me a car (sort of as a graduation present) and now you no longer have said car. This is really making me rethink coming home for a year off because now I just want to stay in England (not because of the car thing).")

Today we went to the new Cabela's in Yakima and I walked in and kind of froze because walking into a Cabela's is sort of like walking into a giant cliche of American machismo, which is...kind of a big culture shock after having been in England for the past six months, can I just say.
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Realized today that one of my favorite fictional character types just maaaaaaaay be kings in exile trying to get home, and I think it's pretty damn likely that I can probably trace that back to my first literary crush, Odysseus. (ODYSSEUS. I suspect a lot of favorite character traits come from him.) Odysseus, Peter and Edmund Pevensie, Simba, Thorin...I'd assume there are others, but I don't think it's actually a terribly common trope. (I wouldn't count Aragorn; for one thing, Gondor isn't exactly "home" and for another he doesn't seem terribly keen on getting there until he doesn't have much choice in the matter.)

(Realization brought to you by a remark that I've got Simba on one end of my desk and Thorin at the other, that must mean something, and [personal profile] burntcopper suggesting "exile issues?" OH GOD IT EXPLAINS SO MUCH.)

I know there are quite a few historical kings that fit into the category, but I don't think any of them actually do that much for me. But to be fair, the only historical personage that I actively swoon over is Hannibal (BARCA, okay, HANNIBAL BARCA, not the fictional cannibal), who actually has some exile issues of his own.


Watched AUJ again tonight. PJ's doing something really interesting here with fire and darkness; the movie literally begins with fire flaring out of darkness -- Bilbo striking a light -- and every major fight scene in the movie takes place by firelight, even the flashback Battle of Azanulbizar, which takes place in daylight; there are fires burning even when there clearly don't need to be. Trollshaws takes place by firelight, the goblin caves are in firelight, the confrontation with the orcs is illuminated by the trees burning. And of course, Smaug's arrival at the beginning might have a fire here and there.


Tonight's Hobbit art rec is: Durin family feels (or: Thorin with Fili and Kili over the years, in roughly chronological order).

First Meeting by [tumblr.com profile] dsmiler7
I am your father now by [tumblr.com profile] jasjuliet
Some things never change by [tumblr.com profile] kaciart
always following by [tumblr.com profile] axias
'Going somewhere, Uncle? Without us?' by [tumblr.com profile] evankart
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It says something about the world, and about Hollywood, that I can watch a movie about Manly Men Doing Manly Things (In Roman Britain) and spend the whole movie going, "Oooh, there's a woman fighter -- HOLY SHIT THERE ARE TWO WOMEN FIGHTERS -- HOLY CRAP THERE ARE THREE WOMEN IN THIS MOVIE -- OH MY GOD THERE ARE FOUR WOMEN IN THIS MOVIE." (Actually, more than four, but the others are background characters.) Along with, "Holy crap, is that something vaguely resembling historical accuracy? Is this a Roman garrison that includes non-white characters? MORE THAN ONE? And it's not a big plot point?" spoiler )

Also, for some reason I kept thinking Michael Fassbender was Damian Lewis, so that was extremely weird. Although now I want to see Damian Lewis in a Roman period movie, so there's that.


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Brave is fantastic, guys. I loved it from beginning to end. I went with my mother, and that was such a great idea, because it's really a movie about mothers and daughters and family. And how unusual is that, for -- not even just for a Disney movie, but for any movie; even my mother commented on it. Anyway, I loved it, and I one hundred percent recommend it. Fantastic and adorable and funny and great characters. (Also, I cried, but I cry at anything.)

At the end, my mother said in tones of some surprise, "That wasn't a kids movie!" And I said cut for very minor spoilers, I guess )
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So I saw Snow White & the Huntsman! And it was good. Very pretty, in a Guillermo del Toro sort of way. Kristen Stewart was totally fierce, it was awesome. So was Charlize Theron.

