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Oh my God, I really want the last two Lostverse stories to be done so I can babble about them and how they relate to canon Star Wars and themes and whatnot, but clearly that's not going to happen anytime soon because it took me, like, four months to write "What is Lost" and the other two are still in progress, but I really want to babble!

*shakes fist* Curse you, senior project novel!
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I appear to be working on the sequel to "What is Lost" again. It is no longer called "A Long Time Gone"; I always thought that title fit the third story better anyway.

Poor Anakin.
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I made Creative Writing Club drabble today -- four prompts, 100 words, 75 words, 50 words, and 25 words. There were various amounts of success.

Everything burns. )

You ever have those moments when you're reading something that you should really like, and you agree with some of it, but the author's characterization is so fundamentally different from yours that it just doesn't even process as being the same characters? But there's enough of the core characterization there that it sort of does, only not, and you end up reading it and being really, really frustrated?

Yeah. Those were the last bits of fic I read last night, and then I spent an hour calming myself down by knitting and listening to the WiL playlist. It's a good way to calm down.
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One of the pep band songs this year is the Cantina Band Song from Star Wars: Episode I, and you seriously have no idea how much playing it is fucking with my head. (Let's all ignore the fact that I'm the one who said, "Hey, let's play it!" when Mark W. found it in the music library.) Because: Cantina band. Which makes me think of cantinas. Which makes me think of The Sand and Stone. Which makes me think of "What Is Lost" and "A Long Time Gone."

Which makes me think I should probably be writing. *wince* On the other hand, I was thinking about some potentially useful worldbuilding type stuff. Okay, granted, it's the type of worldbuilding that will never make it into the stories because of how, as of now, The Sand and Stone is framed in "A Long Time Gone" and the sequel.

...I really want to babble about the Lostverse, but I can't do it here because I think I have good twists, but that's just me.

It doesn't help that one of our other pep band songs is "Carry On Wayward Son", which has currently switched positions from being the Dean Winchester Song to being the Anakin Skywalker in the Lostverse song (or alternately, the Obi-Wan Kenobi in canon song). Yeah, I picked that one too.

In other news, I am apparently writing "Five Times Obi-Wan Kenobi Compromised His Immutable Jedi Ethics For Anakin Skywalker, or, Five Times Obi-Wan Kenobi Went Dangerously Close to the Dark Side, Whoops," for [livejournal.com profile] limmenel. Oh my God, it's totally canon, shut up.
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Apparently, when I skip band to go do chemistry, my band director decides to hold elections. GOD DAMN IT.

That said, started screwing around with sweatshirt designs again today. So far, I have one. I like it. It's cute, short, sweet, and to the point.

I really want a new iPod. Not that there's anything wrong with mine, just the fact that every time I add new music on, I have to delete stuff to get it to fit. I've pretty much gotten rid of everything I can let go. (I have a four gig iPod Mini. Yeah, they don't even make the Mini anymore. I totally want an 80GB, you know? I mean, I don't even need video! I just want the space. *grabby hands*)

I'm also in one of those moods where I need a little love, so teeny bits of fic from various pieces in progress (mostly Star Wars, a little bit of HP). Say something, please?

pieces of eight -- I mean dialogue. Guess the speakers! )

Why, yes, I did just go through my notebook picking out the interesting bits of dialogue. Why do you ask?
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School starts tomorrow, joy of joys. *rolls eyes* At least it's my last year of high school, then I start college. Somewhere. Preferably far far away.

Anyway, my classes for this semester are:

Jazz Band (zero hour)
AP American Government
Advanced Lifetime Fitness
AP Senior English (which I think is technically AP Lit. and Comp., but I could be wrong)
Advanced Chemistry (arranged study)
Wind Ensemble

Because I'm applying for the QuestBridge National College Match program, I restructured my college list to fit the QuestBridge schools, of which I'll probably be applying to (through QuestBridge):

Stanford University
Williams College
Wellesley College
Bowdoin College
Yale University
Emory University
Columbia University
University of Chicago OR Wheaton College OR Swarthmore College

If that falls through, I'll send those apps on through to regular admission and also apply to my regular college list:

Stanford University
Williams College
Wellesley College
Brown University
University of Washington-Seattle
Davidson College
Dickinson College
Washington and Lee University

I may also be applying to the University of Portland and Tulane University, since they've offered me fee waivers. At worst case scenario, I'd be applying to fifteen colleges (which, you know, my list of eight is already a lot compared to most of my friends, who are looking at two or three, mostly in-state). We'll see how this plays out.

