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Although I am not writing this, at all, in any sort of way, [ profile] ineptshieldmaid has been keeping track of the hallucination.

Which I am not writing. At all. In any sort of way. Because comment threads don't count as it having been written! Really!

Shut up and let me have my delusions already. My, the Nile is pretty today, isn't it?
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Title: There Will Be Time
Author: [ profile] bedlamsbard
Fandom: CSI:NY
Rating: PG
Summary: He finds her later in The World’s End, sitting at the bar with her hands wrapped around a beer that’s long since gone warm and flat. Flack/Messer, AU, post-"All in the Family."
Warnings: Genderfuck.
Author's Notes: For [ profile] limmenel. Not exactly Mafia princess Dani, but Dani nonetheless. Happy belated birthday!
Disclaimer: CSI:NY belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer and CBS, of which I am neither.

time for you and time for me / and time yet for a hundred indecisions )
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Ani Skywalker, y'all. RotS AU, assumes that Ani wasn't knighted during the war, assumes that Ani went to Kashyyyk with Yoda because she wasn't as close to Palpatine as Anakin was because she wasn't as easily manipulable (in love with Obi-Wan rather than in love with Padme). Here because I have no idea what to do with it.

here at the end of all things )
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It says a lot about me that the bit I really want to write in the SW-as-SPN story is their version of "What Is and What Should Never Be." *facepalm* AU of an AU, man. That's me.

(Where Anakin is going for his Ph.D at Caltech! And he's married to Padme! And Obi-Wan has a degree from Brown and is in the military! And Qui-Gon is dead! Still!)

And the part that's not going to be in there, from Anakin and Obi-Wan's one year together in high school (four year age difference, here -- look, if I can set it on Earth, I can change their ages), where Obi-Wan, who's mostly skated by in high school -- he'll do the work in class and he tends to ace the tests because he has a good memory, but he never does homework -- gets saddled with a teacher who actually cares what happens to him, so she starts keeping him after and forcing him to do his work. Unfortunately, Obi-Wan's in Anakin babysitting mode, so Anakin ends up sitting in the cafeteria for the three hours or so Obi-Wan's getting tutored -- doing his homework, which is a plus, but he gets it done fast, which is not. That's what he's doing when the basketball coach sees him sitting there alone and coerces him into playing basketball, where he makes varsity.

And Anakin plays basketball and then gets into a fight with another player during an away game and Obi-Wan comes to all his home games and looks kind of proud but disbelieving and Qui-Gon ranges around killing things. Obi-Wan's teacher coerces him into taking the SAT and the subject tests, and bullies him into applying to college, and they're all actually halfway normal until Qui-Gon ends up in the hospital because of a hunt gone bad. Obi-Wan and Anakin turn up, panicked, and Obi-Wan starts packing to finish Qui-Gon's hunt and Anakin says he's coming too, only he has a big playoffs game that night and Obi-Wan says, no, go be normal, and Anakin says, I'm not letting you out there alone, and they go hunt the thing down and kill it. Which is great, except for the part where Anakin missed the game. Which he's absolutely terrified about, because he really does want to be normal.

But because it's a small town, the coach heard about Qui-Gon ending up in the hospital, and he thinks he understands why Anakin skipped out. And they made it to state anyway. So Anakin goes to State, and Obi-Wan skips school to watch him and Qui-Gon shows up and looks stern, and life goes on without anything else interesting happening, and when the teacher asks, Obi-Wan lies and says he didn't get into any schools. And he graduates, and they move on because that's what they do. And a few days after they've left town, the teacher gets a copy of Obi-Wan's acceptance letter to Brown in the mail.

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Because I am bored. And when I am bored, I say, "this is what I should be doing!" (of course, this list does not include my Gov homework, because that would be boring).

current wips, most of which are SW )
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Because I have decided that in October I am going to start work on my novel (my senior project novel, a 100K word science fiction novel which I fondly call the Spaceforce story because it has no title), I spent a week writing the weird, freakish Star Wars AUs which came knocking after I finished the Anakin/Padme fluff. I didn't write the whole story -- I just wrote whatever popped into my head, which generally tended to be the set-up.

And now, drumroll please, the increasingly weirder SW AUs, with commentary. )

Huh. I wrote a lot of those. (And "What Is and What Should Never Be", the Qui-Gon lives AU, isn't up there. Neither is "A Long Time Gone" or its sequel. And "Bad Moon Rising" isn't an AU, so.)
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Dude, when I said "increasingly weirder SW AUs", I did not mean hit me with an idea for Anakin genderfuck.

(She'd still be Anakin! And Obi-Wan would be the most confused little Jedi in the galaxy, and Padme would have this kind of amused big sister relationship with Anakin, who looks sweet and harmless but is the kickass-est thing on two legs in the entire galaxy. And who, I think, wouldn't be as easily manipulated as canon Anakin.)