[personal profile] isweedan described it as a story where "Snow White is Caspian but with Jadis as the enemy," and I've seen Ravenna (the Evil Queen) described as a cross between Cate Blanchett's Galadriel and Tilda Swinton's White Witch, so I went in thinking of the story that way, but I came out thinking it could also work really well as genderswapped girl!Caspian with the Lady of the Green Kirtle showing up a generation early, since I got more LotGK off Ravenna than White Witch. I mean, if we're making Narnia comparisons. (And for that matter, Noah Huntley, who played fully-grown Peter in LWW, plays King Magnus, Snow White's dad.)

spoilers )

We got The Bourne Legacy trailer before the movie, and my one real thought was: "This is either (a) how Hawkeye was recruited or (b) the AU where Clint has a similar backstory to Natasha. OR BOTH." And now I want all the crossovers despite the fact the movie hasn't even come out yet.

My smalltown movie theatre still has The Hunger Games, which I thought went out of theatres weeks ago. I kind of want to see it again; maybe I will. I do want to see The Avengers ago; my dad and I might go tomorrow.
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So I'm writing this scene for Bad Moon Rising chapter 4 -- although it might end up being 5, since I'm thinking about going back and filling out the beginning because I like the cliffhanger the scene ends on and I have an interlude chapter with Anakin that I could use -- and it's one of those scenes that's a little hard to write because it has the following elements: multiple characters, fighting, and escape/finding an escape route. Read more... )

Anyway, if anyone is interested in listening to me talk about lady!Obi-Wan and her hijinks with Anakin (and sometimes Padme) and having bits of fic thrown at them, let me know?


So today I rewatched The Phantom, which remains one of my favorite superhero movies of all time despite the fact that it is, on rewatch, kind of problematic and definitely ridiculous and wacky (but in a really good way!). Plus it's set in the 1930s, so there's a lot of costume porn (and I'm not talking about the Phantom's skin-tight purple uniform, because wtf is that even?). I love movies set in the 1930s, like Indiana Jones and The Mummy, it's like that perfect blend of modern and not-quite-there. Plus, you get to have plane chases and horseback chases and car chases -- all in the same chase.

One reason I love The Phantom is because it has two really awesome ladies: Diana Palmer, the love interest, who throws a mean right hook and knows how to elbow people violently in the face and sword fight and is a snappy dresser; and Sala, who is, wait for it and I wouldn't make this up, the captain of a band of all-female air pirates. ALL-FEMALE AIR PIRATES, GUYS. (I mean, there's the obligatory scene where the Phantom catches them in the locker room, but then one of them shoots at him and he jumps down the laundry shaft, but then they never show up again. Alas.) I love Sala, she's so badass, and -- wait for it -- this movie actually passes the Bechdel Test. I like to think that afterwards Sala tries to recruit Diana to join her merry band, or maybe just make out a bit.

And have I mentioned the wacky? It is delightfully wacky. It is so wacky I cannot spoil the ~twist, because you need to experience that ridiculousness for yourself, but I love it, really, I do. Plus, it's from 1996 and you get to see BABY BILLY ZANE playing the Phantom. Apparently they're making a reboot; I hope that they don't change the setting because I really don't think you can get away with having that origin story any time but the 1930s. But maybe we're no longer in the period where we can make thrilling adventure movies set in the 1930s, since lately it's been all 1950s or modern age and gloom and doom. (HE HAS NO MANPAIN, GUYS. When was the last time you saw a superhero without manpain? Instead of manpain, he has the ghost of his dead father, a white horse, and A GODDAMN WOLF. Also a lair shaped like a skull, because he Bruce Wayne-d before Bruce Wayne. But in the jungle. And he carries guns, though apparently not extra ammo, because SKINTIGHT PURPLE SUIT.)

Also I kind of want the story where the Phantom and Captain America meet up, I think that they might just cross paths in the 1940s, and then in the modern timeline the 23rd or 24th Phantom can team up with the Avengers! I think he and the Black Widow would get along.

(Also according to the trivia on IMDB, Billy Zane was actually really into the comics and specifically worked to get the character's trademark poses into the film -- which would explain a lot -- and also would go down to the store during filming in his costume.)


