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I have now seen Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. (I am way behind on the whole movie thing; no, I have not seen X-Men First Class yet either.)

Uh, so that happened.

Mermaids: kind of awesome. Ships: not enough. Recurring characters: also not enough. Plot: tacked on. Black Pearl: in a bottle. Jack Sparrow: Jack Sparrow (and occasionally not). Barbossa: still awesome. Spanish: speaking English. Preacher: boring. Blackbeard: around. Angelica: confusing. Will and Elizabeth: sorely missed. Sequel: no doubt oncoming.

(For the record, I am among the minority who actually adores Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, so I'm not one of those people who thinks the whole franchise went downhill after CotBP.)

*trolling back through potc tag* Ugh, I really wish I'd finished that PotC/SPN crossover. I couldn't muster up enough feeling about SPN to actually finish it now. (Oh, hey, ran into a bunch of my unfinished SW fic and original ideas. And some other odd bits.)
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So yesterday I was in London all day and today I was in class all day. London was fabulous -- we went and were given a tour of the Bronze and Iron Age Europe exhibits by the two guys who curate them, who were both very nice, and then we were set loose! I met up with the fabulous [personal profile] aella_irene and went book-shopping and tea-drinking, which are both things I strongly approve of. Then I met up with the members of my program to go to The Woman in Black at the Fortune Theatre, which was absolutely amazing. If you are in the London area and want to see a really good play, you should go and see The Woman in Black. It was not terribly expensive, either! We definitely didn't have the best seats in the house, but it was excellent -- just a really well put together and beautifully acted two man play. Except, of course, for the girl behind me whose cell phone (on vibrate) kept going off during the climax of the play, then going to voicemail so that you could hear the caller speaking. She kept saying she didn't know how to put it on silent or turn it off. Which reminds me that I, uh, don't know how to turn off my non-functional-for-calling-purposes (I KNOW. I SHOULD GET ON THAT) phone either, but fortunately (at least for that purpose) no one can call me.

Now I want to go to ALL THE PLAYS which are showing in Cambridge over the next three weeks, but I shall have to restrain myself as I have, uh, already spent a lot of money. But there's the Woman in White, and the Jungle Book, and Hamlet...

Today: class, followed by more class, followed by lunch, which I ate and then spent running to Waterstones to pick up A Dance with Dragons, then hurrying back to Newnham House to fling it into my room before basically sprinting back to Corpus for our tour of the archaeological labs. (It was...a little intense. I'll stick with literary source-based history, okay?) Then we got an hour off! Then we had a surprise lecture that wasn't on our schedule, but at least was really interesting, but unfortunately everyone was so tired that we kept drifting off, which we made up for by asking a lot of questions. Possibly more than we've asked for all our other lectures put together. Then dinner. Then here. Tomorrow, study day! A.k.a., I shall go meet with a tutor and talk about the paper I am not writing -- I just kind of want to talk about the subject I'm interested in, but I have no intent of actually writing the paper since I'm not taking the course for credit -- and then I guess I shall ponder the actual studying thing. Well, and write the test-pitting report.

To the girl in my program who keeps telling us we shouldn't complain about being overworked: )
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I am apparently on a blooper-watching spree. So far my favorite is Keira Knightley in PotC: CotBP at just before the one minute mark:

I am also, as always, very fond of Orlando Bloom's face.

And Geoffrey Rush and the actor that plays Cutler Beckett have got to be my favorite here. *giggles*

Old school Star Wars bloopers. From the days BEFORE CGI.
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You know what I want to write? Narnia/PotC crossover, in VotDT, where Calypso shows up somewhere near the far end of the world and is all familiar with Edmund and Lucy. (Possibly she once had a thing with Edmund. Or Lucy. Or Edmund and Lucy. You know. And is all amused with Peter because this is one of the few times he didn't make an utterly disastrous decision regarding his love life. And then she asks about him and Edmund points out that she may well see him back in their own world; he'll be on a ship to somewhere if he makes it into the RAF, after all.)

