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It turns out that if you e-mail a professor at 3 in the morning it worries them a little.

In other news, my sleep schedule is still fucked up. It briefly seemed like it would stabilize in York, but then I came back to Leicester and it went to hell again. arighakjh fksdjgh dkjf that is how I feel on the subject.


As an aside! My one and only fanmix, originally posted here in ohgod July 2008, is now on 8tracks (tumblr post), if you're interested. It is a Susan Pevensie fanmix, and, you may notice from the original date, pre-Dust and thus goes for the book canon ending. It is on record as being the most depressing playlist I have ever put together: I don't think I've listened to it straight through since I finished it because there are too many emotions attached. That's right: I made a mix that I am unable to listen to FIVE YEARS LATER. That's fandom for ya.
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That awkward moment when you're really hungry and came back from class ready to cook, but your roommate has people over and you're just not up to cooking on display, even if they probably don't care. I'm just not up to the dining hall tonight and I already spent too much money this week on eating out (plus it's about a half hour walk off campus and it's getting late), court it is, I guess.

Here, have my favorite version of In Taberna from the Carmina Burana:

The video's not that impressive, but this is my favorite cover so far. (Yeah, basically I spent all Tuesday listening to various versions of In Taberna on YouTube. Also the Dies Irae, which makes me actually want to end the world.)
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I've said this before, but it bears repeating: every time I go back to the Narnia character playlists I made in 2008 and 2009, they are made up of what I swear to god is the most depressing music ever. Mostly country "my baby done left me" music. Even when it's cheerful it's depressing!

This is sort of self-indulgent, so I'll cut it )


I must be getting past my depressed streak, I'm babbling about Narnia again. Here, have a (non-Narnia) link of AWW: Capt. Kirk (Shatner) arm wrestled Capt. Kirk (Pine). (I just rewatched Star Trek (2009) the other day, it's on my mind.)

Huh. My Pevensies aren't as angry as they were back in the day.
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1. Why my fic is not on the AO3 )

2. I am now on Pinterest! If that is something other people are interested in. I get the sense that it is decidedly not fannish, which is fine, as I wanted somewhere to catalogue knitting patterns and recipes that aren't on Ravelry or Tasty Kitchen, and also pretty things that I stumble across on the Internet and want to keep track of.

3. I need to come up with some kind of schedule for myself now that I'm not in school. Because there are things I need to do this summer! Like study Latin, study for the GRE, read my honors thesis books, read Shakespeare (well, I don't have to do that one, but I want to). Only right now I'm not doing anything, just bumming around on the Internet, reading books, and baking things. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I need to, you know, do things. Also...go outside.)

4. My driveway is still flooded. (Our irrigation ditch overflowed. We got off easy, though -- there's really bad flood damage in other parts of the county. We're just not prepared to deal with flooding here! Which is funny considering it happens every year, though usually not this bad.)

5. I may or may not be working on something. If I was, I wouldn't talk about it, since I'm also on one of those "IF I TALK ABOUT IT IT WON'T GET DONE" streaks.

6. I am however also back on a sea shantey streak, so let that tell you what it may. (The Last Saskatchewan Pirate is so much fun, though -- that link's to a PotC vid, which doesn't quite work as half the fun of the song is that it's so very Canadian, but on the other hand, aww, PotC! The other half is that the song itself is SO MUCH FUN.)

7. For the favorite line from a song meme (which is actually from writer's block on LJ, but hey, whatever)! I could basically quote half of Sugarland's lyrics, because they really capture the flavor of small town life, but this one especially from Happy Ending:

the first and last breath don't matter
it's all the ones that are in-between

Although really, that entire verse. That entire song!

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I had this revelation the other day when I was working on the second draft of my Spenser prospectus, and babbled about it a bit on Twitter, but that was while I was on my self-imposed 24-hour journal hiatus and couldn't post about it. (I don't post or reply to comments on a fic for twenty-four hours after I've posted it. I don't know, it's a thing.)

One Girl Revolution (lyrics) totally works as Britomart's theme. I am mentally vidding Book III and her bit in Book V to it as we speak. And some of the other women in The Faerie Queene work as well. (Not that Edmund Spenser's an awesome feminist or something, he's a sixteenth-century Englishman, what do you expect? And Britomart herself is problematic in a lot of ways, but still pretty damn awesome.)

And, of course, link to [ profile] arefadedaway's One Girl Revolution vid, which always wins points for me for including Susan as well as Lucy and the White Witch. (You would be surprised at how many awesome women vids will include Lucy but not Susan.)
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Is there any fandom that cannot be improved by the addition of a Tik Tok vid? I think not. I am planning the Narnia one in my head right now. It actually works surprisingly well. (And VotDT practically takes it literally.)

...fortunately I cannot vid.