Speaking of: I finally saw The Avengers. IT WAS AMAZING. But you don't need me to tell you that, since I am pretty much the last person in fandom to see it. THE GODDAMN BLACK WIDOW, GUYS.
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it. I have a lot of things to be thankful for, one of which is that I won't be working retail tomorrow the way my friend Chicago is.

I am thankful for all of you, the people who live on the Internet and listen to me talk about my life, who listen to me tell stories, who talk to me about your lives and tell me your stories. Sometime this school year is my ten year anniversary in fandom and I am, as strikes me every few months, very, very grateful that I walked into this world and stayed here, because it changed my life for the better and I can never regret that.

Happy Thanksgiving.


I went to Chicago's house for Thanksgiving -- her mom came down and they invited me over (for pulled pork, not turkey). I made mini-pumpkin pies (in muffin tins) and dinner rolls and hand-whipped spiced whipped cream. I made everything from scratch, short of buying a pumpkin and roasting it, by hand since I don't have a hand-mixer or a food processor or a stand mixer (okay, I have a small, crappy food processor that I hardly ever use because of how small and crappy it is), and the thing I am proudest of is that damn whipped cream. BECAUSE I WHIPPED IT. BY HAND. WITH A WHISK.

And I don't even like whipped cream.

This is what I made, by the way. My dinner roll recipe is from Love Soup. (Yeah, I own a book called Love Soup that is full of (vegetarian) soup recipes and the only things I've made from it are the dinner rolls and the molasses oatmeal bread. But the dinner rolls are amazing.)

I've got leftovers galore; it's a good thing my roommates are gone because I've co-opted Alaska's shelf in the fridge. I've got leftover pie crust; I might pick up blackberries tomorrow from Whole Foods and make blackberry pie, or I might just stick it in the freezer until something comes up.

Also we watched Water for Elephants! Which is actually quite good, I really do recommend it. RPattz can act, y'all. Also, elephant.
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GUYS THIS MOVIE. It is so historically inaccurate that it is actually kind of awesome. Also, Colin Firth plays a hardbitten Roman soldier, so how can you go wrong with that? And Aishwarya Rai plays an ass-kicking Byzantine warrior woman, because that's what you get in the Eastern Roman Empire. AND TOGETHER THEY KICK ASS. IT IS AWESOME.

Also, Romulus the last Western Roman emperor grows up and becomes Uther Pendragon with Julius Caesar's magic sword. Obviously.


Considering the historical inaccuracy in this movie, I am actually pretty impressed that they got Romulus's, Odoacer's, and Vortigern's names right. I mean, the dates are wrong (Romulus Augustulus: neither crowned nor deposed in 460 AD, and, uh, the Ninth Legion predates 460 AD by the tee-tiny number of THREE HUNDRED YEARS, and also, the Western Roman Empire fell what we might call slightly later), but who needs dates when you have Colin Firth and Aishwarya Rai kicking Goth ass up and down Capri? Also, ignore the fact that there probably weren't giant stone pieces of broken statuary lying casually around in Italy, and also that the capital of the Western Roman Empire was, uh, sort of not Rome. Also, Romulus Augustulus? Not actually descended from Julius Caesar. And Romulus's mystic zen British mentor. Also, I really doubt anyone in Britain was making swords for Julius Caesar out of fallen meteorites. Religion? What religion? We'll just ignore that, shall we?

Also, the extremely late medieval castle on one side or another of Hadrian's Wall, not entirely sure which, they're always a little vague on that. Also how there are no people in Britain besides Vortigern's lot and the Ninth Legion soldiers and their families. We're not even going to get into the armor, weapons, clothing, or fighting techniques. (Like how they invented the, I have no other way to describe this, AUTOMATIC CROSSBOW.)

