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You know, every time I think about humanity has screwed up the world, and all the horrible things we do to each other, something like the Olympics comes along and reminds how absolutely fucking amazing the world really is. And the Opening Ceremonies were certainly something -- Canada and Britain must be kicking themselves right now going, "How the hell do we top THAT?" -- but what really got me was the torchbearers running past all those flags in the dimly lit stadium. Countries that can only send one or two athletes, and countries that don't have a chance at winning a medal, but by God they've made it here, and their flags are no less great than America's, or China's, or anyone else's. That's emotional, because this, this is the world. This is the world right here.

Although I have to add that, inappropriate as it is, I am highly amused by Bush and Putin having what was probably a very interesting conversation while the Opening Ceremonies went on below and Laura Bush plastered a fixed look on her face and pretending there was nothing going on around her.

Now. Let's have America sweep the medals once again. (Hey, patriotism, what can I say?) Luck to all the athletes, though!
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To-day, across our fathers' graves,
The astonished years reveal
The Remnant of that desperate host
Which cleansed our East with steel.

Hail and farewell! We greet you here,
With tears that none will scorn --
O Keepers of the House of old,
Or ever we were born!

One service more we dare to ask --
Pray for us, heroes, pray,
That when Fate lays on us our task
We do not shame the Day!

-- Rudyard Kipling, "The Veterans" -- Written for the gathering of survivors of the Indian Mutiny, Albert Hall, 1907

I have made for you a song,
And it may be right or wrong,
But only you can tell me if it's true.
I have tried for you to explain
Both your pleasure and your pain,
And, Thomas, here's my best respects to you!

O there'll surely come a day
When they'll give you all your pay,
And treat you as a Christian ought to do;
So, until that day comes round,
Heaven keep you safe and sound,
And, Thomas, here's my best respects to you!

-- Rudyard Kipling, "To Thomas Atkins" -- Prelude to "Barrack-Room Ballads"
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For some reason, I've cued my brain to react to U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name" as CSI:NY's opening theme instead of The Who's "Baba O'Riley." Yeah, I don't know why either.

I think the SW stories might actually be a trilogy. Crap. Which is to say -- "What is Lost", "A Long Time Gone", and what I'm gradually getting resigned to as the as yet unnamed third story in the series, taking place during the timeline of the original trilogy. Well, it's Star Wars. Trilogies are traditional.

I have an overarching plot for the Spaceforce novel. Oh, thank God. And I think it makes more sense than what I was working off of, anyway -- it'll just have one POV instead of two completely unrelated ones, I think. Which makes me sad, because no more Lannister barfights, but it'll make the story a lot more focused. The main problem is that it won't have the story that's covered in And Your Friends Which Are No More, so I have to figure out a good way to introduce Berin Sunstark and the Vira.

Oh my God, Farscape went there.

Most awesome scarf pattern EVER. Next up on my list of things to knit now that I've finished David's skull-and-crossbones illusion scarf. I might try doing a PoA style scarf afterwards -- I went to Wal-Mart in Yakima today and picked up the yarn I usually use (Carron Simply Soft -- 100% acrylic, but it's soft and cheap and easy to work with) in sage and gray. Sage for the Dark Mark scarf, gray if I decide to do a movie!Ravenclaw or Slytherin scarf later. I think I also might spring for pair of circs sometime -- I have one, but they're the wrong size.

Speaking of which, David better remember he commissioned a scarf from me, because I want the money. I still need to block the scarf and add fringe, though, and I probably won't see him until the school year actually starts.

I think I'm taking Duke, Carolina, and Boston College off my prospective college list and putting Washington and Lee back on. Duke doesn't have my major and Carolina's really hard to get into as an out-of-state student, plus I think I'm more interested in its grad program than its undergrad. And then I looked at America's Best Colleges and realized that all the schools I'm applying to, lib arts and universities, are in the top fifty. One of them is the top liberal arts college in the country. I am so screwed.