(A tripartite structure! Mostly because Star Wars never really wore off on me. EVERYTHING COMES IN THREES, DAMNIT. If it had come later I could've blamed it on the classicist thing: you know why classicists always divide things into three parts? Because Caesar divided Gaul into three parts. Also there are three movies with Pevensies in them.)
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* My final grades are in, and I got four As and an A-! I am really excited; I thought the A- was going to be a B. Which means my GPA is now up over a 3.6! I really wish I'd switched my seminar from a 3-credit class to a 4-credit class, though, it would have bumped up my GPA a teeny-tiny bit more. (For the term, my GPA was a 3.9; the A- was not from the seminar hooray!)

* My poor friend Chicago is grounded in London; they're telling her for a week, which means she's going to miss Christmas with her family in Chicago. That sucks so much, I can't even.

* ...Christmas shopping? *whimpers* My shawlettes aren't even blocked yet.

* I have been listening to a lot of pagan music lately, since I remembered I had a $50 iTunes giftcard from last Christmas and hey, I should probably redeem that, and this is what I'm in the mood for so this is what I get. Which also gets me a lot of folk and filk music; I am resisting the urge to, I don't know, write a novel around this song.

* I can read fiction again. *dreamy* In the past week, I have read A Morbid Taste for Bones (Ellis Peters), The High King of Montival (S.M. Stirling), Pegasus (Robin McKinley), Waterloo (Bernard Cornwell), and The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien). I love fiction. I have missed fiction. (Which is not to say I don't read fiction during the school year, it's just usually stuff for class, which translates to things like Shakespeare and Homer and Virgil, which have nothing wrong with them and a whole lot of things right, but, you know, reading for class.)
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I want to share what has become my ideal Tirian song for Dust: You Can't Lose Them All. I have a different cover of it, but oh.

I could go up in history
I could go up in smoke
Be the center of attention
Or the butt of every joke
But every time I get shot down
I justify the risk
Because I come a little closer
To a hit with every miss
You can't lose them all

Yes. Yes, this is the only YouTube video I could find for the song. I...I don't even know who that skunk is, guys.

I have three-quarters of the lyrics matched up with scenes from Dust! I like vidding in my head. a little fortune cookie told me help is on the way is the opening scene from Dust 1, of course.
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I just passed a guy who was riding his bike and playing the harmonica. Whatever floats your boat, dude! Just don't ride into traffic! (I haven't seen the guy who rides the unicycle and plays the guitar lately, though.)


*wails* People are so stupid. Well, perhaps "ignorant" would be a better word, but y'all are in college. SERIOUSLY NOW.

Professor: "And then there was an explosion of life --"
Student: "There was an explosion? Why was there an explosion?"



...I just got "your recommendation has been received" e-mail notifications from I program I applied for three years ago. Dude, I'm sorry to tell you this, but that bridge has been crossed.


In further proof of the fact that within every Starbuck vid a Pevensie song is hiding, I have found the perfect song for the Pevensies. I have half the song vidded in my head! From canon, even! (Also, possibly supplementary material from other sources: the Battle of Britain from Pearl Harbor, the cricket and field hockey scenes from St. Trinian's and St. Trinian's 2, something from Atonement?) The empire's gonna strike back would be the White Witch and her army! An old tin army is Miraz's army, and a young James Dean is Caspian! Now say your prayers is the carving of Aslan in the How! If we grow up we're all going to be famous would be the coronation scene from LWW fading into the ruins of Cair Paravel in PC! I would not end the vid with the sudden sound of a train crash!

Seriously, how can one hear the lyrics age plays dirty tricks, you're looking like a counterfeit and not think of the Pevensies?

*weeps* Why can I not vid? I have so many Narnia vids in my head!
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Happy Fourth of July! (To all the Americans on my rcircle/flist; to everyone else, happy July fourth, random Sunday!)

It is so windy here that the top of the chimney actually blew off, which I didn't see despite the fact that the chimney is right outside my window, but I heard it. So, the traditional barbecue is obviously off. So is the traditional viewing of Independence Day (because what's more American than defeating aliens?), because as last night's experiments proved, it is impossible to watch VHS on the new TV without getting a headache, and we don't own Independence Day on DVD, which we clearly must get on. I am fairly depressed about this, because it is traditional. (Uh, for my family, anyway.)

I am torn between working on Dust 21 (and trying to decide if I can actually keep the POV I have it in currently, or if I need to switch it, which I don't want to do, but I have to figure out if the chapter will work best in the Edmund POV or if I should go to Lucy or Eustace. I would go to Eustace -- suddenly, and I have no idea how, he became a Preferred POV -- but I don't like reusing the same POV so soon afterwards) and knitting. Sadly, I cannot do both at once.

In vaguely related news, I have had Long Long Journey (lyrics) stuck in my head for the past few days; I have also worked out that it is the last song on the Dust part one soundtrack. Now if only I knew the rest of the soundtrack.
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For some reason, I am suddenly fascinated by listening to Disney songs in Hebrew (thank you, YouTube). I think it's the combination of the familiar and the unfamiliar. (I don't think anyone is surprised to learn this, but I don't speak Hebrew.)

The Lion King 2 sounds really good in Hebrew, BTW, especially Not One of Us. Mulan -- okay. Hercules, not as much to my ears. Aladdin, surprisingly good.