I am making this movie sound horrible. THIS MOVIE IS ACTUALLY AWESOME because you honestly can't take it seriously. The scene on Capri is, I am pretty sure, the best in the whole movie, because it is funny, and also, ass-kicking. Aurelius and Mira, despite the WTF there, are actually both amazing -- there is a romance, but it's more muted than I've ever seen any movie deal with a romance. And Mira is consistently awesome. There's also one pair of really slashy legionnaries, if you like that sort of thing. And poor John Hannah, once more typecast as a slimy Roman politician. SO SORRY JOHN HANNAH. Sometime I really want John Hannah as the hero.

This movie may be too historically inaccurate for you. I understand. You may even say it is bad. I understand. For me it was kind of awesome because at no point did it actually take itself seriously, the acting is top-notch (over-played sometimes, but no one that stood out as really wooden to me), the action sequences are hysterical, there are actually some really clever bits, and it's funny (unlike King Arthur or Robin Hood or Gladiator). The key is to go in thinking it's going to be awful. (Which, uh, I probably made impossible by reccing it, but hey, what the hell.)
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Today I had an [personal profile] ineptshieldmaid and a [personal profile] cursor_mundi all day! It was fabulous, and also I ate out more than I have the rest of the time I've been in England put together, although I did just barely keep myself from buying anything that wasn't food. We also went to the Polar Museum. I have this thing about the Franklin Expedition, due to this exhibit in the Wax Museum in Victoria, so that was cool.

Yesterday, Harry Potter! It was also fabulous. cut for brief spoilers )

I just came back from an entire day without returning to Newnham House, and I returned to find the rest of my program watching a movie in the empty room next to mine. So I put my head in, to say hello, and they said they were watching Gladiator. MY FEELINGS TOWARDS GLADIATOR ARE A LITTLE INTENSE, so I said the first thing which popped into my head, which was, "I hate Gladiator, I'm next door and I was wondering what the hell was going on," and then left. I...probably should have added something else. Um. Oh well. But I really do hate Gladiator.

In other news, I have finally had scones with jam and clotted cream. I enjoyed it! And now I have found a tea shop I like very much. (Which is cheaper than some of the other options.)

...and now I am trying to find flights to New Orleans so I can, you know, return to school, and they appear to not exist for the actual day on which I need to arrive (August 28). Wait. Why am I finding them on the United site but not the Continental site, even though they're Continental flights? No, wait, I'm finding them, they're just more expensive so they're in weird places on the page. Damn. Jesus, the idea of getting another plane is making me vaguely nauseous, especially since they're all through IAH and that's a four hour flight. I WANT TO GO THROUGH DENVER. WHY ARE THERE NO FLIGHTS THROUGH DENVER? (Or no convenient ones, anyway.) I really don't understand why airline websites don't allow you to search by arrival day.
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Today I made lemon curd, which was fun, only it took a lot longer than I expected and I wasn't entirely certain what the consistency was supposed to be, but it tastes goods and it's thicker than water, so. *shrug* Also, it's this really pretty glowing yellow.

One of my favorite authors is doing a signing in London on July 7th. I am wondering if it's worth it to try and go up from Cambridge that evening; since she lives in England and I, you know, do not, it is probably unlikely that I'll have another chance. (I'm never in Seattle when authors do signings; strangely, very few authors come to New Orleans when I'm actually there.) On the other hand, time, money, strange city, foreign country, etc. Still do not know schedule.

(Today I told my mother that I didn't want to go to England, I wanted to stay home. WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA, Y'ALL? *breathes into paper bag* I have already paid, I cannot actually back out of this. If Chicago can do a whole year at UCL and New York can do a semester in Prague, which, I may add, is in a country where they do not even speak English, and my dad's ESL students can come to CWU, then I can do one freaking month in England. Only I have not done any of the stuff I meant to do this summer: forget the academic stuff, I haven't even used our new Dutch oven yet. /nervous breakdown.)

