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I've had a couple of questions about the third universe at the end of Wake the Storm, and you know that I'll never give up a chance to talk about an AU because OH MAN I LOVE AUS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, and I am really, really fond of this one. (And thanks to [personal profile] juliekarasik, who talked it out with me and worked out some of the bits about Anakin.)

Under the cut because of slight spoilers for Wake, as well as for length.

Snippet from the last scene of Wake )

Queen's Knight AU )
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Oh no, now I really want to write some of these just for fun with Wake!Anakin, even though there's no way I can fit it into Wake itself. Mostly because I want to use the line, "Yes, blast it, I'm Anakin Skywalker, just Anakin Skywalker, not Darth Vader or Darth Starkiller or whatever that Sith-blasted moron is calling himself in this universe."

Also because having Wake!Anakin have to deal with a really angry, really dangerous Obi-Wan who's been in a high-security intergalactic prison for the past five years (for Reasons, a.k.a. Palpatine being a manipulative asshole) would be so much fun. Suddenly blue glowy ghost Obi-Wan doesn't look so bad.

(This will probably be what I'm thinking about during graduation today. Oh, yeah, btw, I'm graduating today.)
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Catching up with Sons of Anarchy and having abruptly realized that Bail Organa (Jimmy Smits) is in it, I now desperately want a Star Wars/SOA mashup where Leia is Jax. LEIA AS JAX, Y'ALL.
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[personal profile] rthstewart's prompt over on the 3 Sentence Ficathon reminded me that I've actually spent the past few months quietly world-building a Star Wars/Pacific Rim crossover (because you don't get much more Drift-compatible than the pair canonically described as "complementary halves of the same warrior").

ETA: This is basically more Star Wars with added Kaiju than Pacific Rim with added Jedi, since it sticks pretty close to the Star Wars canon. Except, you know, with GIANT SPACE MONSTERS.

Also on Tumblr.


Kaiju are our speciality )
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*shakes fist* Curse my ability to, 99% of the time, come up with a plot bunny at the drop of a hat! I mean, it's a great superpower, except when I want to be doing something else.

this marks the fourth Star Wars time travel plot bunny that I can remember off the top of my head )

ETA: Wait, no, I know what happens! )

So what we're getting at here is that I really want an excuse to write a literal Anakin Skywalker vs. Darth Vader fight. (This is the second time I've come up with it; the other one is in the gender-swapped time-traveling lady Jedi AU, where it also didn't make it onto the page because I...never finished that story...or properly started it, really.)
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I went mildly crazy last night in the midst of last-minute [community profile] narniaexchange writing and, uh, did not name my story "Welcome to Narnia", but that resulted in this:

"Welcome to Narnia, where the days are cold, the nights are cold, the winter is long, and a mysterious woman turns our residents to stone."

"Good evening, Narnia. We have reports of some unusual visitors in Lantern Waste. Broadleaf the Squirrel, you know, from the split oak tree, thinks that they might be humans. But that's just silly! There are no humans in Narnia. Meanwhile, arrests by the Secret Police continue..."

"Of course, we're forbidden to speak of, or even think about, mysterious disappearances in Narnia -- what mysterious disappearances?"

"Listeners, we're getting reports that Aslan is on the move, repeat, Aslan is on the move. Oh -- the Secret Police are clawing at the door."

"I've been informed that in fact there is no such person as Aslan, and if there were, he certainly would not be on the move. According to Jadis, Queen of Narnia, Empress of the Lone Islands, and so on, this is a false alarm. In fact, there is another snow storm on the way."

"And now: the weather. [muffled faun lullaby playing in the distance]"

"Tumnus the Faun. Perfect Tumnus, and his perfect hair."

I am resisting the urge to retell all of LWW in Welcome to Night Vale style. It doesn't even need any adjusting.
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Probably the movie or TV miniseries that I would most like to see, that does a ton of things that Hollywood otherwise likes to do and that American media likes, is something that will probably never happen, and that is a movie or a Band of Brothers-style miniseries about the 442nd Infantry Regiment, a.k.a. the Japanese-American regiment that was deployed to Europe in WWII because they were not permitted to deploy the Pacific, and that is the most highly-decorated unit, and if I remember correctly, one of the units with the highest number of casualties, because they had something to prove. They did all this while back in the States their families were being held in the Japanese internment camps that the U.S. government set up for Americans -- Americans -- of Japanese descent. Their motto was "go for broke."