Anakin genderfuck. What is this, some kind of fandom rite of passage? I already wrote kidfic, doesn't that win me anything?
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You ever have one of those days where you wake up and realize, "Oh, shit, I did start writing the space pirate story last night"?


(It has a plot. An actual plot from beginning to end. Oh lord. Anakin, intrepid space pirate! Obi-Wan, the Jedi Knight sent to rescue a kidnapped Senator Amidala from the Separatists! Kitster, who stands there going, "What the hell has Anakin got me into this time?"!)
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Title: A New Beginning
Author: [ profile] bedlamsbard
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: G
Summary: "I thought Master Qui-Gon was going to train me," he says finally. TPM, AU.
Disclalimer: All belongs to George Lucas. He would not approve.

They go in front of the Council almost a full day after Qui-Gon gets out of the bacta tank. )
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Snagged from [ profile] traveller: When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

This could take a while. I think the folder I was writing in before I went to Brown is upstairs. Also, by WIP, I mean anything that has words and a plot-like-thing. Also note that a lot of these have shown up here before. *cough* )

Also, after seeing "Born Under a Bad Sign", I reiterate: Sam and Dean are so totally Anakin and Obi-Wan. They've even got the murderous rage blackouts and the inability to kill each other!
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Title: The Old Man of the Sea
Author: [ profile] bedlamsbard
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: James Norrington/Tia Dalma
Warnings: Violence
Recipient: [ profile] thegiantkiller
Request: "What would the world look like if all the oceans suddenly dried up? Focus on Norrington and/or Tia Dalma; Jack, Will & Liz peripheral at most."
Summary: ”Tell them about the day the sea died,” Tia Dalma says firmly. Post-DMC, AU. Slight spoilers for AWE.
Author’s Notes: With thanks to [ profile] limmenel and [ profile] cupiscent, who, amazing people that they are, betaed for me. For the [ profile] apocalyptothon

and Ye take mine honor from me if Ye take away the sea )
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When I wrote "What is Lost", I did something that I've never really done before for any other story: I threw out almost eight thousand words of text for the final version. I also wrote multiple versions of very nearly every scene in there, and I wrote a number of scenes that never showed up in the story. With WiL, I wrote what I call "concept writing" -- writing with no particular aim in mind, just trying to see where the characters and the setting takes me -- much like the concept art done for the movies. What this means is that I have a lot of scenes just sitting around on my hard drive -- and for a shock, actually on the hard drive of this computer, since I moved them over here before I left for Brown -- that aren't bad, they just didn't fit into the story for whatever reason.

For reference, the main text of "What is Lost" is here.

The flashbacks )

Notes on the flashbacks. )

Anakin and Obi-Wan. )

Notes on Anakin and Obi-Wan. )

Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine and Darth Cidal )

Notes on the Sith. )

Anakin and Obi-Wan's reunion (with notes interspersed). )

Anakin and the Imperials. )

Notes on Anakin and the Imperials. )

Sha're Yulalli )

Notes on Sha're Yulalli. )

*fans self* God, that's a lot of text.
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I leave for Rhode Island on Saturday. Yay? Also, hopefully once I'm there, I will be able to figure out how to connect my laptop to the Internet, otherwise I might disappear into the Atlantic! Rhode Island is a very tiny state; you never know.

Also, fic. More Flack and LaMontagne in New Orleans.

It's been a while since your last arrest, hasn't it? )
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[ profile] apocalyptothon: 766 words, so far, out of a 1000 minimum. Maybe a quarter of the way through? Due July 31.
[ profile] shakes_that_fic: 0 words out of a 5000 minimum. Plot? Yes. Due by August 17.
[ profile] alterego_thon: CSI:NY/Star Wars: 0 words out of a 2000 minimum. Plot? Mostly. Due by April 1.
[ profile] alterego_thon: Dark Angel/The Mummy: 0 words out of a 2000 minimum. Plot? More or less. Due by April 1.
Senior Project: 1,786 words, so far, out of a 100,000 minimum. Characters? Still on Earth. Plot? Uh. Due in March/April.

And another Bardverse snapshot, set a little bit before the last one. (Chronological order? Why would I do a crazy thing like that?)

Why'd you really leave the NYPD? )
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I'm trying to make myself write at least a little bit of Bardverse every week -- just a snapshot, probably all post-Bloody Sunday. This one takes place shortly before "Drought."

I'd cry, but I somehow can't bring myself to care. )
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Title: Drought
Author: [ profile] bedlamsbard
Fandom: CSI:NY
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Nothing stays the same, not even the things that change. Bardverse, some two or three years after "The Man Who Wasn't There."
Author's Notes: In a startling turn of events, this is...not, actually, [ profile] limmenel's fault.

spread your white sheets over my empty house )


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