Also today I watched Star Trek (for some reason I forget how much FUN this movie is; also it reminds me that [personal profile] lazulisong's characterizations are my One True Characterizations, though there are of course other acceptable ones, and STXI is one of the few fandoms for which I still read fic, I don't even know) and True Grit (I am so behind the times: last week I saw The King's Speech for the first time, and tomorrow we shall watch The Fighter), and worked on my sock, which is a little slower going than I would prefer since I have four six-stitch cables every six rows, and I'm terrified of screwing them up and having to rip back, so I'm using a US2 DPN as a makeshift cable needle, even though I otherwise always cable without a needle. Since I don't own a cable needle. The goal is to finish these socks before I go to England (denial, denial, so much denial), since I won't cable on the plane.

I am puzzling at my Jaisen Ettore backstory fic, which has had some interesting upsets including things like "does he know that his horse talks?" and "wow, he's kind of a wet blanket" and "I'm more interested in the bandits" and "damn, I guess I'm not going to get an action sequence in the beginning after all" and "he's a tree! she's a horse! together they steal things! #onlyinnarnia" and "so they won't be bad guys then" and "let's bring in a talking fox." Also, I kind of want to go back to my original idea for Susan as spymistress.

I am rereading A Game of Thrones, which, huh, I think Martin's prose got better by AFFC, and trying to psych myself up for a reread of The Magicians. I hated The Magicians to an infinite power of incoherency the last time I read it; this time I'm wondering if I can manage coherent hatred. Apparently I have a masochistic streak.
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Grandma and her boyfriend came over today, and I was the only one home when they arrived, so I did the social thing, then made rolls (from scratch! with yeast!) for dinner, which took up most of the day. (The social thing, not the rolls.) Only I'd been sick this morning, so I was still feeling fragile for most of the day, so, eh.


Started a toe-up sock with the intent of using up leftover skeins of sock yarn, which, (a) at least I have conquered the toe-up sock (or at least that specific cast-on) but (b) the reason I don't knit plain socks is because I get really bored really fast. I've never knit a non-lace sock, you know? I need at least a minimum of some kind of pattern. Also, I don't have a scale, so I have no idea how much yarn I actually have leftover when I finish a pair of socks or a shawl. It seems like a decent amount, but hey, who knows? So, guessing.

I may just rip out the scrap sock, wind the skein of yarn I have earmarked for Dionysus, and cast on for that. At some point I guess I should figure out what the hell I want to do with all the balls of leftover sock yarn. (It really is almost exclusively sock yarn, too, since socks and shawls are all I knit, except for cotton washcloths.)


I have now finally seen The Terminator for the first time ever. With the commentary of my grandmother, her boyfriend, and my father...and, sadly, the fact I know the canon better than them, since I saw the entire run of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and also a lot of vids. (OH FANDOM.)

I totally want to rewatch T:SCC now. God, I loved that show. DAMN YOU FOX. *shakes fist* I can't believe you scrapped that for Dollhouse, of all the damned things. (Gods, that was a bad year, I think three of my favorite shows got cancelled all in the same year. I was convinced Fringe was going to follow. What was the other one, I can't remember. The Unit, T:SCC, and something else I was seriously in love with? Oh, Life. OH LIFE.)


I am kind of tired. And also at that point where I am (a) between knitting projects and (b) between books. And feeling aggrieved because I didn't get to go to the library this weekend.


(You know, I'm kind of ready to go back to Tulane (I miss having classes, okay), but I'm terrified of going to England. HI. RIGHT NOW I AM FEELING COMPLETELY READY TO SKIP OVER THE MONTH OF JULY AND GO STRAIGHT ON TO AUGUST. Only I haven't done any of the stuff I meant to do this summer. I haven't even made pasta dough, and that wasn't even on my list of scholarly things to do.)
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Oh my god, I am pretty sure I lost brain cells watching Bright Star. Like, it's very pretty and critically acclaimed and all, but OH MY GOD. I actually finished weaving in the ends on my sock as the credits rolled so it wasn't a complete loss of two hours, but...holy cow. Wow. I have no idea how the film-makers dragged it on for two hours.

cut for spoilers, I guess? Although it's based on real life, so maybe not. )

Anyway, my roommates saw it and liked it, but they have very different taste from me (I prefer explosions), so I probably should have seen this coming. They were right about one thing, though: the cat was adorable.