Tell me that wouldn't make a fucking amazing ten hour or twelve hour miniseries. Start it with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Show the internment camps. Show the effects of them. Show what it takes to, when your country, your country, looks at you and says, "No. You look different. You talk funny. You can't be trusted. We're going to put you in a cage so we don't have to look at you," reply, "Give me the chance and I will lay down my life for you." Parallel the lives of the Japanese-American men who went off to fight and the men and women who stayed behind in the camps. Show what happens when war heroes come back, when the camps are closed, and families come home to find that their houses, their possessions, and their lives are gone, and all anyone who sees when they look at them is someone from Japan. Tell me that wouldn't make a good miniseries.

Of course, Hollywood will probably never do it, and even if they did, they'd probably either have the story be all about a white officer who realizes that gee, maybe the Japs aren't all that bad or cast non-Japanese-American actors as the mains. (Probably John Cho or Daniel Dae Kim, who are both good actors and fine-looking men, but are not Japanese.) Or both! Probably Hollywood (and the United States government) would like to forget about this ugly chapter of American history.

Do people even get taught about the Japanese-American internment camps anymore? I was -- but I was also a glaring Japanese-American figure in a classroom full of majority white kids, and whenever this came up in class the teacher would look at me and ask if my relatives had been in the camps, and if I was nisei or sansei or what. Well, no and nope. My family was still in Japan then. I don't technically count as nisei because my father isn't Japanese. Would I have been in those camps? Yeah, I would have, because my mother is Japanese. Not to mention I'm from the West Coast, which is where people were being interned, and we usually got the talk about how the -- hmm, the state fairgrounds at -- god, I can't remember what city it was right now -- was where Japanese-Americans from Washington were kept while the camps were being built. Yeah. In the fairgrounds.

I told English Flatmate N about the camps today because I was having my annual rant about how we'll never get a movie about the 442nd and she was horrified.

When I was home over break, I was flipping through Columns, the University of Washington alumni magazine (my dad is a UW alum), and saw this 1954 picture of the Valeda, the Japanese-American women's group that was formed because sororities and fraternities didn't allow Japanese-descent students to join. The men's group was called SYNKOA, after the UW students who died in WWII.

If I'd realized that sixty years ago -- 1954 was the year my mother was born -- I wouldn't have been allowed to join a sorority, I think I might have rushed at Tulane just because I could.

While I was googling for that picture, I found this article and this one from the UW and started crying. No, this wasn't my family seventy years ago. But it could have been.
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So I wrote a thing? This is apparently what I do when left to my own devices. Or rather, I wrote a thing which could in theory be part of a bigger thing, though it is not at this point in time. *cough* And now that I have gotten that confusing bit out of the way, I shall continue.

So I mentioned this on Twitter, partially as a modern!Narnia story and partially as a post-Dust story. (Thus my dramatic "I can never ever post it!" though clearly that went to naught.) And now comes the part where I start hemming this around with cuts, in case there are readers who are nervous about being spoiled for the end of Dust. Sorry, y'all. Okay, first off: it is very hard for me to tell because Dust is my baby, but there are some light spoilers for Dust here just in the set-up, aside from the tell-tale of "post-Dust story." Read more... )

If this was a novel, the jacket copy would look something like this:

Read more... )

And then I wrote a bit of this -- two scenes, a little wandering. Well, technically I wrote them, then built the summary off what I'd written. [personal profile] snacky, [personal profile] aella_irene, there's some new material here. Oh, can you tell that I had the chance to see the guts of the BM here, heh?

1300 words under here )

Apparently, I finally wrote something that I looked at and went, "Okay, this would probably work much better as an original." (Though I'd tweak a few things besides just the names/serial numbers, heh.) I have been playing with the idea of writing something set in a modern or sci-fi 'verse with high fantasy tropes, so this tickles that part of me.