More fic:
Peter and Edmund, early Golden Age for [ profile] katakokk
immortal!Susan and her shrink for [ profile] isweeden
Edmund and Susan after Narnia for [ profile] be_themoon
Susan, early Golden Age for [ profile] snacky
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Official Visit of Lieutenant General Santa Claus"

No, really, this is about the level of my coherency right now. I'll do a 2007 fic round-up nearer the end of the year; what I should do is a round-up of all the fic I started and didn't finish.


The 2007 <s>Unwritten Fic</s> Fic in Progress (on my computer) Year in Review )
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Title: Those That Shalt Be Kings Hereafter
Author: [ profile] bedlamsbard
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character(s): Jack Sparrow, Bootstrap Bill Turner
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1299
Summary: ”You can’t just tell a man something like that, love! You’ve got to give some details!” A prophecy – or is it a warning? Pre-series.
Author’s Notes: For the [ profile] shakes_that_fic ficathon. With thanks to my lovely beta, [ profile] limmenel. Some lines taken from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Scene 3, Act 1.

Though his bark cannot be lost/yet it shall be tempest-tossed. )
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The [ profile] shakes_that_fic story is done! Would anyone be interested in betaing it? It's PotC, pre-series, about 1300 words, Jack Sparrow and Bootstrap Bill Turner, from Act 1, Scene 3 of MacBeth -- which is to say, witches and prophecy.


Aug. 10th, 2007 01:34 pm
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Suddenly I have all sorts of Padme love. Damn, it always helps to actually write a character, because then you have to know them. Also, you know Anakin's actually grown up when he can deal with Padme saying, "Yeah, you know what? So over ten years ago." In a much nicer way, of course. It's like combining kickass AotC Padme and much more emotional RotS Padme, by which I mean that I am evidently the one person in the SW fandom who actually liked AotC best out of all the prequels. I mean, even disregarding the really shallow side of me that's like, "Obi-Wan! In the rain! Kicking ass!"


See this? This is me writing now. Why am I writing Sparrow? I don't even like Sparrow.
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Snagged from [ profile] traveller: When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

This could take a while. I think the folder I was writing in before I went to Brown is upstairs. Also, by WIP, I mean anything that has words and a plot-like-thing. Also note that a lot of these have shown up here before. *cough* )

Also, after seeing "Born Under a Bad Sign", I reiterate: Sam and Dean are so totally Anakin and Obi-Wan. They've even got the murderous rage blackouts and the inability to kill each other!
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God, Obi-Wan uses his legs a lot in the prequels. *cough* I've been watching pieces of TPM and AotC to back up thoughts on the sequel to "What is Lost"; I should probably just rewatch all of AotC, since we see the Lars family on Tatooine and Padme's villa on Naboo in the WiL sequel and tonight I was all about the action.

God, Obi-Wan. Kicking things. I, uh, have kind of a kink for hand-to-hand. If anyone who read "What is Lost" didn't guess.

The working title for the sequel is "Can't See the Stars Anymore", which works nicely with the motif of lost things, but doesn't really work with the story. That part could be a problem.

On the other hand, the story does now have a soundtrack-in-progress. One of the songs is "Carry On My Wayward Son", which is where the Obi-Wan = Dean conparison a few days ago came from.

I'm serious. I think everyone significant except Yoda shows up in this story. I mean, it has Han and Chewie and this is a prequels story, for crying out loud. There is, however, no Bail Organa, although he may go into one of Obi-Wan's flashbacks. Yes: WiL had Anakin's flashbacks, "Can't See the Stars" has Obi-Wan's. It has a lot of Anakin POV, though.

Huh, there's no Qui-Gon yet, though. Maybe I can kill off Yoda. Once I figure out what happened when Obi-Wan and Yoda landed on Coruscant after the Temple massacre. (Timeline: after the Purge began, before the Empire forbids all incoming and outgoing independent starships from Coruscant. I have to make sure I don't contradict my own canon; internal consistency is good. Talking to you here, JKR.)

