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On the subject of Deathly Hallows, all I have to say is:


and that I will have to think about it, DH SPOILERS! )

Coming home is weird. Man, I'd like to go to college now; I don't know if I can put up with my parents for another year. At the risk of sounding mean, half the reason I did the program was to get away from home, because I spend a lot of time in the house and so much of it is with my parents that it gets...stifling. And claustrophobic. And now I'm back home, and I'm so used to the freedom of Brown and Providence that it's really claustrophobic. New plan: go to college somewhere decent-sized. (By the way, the pile of college stuff I got over the course of four weeks is Really Thick.) Also, reconsidering the Ivy League, because I did, in the end, like Brown.

I miss the freedom of Brown. I even miss the people, because it is very comforting to always have people around, even for a loner like me. I miss Providence, and the weather in Rhode Island. Well, not the rain. *sigh*

Also, I watched the 2004 version of Return of the Jedi, and had one, "Dude, what the fuck is this shit?" moment, but followed that up with Revenge of the Sith -- look, I was packing, it was background noise that I turned around and watched a lot -- and am this close to going on a hardcore Star Wars kick. Which, okay, I was on before I watched the endpieces of both trilogies, but I'm talking hardcore here, guys.

Must finish revising the [ profile] apocalyptothon story first, though. *beckons* Bring it on, Calypso. Do your best.

I think I need an HP icon for the occasion. *goes to search*
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Home now. Incoherent a whole lot. Will get The Book tomorrow morning. Don't ask what the time is; my laptop's on Ellensburg time, my watch is on Chicago time, and my cell phone is on Providence time. I miss Brown and Providence already. Also, I hate Seattle a whole whole lot. This desk is a mess. It and everything on it is going out the window or, you know, in the trash as soon as I have energy.

Also, you know the enormous amount of self-will it took me not to post something that said "Spoilers! (tiny text) for Star Wars, HPearlybooks, Narnia, Spider-man, Pirates of the Caribbean...ANAKIN SKYWALKER TURNS INTO DARTH VADER. DARTH VADER IS LUKE'S DAD. QUIRRELL IS VOLDEMORT, TOM RIDDLE IS VOLDEMORT, REMUS LUPIN IS A WEREWOLF, VOLDEMORT COMES BACK AND CEDRIC DIGGORY DIES, SIRIUS DIES, DUMBLEDORE DIES. THE KIDS GO BACK TO LONDON, ASLAN IS JESUS. HARRY DIES. JACK KILLS BARBOSSA, JACK DIES, WILL DIES, WILL BECOMES DAVY JONES, ONLY LESS SQUIDDY, ELIZABETH BECOMES PREGNANT AND JACK GOES CRAZY." Well, the enormous amount of self-will mostly consisted of me not having internet access.

Bed now. Ta, ducks.
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I fly out tomorrow. Or, uh, technically today, actually, since the time on my LJ is still PST and I'm on...whatever the East Coast is.

Have I started packing yet? *sneaky look* The answer you're looking for here is "no." I'm just going to put on Star Wars of some sort (I have the original -- altered *rolls eyes* -- trilogy on DVD now! It's the 2004 release) and...die a little bit. I was half a pound under the weight limit when I flew in; I now have more stuff. Including my first ever pair of sweatpants. *preens*

Also, amusingly, in class today two people were reading the leaked copy of HP7 on their laptops. I kept glancing over and looking away really quickly; I saw no words. For once in my life, thank God for my crappy eyesight.
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1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favourite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.

2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.

3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.

5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

I will not ask anything too personal, like your real name or your home address.

My questions came from stellaluna_ )
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Which is to say, for the second time this month, Brown has refused to dry my clothes and ate my quarters, although apparently this time it's not just me, but everyone else too, so now I have wet laundry -- clean, at least, but wet -- spread all over my bed. Have I mentioned the fact that, oh yes, I also have no clean clothes?

Now isn't that just wonderful. And it gets better: my period just started, which means I was in pain today. Not cramps, but my butt and thighs ached like hell, and then my back was in horrible pain, and then I almost threw up. Twice. Didn't, but the second time I ran to the bathroom (right across the hall, by the way) and sat in the stall taking deep calming breaths and trying to figure out if I was going to die, and once I'd figured out the answer was no, I went back to my room. Shortly afterwards, the Laundry Incident occurred and I missed dinner. Ate anyway, heating up mini pizza pockets in my friend Tracy's microwave, and watched Eragon on my laptop with her -- she was with me when the Bathroom Incident occurred, and the Laundry Incident, which involved me kicking the dryer and swearing loudly.