Settings partially inspired by these modern Westeros gifsets (scroll down, there's some character stuff in the middle, but it's the setting bits I'm thinking of).
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I was thinking this morning about whether or not it would be possible to do Dust as an original -- not because I want to, mind, but just as kind of a mental experiment. (All honesty, it was because I saw this old post by N.K. Jemisin about her Inheritance Trilogy last night and have been thinking about it ever since.) I'm not talking about scrubbing off the serial numbers, mind, the way it's possible to do with some AU fic. Dust is an AU, yeah, but it isn't a deep space AU or a coffeeshop AU or otherwise a setting!AU (I'm sure there's a technical fannish term for these, but I don't know it off the top of my head). It's a canon divergence AU (I think that's the proper term, yeah?) with some pretty heady tropes and worldbuilding, if I can say so myself. At this point, it probably hangs onto Lewis's canon with very, very tenuous threads, but it is, at its core, a Narnia story. So if I took it out of that Narnian context, could it even still exist as a story? Without all that fannish background, could I tell a story that used the same the same themes and tropes as Dust does, with the same endgame?

My initial response was to say no. cut for length. I don't think there are any spoilers for Dust in here, but it's sometimes hard for me to tell. )
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Here is a thing which I am not writing. It is an Avengers thing. It is an AU thing. It is an AU-crossover-with-canon thing. (It is sort of this thing number two, with adjustments.)

In conclusion: Avengers! Totally not writing. But wouldn't it be cool if I was?

can gods even get amnesia? )
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So I'm polyfannish right now? Which is not a thing I'm used to or really enjoy because I kind of have the attention span of a gnat, and it's bad enough when I have multiple fics in the same fandom in progress because I'd rather just have the one because, see again, attention span of a gnat.

Which is to say I've been writing Narnia for the past couple of weeks, and now I'm trying to get back into Star Wars brain, but I'm also basically just reading Avengers and trying to fight off the plot bunnies, and I'm just afraid this is going to end in some kind of really weird Narnia/Star Wars/Avengers crossover. (I don't know, Obi-Wan and Thor can discuss Loki and Anakin while Susan and Clint have archery contests and Edmund, Natasha, and Tholme play spy v. spy or something.)

*claps hands* Star Wars brain! I'm trying to get back into Star Wars brain so I can write the next chapter of Rising, even though I can't tell if anyone's reading it! And then I can switch back to Dust again, where if everything goes as planned hopefully we shall get a Peter POV for the first time in Part II. And the Avengers bunnies can...I don't know...disperse into the ether where they'll hopefully be picked up by someone else so that the universe can produce the fic I want to read?

(The newest two: One! The one where Clint recruits Natasha and SHIELD is like, WTF, dude, we sent you to kill her, not bring her home like a lost puppy. And everyone thinks they're both crazy, and Clint's wondering that himself, then they and Coulson and some others are trapped in a SHIELD facility while the Red Room or whoever comes in to retrieve and re-brainwash Natasha, which seems to work but which Natasha is faking in order to rescue Clint and Coulson, and then the three of them regain control of the facility and Coulson is forced to admit that hey, Natasha may actually be on their side after all.

Two! The one where the newly-repaired Bifrost spits out an alternate!Loki, from a universe where Thor when he was exiled went a little crazy and a little bad and...wandered off...and instead Loki turned into the favored son who freelances for the Avengers sometimes. The canon Avengers are kind of surprised (and really suspicious) to hear this, and alt!Loki's pretty surprised to see Thor there. With Mjolnir! Which alt!Loki has, because alt!Thor is not worthy or whatever. Probably at some point they have to go to Asgard in hopes of figuring out how the Bifrost spat out alt!Loki, and then there's a really odd not-really family reunion. And Thor and alt!Loki are both like, wow, I wish my real brother was like this. Probably actual Loki shows up too, and maybe alt!Thor.

Possibly this one is also a Chrestomanci crossover, but that is probably overkill.)

Maybe I'll just write a little to get it out of my system.
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This is the part where I stare at fandom hoping it will spontaneously generate fic.

Avengers time travel hijinks, where they end up in WWII (probably during Captain America: The First Avenger) and have to figure out how to get back to the present day. Obviously Steve has angst, Tony has daddy issues, Clint and Natasha get up to all kinds of hijinks with Peggy and Bucky and the Howling Commandos, and possibly Thor and Bruce are along, I don't know. And I guess then there are two Steves running around, the regular timeline one and the really angsty one from the future. (Or...maybe the regular timeline one is kidnapped or something? Or I guess this could take place after Captain America, but then there is no Bucky. Hmph.)