...okay, I think I'm done now. For the moment.
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So I wrote my paper, then double-spaced it and realized it came up about three-quarters of a page short, which means RAGE and also that I have to write another paragraph, which, okay, I can do.

Also, I am listening to my Peter/Narnia playlist, which I haven't listened to in a while, and...I forgot that one of my tear-trigger songs was on this playlist, which translated to me suddenly going tearful and wondering what the hell was going on. The New Pornographers, for those that are wondering.

...I should probably switch playlists back to Sugarland, because we are coming up on the Final Sundering section of the playlist, and I can't write because I keep crying.

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Good gods, if I knew that tightening up and editing old fic for posting (YES I KNOW) would reawaken my burning love for Narnia, I would have done it ages ago. Now I am listening to my Narnia playlists and flailing wildly.

This would, of course, work better if I didn't have to do little things like study. Oh well, later!, my Edmund playlist is very zen. Well, at least in my head.

you got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em / know when to walk away and know when to run / you never count your money when you're sittin' at the table / there'll be time enough for counting when the dealing's done / now every gambler knows that the secret to survivin' / is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep / 'cause every hand's a winner and every hand's a loser / and the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep

Sadly, this is not even an Edmund story. OH WELL.
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Attempt to get home two days earlier failed. Damn you, Continental, and your faux-not as expensive as it really is mockery of flight changes! (No, seriously, two days earlier. As it is, I am basically leaving campus about half an hour before they close the dorms.) Also, I have my first two finals tomorrow -- my first final is Chicago's last final; we have the same class -- and I think I am going blind. I am studying via watching documentaries about Israel and doing the Christmas knitting at the same time. So far I have gotten into the toe of sock #2 and seen some really cool (color, even!) footage of the 1948 war and life of young Israel. Meanwhile, I am freaking out about the study abroad thing. (Every professor I would ask for a recommendation isn't at Tulane this year. Every. Professor. One was a visiting prof and left, one is on sabbatical, and I am kind of terrified that option number three isn't going to be here next semester because he doesn't have any courses listed. Which really limits my options, you know? Also, I think I screwed myself by my major antics.)

Also, I have come to the conclusion that this song is a Peter/Susan song and this song is a Eustace (possibly a Dust Eustace) song. Discuss.
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I must be back in Narnia headspace. I just mentally coded Bad Romance as an Aslan/Pevensies song.

If you want me, I'll be over here in the corner gathering up the shards of my dignity and butchering my Antebellum American Lit paper.
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Interesting. A song that I thought was a Lucy song turns out to be a Jill song -- CURIOUSLY, a Jill song that works with LB or Dust.

The one major character that I cannot find music for: Eustace. I think it's because I don't have as good an idea of his character as I do of the others. (I even have an Aslan playlist. Granted, my Aslan playlist has songs like this and this, but still.) I may need to start a Jill playlist, though.
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I have had The Day of the Clipper stuck in my head for days now, which is why I finally bit the bullet and bought two copies of it (different artists). Except it's still stuck in my head.

Sailing ships and sailing men will sail the open waters
Where the only things that matters is the wind upon the Main
So all you loving mothers keep your eyes upon your daughters
For the sails will mend their tatters and the masts will rise again

Needless to say, I listened to this song a lot while writing Coastwise. It is a very Narnian Navy song, I feel (says she, with dignity).
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Run across on -- rcircle of rcircle, I suppose; wow, that doesn't make as much sense as friends-friends: Florence & the Machine, Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (w/ link to YouTube video in the post).

I mean, obviously I went into the song with a sense of Narnia imagery, and yeah, there's a bit, and more in the lyrics...Lucy, I think? Hmm.

*slightly wild-eyed* Narnia. Baby. I miss you. I want to be with you again. I think we should get back together.


Nov. 5th, 2009 11:17 am
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Listening to the Narnia playlists I did up last summer is...interesting. I don't think my conception of the characters has actually changed, very much -- at least not for Edmund -- but it's still...interesting.

cut for image )

That's the one I did summer 2008, when everything was new and fresh. You can see that there's a second Edmund playlist, called "Edmund - character", down beneath it. It looks like this:

cut for image )

And just for kicks, my Aslan playlist, which is still being added to. (That's the latest chapter of the original [personal profile] aella_irene and I are working on behind it.)

the cat came back the very next day )
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Okay, how bad is it that I was listening to this song and thinking of, uh, Aslan?

*head to side* I've felt very Narnia-ish these past couple days. Hmm.

Also, a sign I've been reading too much rape literature these past few weeks: we're doing suggestions in my Japanese class, and we were supposed to come up with responses to the question "There's this girl I like, what should I do?" Me (in English): "OH MY GOD DON'T RAPE HER or touch her or talk to her or bother her if she doesn't want it but ESPECIALLY DON'T RAPE HER." The rest of the class, meanwhile, comes up with things like, "Call her and ask her to dinner" and "Try being more confident around her." (And they managed to speak in Japanese.)


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