That said, I should probably get my laundry off my bed, even though I have no idea where to put it.
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At this rate, I'm going to end up going home without any Brown gear at all, because Brown is apparently always sold out of anything except extra extra larges. I am not a XXL. Plus, it's kind of intimidating going into the clothing section because the employees are always lounging around talking to each other and when someone goes up to them, they kind of look at each other and go, "Yeah, no, sorry, we're all sold out."

*shakes head* Brown. You are not impressing me. Again.

Didn't get to go to Connecticut yesterday because only four people showed up for the trip and it got cancelled, so we went to Newport instead. Hurrah. *rolls eyes* Saw Kingscote, ate some good sushi, went back to Brown, wandered around the Internet going, "But why isn't anything interesting happening?", went to see Waterfire -- okay, lots and lots of people. Pretty cool, although I'm not really sure why all the people were sitting around and spending money buying carnival masks and toy lightsabers/glowsticks/shiny things -- you know, typical fair/carnival/parade stuff. Will post pictures when I get back to Ellensburg.

Am hipdeep in the debate of what to buy. I can't find SGA S2 cheap so I'll probably wait till I get home and order it off the Internet, unless it shows up in Newbury Comics sometime in the next four days; I'll probably get a Brown sweatshirt -- I was in there debating twice already today; how's that for indecision? -- I'm considering sweatpants, but I'm not really sure; I may end up spending money on the Star Wars Clone Wars TPBs, since they look pretty good, but I could get those at home since they're no cheaper here than they are in Washington; I want to get the original trilogy on DVD, but I didn't buy the set the day they had it fullscreen, used, and cheap, and I need to compare prices because I'm indecisive and cheap; I may buy various seasons of Buffy and/or Stargate SG-1 cheap just because they're there. And cheap.

Also, I can't get all these things, and I have to save money so I can get HP7 on Saturday (as soon as I get home! Which will involve my jetlagged self crawling out of bed, borrowing the car, and going to Fred Meyer to spend money!) as well as have money for the airport, ride to the airport, and food. And I really hope my bag doesn't go over the weight limit, because that would suck, so I need money for that too.

*dramatic sigh*

And then I get to go home and be indecisive about college. Oh, joy.

ETA: Also, my knees hurt. What the fuck? I'm way too young to have aching knees, and all I did yesterday was walk around Newport a lot and go to the mall.
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So the college fair was today and I went, obviously, and talked to a lot of schools that I was interested in: Davidson College (NC), Embry-Riddle Aeronautical College (FL and AZ), the Air Force Academy about AFROTC, Scripps College (CA), Wellesley College (MA), and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (dude, if you need me to tell you what state that's in...). I didn't get to talk to a couple of schools I'm interested in -- Stanford University, Dickinson College, and Duke University -- but I don't mind particularly. It was interesting.

I have a lot of journal entries because I've had two days where class starts at eleven, so I get, like, an extra hour and a half of writing.

7/9/07 )

7/10/07 )

7/11/07 )

7/12/07 )

Also, Natalie Babbitt (author of Tuck Everlasting, among other things) came to talk to us today. Suddenly I love Brown, and I've never even read any of her books.
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"Now Let the Fire Bathe Us"
11 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point
3,194 words
Three characters
Eight songs:
"Hell's Bells" -- AC/DC
"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" -- The Charlie Daniels Band
"Highway to Hell" -- AC/DC
"Sympathy for the Devil" -- The Rolling Stones
"Welcome to the Jungle" -- Guns N' Roses
"Hotel California" -- The Eagles
"Crossroad Blues" -- Robert Johnson
"Burnin' For You" -- Blue Oyster Cult
Research done: Lots (Air Force fighter jets, AFBs with the F-22 Raptor, whether or not there are crossroads between Holloman AFB and Alamogordo, NM, what songs to use, how the military informs families of casualties)

*falls over*
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"My main character just sold her soul to the devil!"

"My main character just got raped!"

"My main character just killed someone!"

Ah, creative writing classes.
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Argh, now I'm trying to figure out what music the mysteriously malfunctioning car radio is playing while Ellie Browder talks with the devil. So far we've got "Hell's Bells", "Highway to Hell", "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", and "Crossroad Blues."

Yes. Because that's not subtle at all.

Well, I guess it helps that my MC's drunk. And driving, but then you have to consider that she just watched high school football and her husband's dead, so that makes it -- not all that much better, but more explainable. And the devil's in her passenger seat, but she doesn't quite realize that yet.