I'll admit, mostly I'm in it for the Clint and Natasha hijinks, because there is a sad lack of fic with Clint and Natasha BFF-ery in the foreground. So I would also accept Clint and Natasha thrown back to WWII without the rest of the team. *starry eyes* Having hijinks, mostly. Wait, this might be better.

Fandom! Make it happen!
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Suddenly I want the story where post-RotS Anakin, instead of fading into the Force, is thrown back through time to the Clone Wars, where he wakes up in his old body, before everything's gone completely to hell, somewhere in the field with Obi-Wan and a bunch of clones, doing their thing, fighting the Separatists, you know, same old, same old. And Anakin is -- okay, traumatized, obviously, he just spent twenty years as goddamn Darth Vader and was really hoping it would all go away with the turning back to the light side and the dying and all -- and confused, and of the vague opinion that the Force must want him to make everything right. Then he makes out with Obi-Wan. (Except probably not, because it's, like, impossible for me to actually write a makeout scene in a fic.)
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*sideeye* Oh, right. The reason I don't usually read sci-fi is because every time I pick one up, it's all bitter angry dark cynicism right off the bat. (Because someone will ask: Cyteen, Cherryh. I'm now trying to figure out if I still want to go on.)

OTOH I finally have a plot bunny for an original! Which is sort of genderswapped Star Wars crossed over with Prison Break IN SPACE, so, uh, I fail at originality. I summed it up to [personal profile] aella_irene thusly:

also she has tattoos all over her arms to show off her rank )
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I sooooooo did not do enough research to write this paper, since my footnotes include things like "uh, why do these two things contradict each other?" Thank gods this is a rough draft! And I can spend the next month or so looking things up and reinforcing my knowledge of the events! This would really have been a disaster if this was supposed to be a final draft right off.

As always happens when I am supposed to be doing something really academic, I am beset by fic ideas. Another time travel story! )

Completely unrelatedly, I have started taking a lot of baths, and now I kind of want a rubber duck, you know, one of the ones with a Darth Vader head. Or a Stormtrooper head. Like these.
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Great. Now I've constructed an elaborate AU where Buffy is a gray Jedi, aided by [personal profile] burntcopper.

twitter worldbuilding )

Buffy Summers, gray Jedi! Trains as Giles' Padawan, then leaves the Order to go live on the Outer Rim righting wrongs without having to have the Council hanging over her shoulder. She and Obi-Wan overlapped as Padawans and had a Thing; Obi-Wan still uses her as a source. Anakin meets her when Obi-Wan brings him along to follow up on a lead and despises her instantly, because she left the Jedi! She might not be a Darksider, but she's not much better. (This is pre-Clone Wars, I think.) Then he has a fit of jealousy when he works out what else Obi-Wan and Buffy get up to.

Or something. Maybe it's not that elaborate.
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The good thing about writing Star Wars is that your romantic dialogue can never go downhill. On the other hand, I got 1500 words into this scene before I realized that I'd actually locked my mains into a room to talk about their feelings, so I'm clearly not firing on all cylinders.

(You ever try and get a Jedi to talk about their feeilngs? It's ugly. One of the most lulz-worthy scenes in the comics is the one in "The Defense of Kamino" where Obi-Wan crashes his starfighter in the ocean and Anakin flies his starfighter into a giant monster's mouth in order to save him, so they're trapped in the middle of the sea while a battle is going on:

OBI-WAN: Well, assuming there aren't more of those things, and assuming the large beast doesn't return, I think we may be relatively safe for the moment.
ANAKIN: Except that your starfighter is sinking. I wonder how the battle is going?
OBI-WAN: Win or lose, it goes without us, Anakin. We have a moment, and I don't know if we'll have many while this war is on. We haven't talked much lately. You've been distant and I've been preoccupied. You have my trust, Anakin, and if you need to talk...
ANAKIN: Forgive me, Master -- but I sense something else near...THERE!

Why, yes. Obi-Wan's idea of a good time to have a meaningful conversation is on a sinking starfighter in the middle of a battle, where Anakin can't run away. OH MY JEDI BOYS. And Anakin's like, "OH GOD ANYTHING BUT TALKING ABOUT OUR FEELINGS.")