ETA: OMG, I forgot to mention how they re-enact The Glass, like, a million times in this movie, although without the slash. LIKE WHEN THEY'RE ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF A WALL CLUTCHING DESPERATELY AT IT. Just.
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My reaction to seeing Vanity Fair for the first time (also I haven't read the book) can best be summed up with "What the actual fuck?" and also "Oh my god, James Purefoy in uniform, I want to climb you like a tree," which I guess answers the question of whether I still find men attractive or not. But mostly "what the actual fucking fuck?"

(I don't watch any period films. Is that typical?)

Sadly I could mostly only recognize Reese Witherspoon and James Purefoy and kept getting confused about who the hell everyone else was because I wasn't as familiar with their faces, so that was also exciting. It was a case of "is this Amelia? Is this Jane? Have they invented another character? who is Professor Kirke playing in this movie? am I supposed to know this guy in uniform?" (My facial recognition skills, as good as ever.) Along with the ever popular, "So which king of England is this?" (One of the Georges, right? My dad and I finally agreed that we are Americans, we got a revolution right here that says we don't have to know that.)

No, seriously. What the fuck?
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I watched the extended edition of Gladiator last night, as you might have seen if you were on Twitter at about 7 pm to 10 pm CST, and oh my god, it gets worse the more I know about history. It's very pretty! It's got some nice (if historically inaccurate) fight scenes! Some lovely landscapes! IT'S JUST TERRIBLE. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS MOVIE WON OSCARS. (Although, predictably, a lot of the cut scenes in the extended edition REALLY EXPLAINED A LOT. On the other hand, it was almost three hours.)

do I even have to bother to cut for spoilers? also, clips from Rome )
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Academic fail: I just tried to start my Shakespeare paper with the words "Edmund Spenser." Yeah, no. (Not even in a relevant way, as in "Edmund Spenser's play Measure for Measure." AS IN I FORGOT SHAKESPEARE WROTE SHAKESPEARE.)

Although on that note, yes, I've seen the trailer for Anonymous, it makes me inordinately angry. As my Shakespeare professor says, "Well, the reason Edward de Vere couldn't have written Shakespeare is because he DIED in 1604, and Shakespeare kept publishing until 1616, and his work from that period is, you know, relevant to the period. So unless the zombie Earl of Oxford was writing poetry, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

Anyway, here is the trailer, which of course raises the question of, "Huh, Roland Emmerich gave up destroying the world in order to make a movie about a bloke who totally was not Shakespeare?" (Or as I said last semester, when we read Christopher Marlowe so that we could compare the two, "He's a good writer and all, but I have read Shakespeare, and you, sir, are NO WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.") Also, is it just me, or is it possible to read Edward de Vere/Queen Elizabeth in that trailer?

I have no excuse for the Spenser thing, though. *slinks off*
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Dear dwircle/flist, I watched the 2010 Ridley Scott Robin Hood so that you didn't have to. You're welcome.

To be fair, it wasn't *all* bad. Just pretend you don't know medieval English history. Or medieval French history. Or possibly medieval history at all. Marion, though, was awesome. )

Very pretty, though. Just ignore the plot, and concentrate on Marion being awesome. Or you could drink every time you see a historical inaccuracy, bonus points for when they actually change history.
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Warning: apparently I was a lot more tied to the book than I originally thought.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS )

BRING ON THE SILVER CHAIR. That one already has an action plot, surely you can't add in another one? Please don't try.

ETA: a few further thoughts, also spoilery )
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I have finally seen HP 7: Part One, which is in fact the first Harry Potter movie I have seen in theatres since 2002. Which is a damn long time. And it was LOVELY.

brief thoughts, some spoilers via necessity )


Gosh, it's so weird -- I grew up with the books, they were such a huge part of my life and in some ways they literally shaped it -- I would not have found fandom without those books (and actually, to be honest, the first movie), you know? So there's a lot of nostalgia. I loved those books so much. I still do. Man, I can't wait to reread them when I go home for break.



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