ARGH. DIE YOU BASTARD DIE. Any other music suggestions?
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Ah, the week of a thousand LJ entries begins. *girds loins*

I'm working on this story for class -- our ten-page final project -- tentatively called "Now Let the Fire Bathe Us", about a woman who (and I mentioned this briefly before) accidentally sells her soul to the devil in return for bringing her husband back from the dead. )

Now I just have to make the devil subtly evil. BE SUBTLY EVIL, DAMN YOU. Because with the initial story, I was told my devil was kitsch and cliched, so I'm trying to compensate by making him an All-American eyecandy high school football player. Thus, the subtly evil part.
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I went down to Newbury Comics in the Providence Place Mall to get season one of Bones, used, but it was already gone; someone had bought it. I had a very intense debate with a friend over whether to get Stargate SG-1 season three or the Star Wars original trilogy -- both used and thus cheap -- and ended up getting neither one. I know: I suck. On the other hand, we did get tickets to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Wednesday, so hurrah for that.

7/7/07 )

7/8/07 )

Okay. Seriously have to work on the ten-page project for class now.
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That was nice and relaxing. I went outside and lay on the grass on the green outside my dorm, did my reading and meant to knit but couldn't because I'd brought my yarn and my needles but left my pattern inside -- yes, I know, I'm smart like that -- so I wrote a page of the ten-page final project I have to do for class. It's about a woman who sells her soul to the devil in return for bringing her husband back from the dead, only he's not actually dead, so she's just kind of screwed. It will be a great tragedy!

*cough* Er, yes. And I was on my stomach the entire time, so I probably did something dumb like sunburn the bottoms of my feet. Yes, guys, this is my life, I am a girl who sunburns her feet. I did this at Stanford, too, so I'm kind of hoping I don't do it here. Except I probably did.
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It is really very nice out. I think I'm going to go put on shorts and a tanktop and go lie outside on the grass with my reading for tomorrow, MacBeth, my knitting, my iPod, and my notebooks.

This is a nice change from "pouring down rain."

ETA: Also, the dryers are totally all broken. Good thing I did my laundry yesterday.
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Why are they always outside my door? *shakes head* The good thing about college: no one to tell you to eat something other than cereal for dinner.

7/4/07 )

7/5/07 )

7/6/07 )

a conundrum

Jul. 7th, 2007 12:54 pm
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I want cookies and tea. Do I want cookies and tea enough to go four (five? six?) blocks to CVS for cookies, turn around and walk another three (or four?) blocks to Starbucks for tea (or I could try the Tealuxe, I guess, I haven't been there yet), and then come back another two and a half blocks to my dorm?

Yeah, I definitely have my numbers wrong here. Or I could wait another hour or so and go to dinner -- which will doubtless be cereal again, because I've been craving Lucky Charms all day and don't ask me why I didn't eat them for breakfast/lunch/brunch (on weekends? Brown does not serve breakfast. They serve brunch from 11:30 to 2:30, which means you're out of luck if you want food in the morning; you have to spend money at one of the many cafes on Thayer Street) -- which may or may not satisfy my cookie/tea craving, and if it does not, then I could go to CVS and Starbucks, since I'm going to be down there anyway (the V-Dub dining hall = one block closer to my dorm than CVS).

ARGH DECISION DECISIONS. Also, waiting for my laundry, and then finishing up a very complicated murder mystery that I will write because everyone else will no doubt write in letter format.
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Clearly, someone has stolen my absolutely brilliant idea of doing laundry in the middle of the day when a lot of people are gone for the Boston trip. (Obviously, I am not one of them. Stupid sign-ups at the dining hall I don't go to for breakfast, because the Ratty is literally right outside my dorm door and the V-Dub is a couple blocks down Thayer Street.) *sulks* *goes down to check if machines are open*

ETA: Ha! All four machines are open!

ETA2 Argh, spilled detergent on my hands, and the bottle, and my key...
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Look at this. Now look at this.

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Also, I got my AP scores back! U.S. History: 4. Calculus AB: 4 (amazing! I thought I'd get, like, a 2, especially considering all the crap that went down during the test). English Language and Composition: 5. YAY.

6/29/07 )

6/30/07 )

Guys, this one came to me in a dream. I'm not even kidding. Thus Sam Carter and the bird, which, oh my God, WTF.

7/1/07 )

7/2/07 )

7/3/07 )

Happy Fourth of July, y'all!
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So Transformers? Not actually that bad of a movie. Of course, you know me, I totally would have been happier if we forgot about the kid and the girl and the car and concentrated on the Air Force special ops team and the hackers, but I clearly can't have everything.

Damn. I ate all my Junior Mints, I still have homework, and the library isn't open tomorrow. Guess I'm getting up early on Thursday to go print stuff before class.


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