Am resisting the urge to write the lady!Obi-Wan story set about four or five years before AotC, where Obi-Wan decides to go find Shmi Skywalker to get a read on Anakin's past and leaves Anakin with Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura, with strict instructions not to let him do anything illegal. Of course, they promptly go break up a podracing + gambling ring on another planet, and Obi-Wan ends up at the Lars moisture farm fighting off Tusken Raiders while Owen Lars hits on her. Then Anakin has a vision and a freak out and comes to rescue her, dragging Quin and Aayla with him. And Shmi goes, "MY BABY!" and Obi-Wan facepalms and yells at Quin. Bonus: Obi-Wan and Padme hanging out and palling around on Coruscant, because lady!Obi-Wan and Padme would be BFFs. Probably sometimes they make out a little (or a lot); Anakin walked in on them once. He still has dreams about it.

...okay, I just went to a happy place.
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Lady Jedi has taken an abrupt turn from angst to (thwarted) sexytimes. Ani has had it up to HERE with angsting about the other Anakin Skywalker and how he may or may not have turned to the Dark Side and the whys and wherefores thereof and has decided that now is the perfect time for makeouts. Unfortunately for her frustrated lust, Obi-Wan has decided that this is exactly why there cannot be makeouts. Poor, poor Anakin.

The other day [personal profile] juliekarasik and I were talking about what a BSG/Star Wars fusion would be like, where they're all Jedi! And Lee is a terrible Jedi because he just has feeeeeelings all over the place. And the Cylons are clones who are designed to have high midichlorian counts and are basically dark Jedi, and Helo is the Jedi who is stranded on the planet and hooks up with dark Jedi Sharon! And then brings her back and is, like, "No, we have to embrace our emotions! We're different from them! But they can be turned to the light side, see --" and everyone else is like, "Great, he's, like, two minutes from turning to the Dark Side." And Cain is clearly a Jedi who has turned to the Dark Side.

@bedlamsbard: ...although Baltar. *ponders* Non-Jedi Force user? Or someone who's trying to rationalize the Force?
@createsomething: force sensitive but non-aligned, (and probably ill trained) thus distrusted by all sides.
@bedlamsbard: Maybe his midichlorian count is too low to be an actual Jedi, but high enough that he can feel the Force (but not use it)
@createsomething: that works. A lot of resentment could build up like that.
@bedlamsbard: His father took him to be tested even when he was too old, but the Council refused...
@createsomething: ... and he vowed then that he'd just *show* them, someday.
@bedlamsbard: And who wants to be a thug, anyway? Because that's all he sees the Jedi as.

Except otherwise it's basically BSG canon, except with lightsabers. (Kara Thrace: best Jedi ever or worst Jedi ever? It could really go either way.)

Have also been pondering the lulz of dumping Anakin and Obi-Wan in with Moya's crew in Farscape. BECAUSE LULZ, THAT'S WHY. (This is basically my motivation for existing right now.) (Terrifying, they'd probably bond.)
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Man, I forgot I had a whole playlist that is basically Music To Write Hot Lesbian Sex To. (I think it was originally a Teyla/Cadman fanmix? Something SGA, anyway.)

In related news: now I want to write the SW story where lady!Obi-Wan and lady!Anakin accidentally end up in the canon OT 'verse. Which confuses the hell out of Luke, Leia, and Han, who didn't expect time-traveling Jedi in the first place, but really didn't expect time-traveling Jedi from another universe. (I don't know, I've always wanted to write a PT/OT time travel fic. I've got a WIP that's been around for years, where the Millennium Falcon accidentally gets shot back through time and crashes on the planet where Obi-Wan and Anakin are.)

Today I watched TPM again. Baaaaaaaby Jedi. Also Obi-Wan Kenobi, nom. *fans self* And Padme, I love Padme. (Oh, Lucas. Why is your dialogue so awful?)
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...I actually have a totally reasonable plot for a BSG/Dollhouse crossover. This is kind of terrifying. cut for BSG semi-spoilers, I guess )

Terrible idea or one that has promise? It is going in my folder of BSG AUs to noodle with alongside the BSG/Eureka crossover, the fairy tale-ish story where Hera grew up with the Cylons, and the one where Helo and Sharon are captured on Caprica and Sharon and Boomer team up to save him.


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