Or I could work on my [ profile] shakes_that_fic story, but I...haven't started yet. I think I'm going to just do a scene and not all of MacBeth, though; I was struggling a lot with how to do it properly and then I hit on just doing the opening scene with MacBeth, Banquo, and the witches, and if I do it with Jack, Bootstrap, and a couple seawitches -- it sets something up nicely for canon and for SPN hunter Will.

But right now I'm going to work briefly on "Can't See the Stars" and then go to bed. Because it's ten to one in the morning. *cough*

This is much wordier than I'd planned it to be.
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Title: The Old Man of the Sea
Author: [ profile] bedlamsbard
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: James Norrington/Tia Dalma
Warnings: Violence
Recipient: [ profile] thegiantkiller
Request: "What would the world look like if all the oceans suddenly dried up? Focus on Norrington and/or Tia Dalma; Jack, Will & Liz peripheral at most."
Summary: ”Tell them about the day the sea died,” Tia Dalma says firmly. Post-DMC, AU. Slight spoilers for AWE.
Author’s Notes: With thanks to [ profile] limmenel and [ profile] cupiscent, who, amazing people that they are, betaed for me. For the [ profile] apocalyptothon

and Ye take mine honor from me if Ye take away the sea )
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Also, I got my AP scores back! U.S. History: 4. Calculus AB: 4 (amazing! I thought I'd get, like, a 2, especially considering all the crap that went down during the test). English Language and Composition: 5. YAY.

6/29/07 )

6/30/07 )

Guys, this one came to me in a dream. I'm not even kidding. Thus Sam Carter and the bird, which, oh my God, WTF.

7/1/07 )

7/2/07 )

7/3/07 )

Happy Fourth of July, y'all!
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I promised myself that if I survived the city (no, seriously, I wasn't kidding), I'd come back and do writing exercises, so you get music recs and fic. Bear in mind that I'm on my laptop, and the majority of my music is at home on my desktop, so this is not, perhaps, what I'd give you if I was at home. Links are to lyrics, if there are any.

Music! And stories! I wanted to do seven, but I could only think of five songs I'm really into right now! This is a crazy overuse of exclamation points! )

Also, [ profile] limmenel, you'll love this: there's something kind of cool about overhearing a guy on his cell phone say, with a fairly strong New England accent, "Yeah, yeah, like half my guys are in jail right now. You hear from Bobby? Is he there?" Also, I have been reasonably well informed that the Mafia has a fairly strong presence in Providence. (This is not even considering the biker gangs, which is...okay, dude, why biker gangs?)

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One of our assignments for Creative Writing is, as the first thing we do every morning, to handwrite a minimum of ten lines in a journal. Not necessarily journalistically, but anything. And it's actually been pretty interesting to see what crawls out of my brain early in the morning, so I thought I'd post my entries every three days or so.

6/26/07 )

6/27/07 )

6/28/07 )

I think it's clear that most of what falls out of my brain early in the morning is fanfic. I see: Star Wars, Supernatural, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I wrote Harry Potter today. And some of this is original, and some of this is just bitching about what I feel when I wake up, and some of it is just random lines.


Jun. 27th, 2007 09:32 pm
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The [ profile] apocalyptothon fic is DONE. 4,201 words. Who wants to beta? It's PotC, Norrington-centric, AU off DMC.
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School ends one week from today. What we're about to see is Bedlam's "Oh my God, I actually have to apply to college. Oh my God, I actually have to figure out where the hell I want to spend the next four years of my life" flail. *headdesk ad lib*

So right now I'm looking about maybe a dozen schools, most of which aren't in Washington and include the following. )

And I get to add to that list, narrow it down, and throw darts at it.

Also, a teeny tiny bit of the PotC/SPN crossover, because I am a bad person. )
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Short and non-spoilery version: Will Turner, Supernatural Hunter is so totally on.

Long and spoilery version here. )


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