Still can't write an application essay. *head.desk* Maybe I'll try the Rodeo Parade as the next subject! I've tried Solo Ensemble, television, and archaeology so far, and I'm afraid to write about writing's hard for me to write about writing, and I just end up sounding starry-eyed.

Went to Borders in Yakima today and almost bought a CD, but backed out at the last minute. It was $10! I had a 20% off coupon! I'm the most indecisive person in the world, I swear to God. I think. I waved it off as trying to save up for the SGA and SPN DVDs.

Writers, check [ profile] howwedoit out! It could be pretty interesting.

Found a story I started at the beginning of 2007/end of 2006 -- it's a Clone Wars era Star Wars story and I have maybe a third to half of it done (although since we're talking me here, that means nothing), but I'm not really sure where to go from where I ended. I really like it, though! It could be the story in which Mace Windu stopped trusting Anakin Skywalker between AotC and RotS.

I really want stories where Dooku and Anakin have to work together to save Obi-Wan. I have now realized I have two stories where this happens, sort of.

CSI:NY doesn't do as much for me as it used to. *sigh*

Still on my rereadthrough of HP. Should be done within a couple days -- I'm on DH now, so there should be commentary soon, although I'm kind of wishing I'd taken notes as I read. *sigh*

Haven't done any summer reading for school. *huge eyes* Whoops. Fortunately, I didn't have to do it, I just now have to do it during the actual school year.

I have one [ profile] summer_bits story done, and I haven't started my [ profile] timerevised story yet. Or my [ profile] dvd_commentary yet, but that's not due till October.

I kind of want to do a commentary on "What is Lost" -- I'll probably end up doing it for myself once I finish typing up the "A Long Time Gone" concept writing, but would anyone be interested in reading it if I posted it? Um, if you made it all the way through these rambles to this particular one?
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You know what I want to do? I want to write a grand, epic story about a battle between good and evil and how the shades of gray start showing up the farther you get into war, about the destruction of innocence and the perseverance of hope, about friendship and love and sacrifice and betrayal on multiple sides, about destiny and fate and free will and choice and being chosen and never having a choice at all.

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God, I am one of those people who'd prefer their fandoms' canon to be cut off in the middle. Either that, or one of those people that prefers to come into closed canons.
bedlamsbard: star wars rebels: hera peering around a corner (Default) know what's freaky? Finding out that one of those authors whose LJ you lurk on is the same author that wrote a story you really, really liked years ago.

*is still in shock* No, seriously, how did I never know this? How?
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Gyah, I'm looking at my NaNo again for the first time in a couple of months, and I think I'm going to have to completely rewrite it. Of course, it's not actually done yet, so I have to finish it, then completely rewrite it.
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Okay, forget my characters: I have to be fucked in the head in order to write this stuff. *stares* Can I blame it on stress from finals?

On the other hand, I have totally worked in a nod to another CBS show. Go team me!
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Excellent, I have figured out the path of my career: I will be one of those radical archaeologists, you know, the ones that go around telling people about Atlantis and how the pyramids were actually landing pads for aliens, and thus have: no job, no career, no friends, and no academic standing. Excellent.

Okay, possibly not that radical, but definitely one of the wonky ones.
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Yes, my journal did just go through every layout in the book and then some, thank you very much.


Nov. 20th, 2006 08:42 pm
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The Complex and Terrifying Reality of Star Wars Fandom. Now with icons. *cackles* Ah, fandom. Sometimes we love the main source...and sometimes we hate it with the fiery passion of a thousand burning sons.


Oct. 1st, 2006 06:31 pm
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Ghosts of England
The Paranormal Database
Haunted Kentucky
Ghost Stories from Kentucky and Tennessee

Angels, Intelligences, Spirits, and Planetary Talismans: or, Why I Am Now and Forever SPN's Bitch

*throws things at computer* Why am I pissed? I'm pissed because I'm deleting stuff off iTunes because I ran out of room on my iPod (damn straight I should have gotten the 20 gig, not the 4), and it's not really working. *throws things* Maybe I'll just leave it alone and delete more stuff tomorrow. You know, stuff that I don't really listen to; almost everything is on Windows Media anyway.


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