I added about 1300 words to one of SW fics last night -- the as yet untitled one that resides on my hard drive as the "Star Wars Clone Wars rampage fic" -- and typed up the 1220 words I've got of the AotC Qui-Gon lives AU, tentatively titled "What Is and What Should Never Be," although that title may, as many of my titles are wont to do, jump over to the crossover time travel story.

I'm almost certain the concept writing for "A Long Time Gone" is almsot done, which means I get to hop over into straight writing. I know more or less what happens through all of it. Well, except for that pesky middle section, but I know the beginning and I know the end and I know mostly how to set up for the third story. Which is going to have a happy ending! From a certain point of view, that is. *cough* I mean, I knew the ending already, but I just figured out how to make it happy.

The soundtrack thing for the 'verse? Working well. I need to take "Drought" off because it's totally Will Turner's song, but other than that -- need to go through the music on my other computer, which I now hate because I'm on my laptop all the time, but all my music is on my desktop -- and a little restructuring to slip things into certain positions, All Is Well. Well, except for "Samson", I go back and forth on whether or not it fits the Lostverse and canon or just the Lostverse. It may have to go. I have to think about it.

Okay, less rambling right now.
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You know that saying about how the first of the month defines how the rest of the month goes? Well, I'm screwed.

Cut for length )

I really want to see Supernatural do an ep involving a county fair and a rodeo -- a killer ghost cowboy! or something! -- just for the culture clash. I mean, come on. Rodeos are classic Americana.

Also, A Long Time Gone is falling together. Maybe reading about the Great Fire of London and how it compares to the Blitz was a bad idea, because I suddenly know exactly the image I want to end the story on.
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I'm getting really sick of this getting up early thing, and it's nowhere near as early as I'm going to have to get up when school starts. Of course, I probably won't be going to bed at two in the morning then, so that might help.

Yesterday I went up to the high school at nine to help my band director pick out pep band music for the coming year, along with some of the other seniors -- two of the songs we're playing are "Carry On My Wayward Son" and The Cantina Song from ANH. Rock. On.

Yesterday was also the march from hell -- Radio Hill, which basically means hills, hills, hills forever! Playing. We go through the fairgrounds, too, but not with cadences, since a lot of the horses are already there and they tend to spook when a band goes through with the drumline really wailing. Radio Hill is also the longest march we do.

This morning I got up at six-thirty, showered, and went to the high school in full uniform for the fall sports senior picture, which goes on the poster they put all around town telling when and where all the games are. They have yet to put the band concerts on it. *rolls eyes*

Bulldog Day today, so I went down up to the high school again to pick up my schedule, pay my fees, pick up my yearbook, and get my parking permit -- this year we have senior parking! Rock. Finally, senior perks. (With the old high school, we had a bunch of senior perks, but that went out when we moved into the new high school. It's cool that we get senior stuff just as I'm a senior.) Saw my friends, glared at That Bitch Mila -- seriously, I refuse to talk to her, I refuse to look at her, and I refuse to acknowledge her existence in any way except to bitch about her self-righteousness bitchiness. At least have the balls to tell me what the hell your problem with me is, bitch; I'm only going to apologize for something I know nothing about so many times and they're all used up, bitch -- went out for ice cream with a couple of my friends that I haven't seen all summer.

Went back to typing up concept writing for "A Long Time Gone" -- what's typed is about 6300 words, but I've got at least that much still in my notebook waiting to be typed. I think I may have also gotten into the actual meat of the writing part, because I'm hitting a lot of things I wanted to cover: podracing, Force choking, and precognitive nightmares. And I think this one might be a straight Anakin POV, too, even though I was hoping for more Obi-Wan. I've got some concept writing for the third story -- God help me, fucking Star Wars, man, is there a law that says things have to come in threes? -- and have the vaguely horrifying realization that some of the music on the What is Lost/A Long Time Gone soundtrack is actually more related to the third story. Again. God help me. I will not speak of it, though, because it is Top Secret. (follows canon more or less, though. vaguely.) (also, I think writing it is going to break my heart.)

I really need to get back to my novel. At least I have a broad plot arc, thank you God, at least I have a broad plot arc and main characters. That's what I keep telling myself.

Dude, the DVD commentary thing is really fun. *bounces excitedly*

I also need to buy size 6 16" circs. I think I'm going to make an HP scarf.
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Guys, I am this close to giving Leia a regnal name of "Jadbalja", which is probably only funny to me. *looks at lion names some more* Oooh -- or "Arsalana." Leia Arsaelana? Arselana? Arslaena? Aerslana?

Some days writing Star Wars sucks, but in a really good way.


Oh, shit, Leia means lion. I was wondering why I felt like her regnal name also had to be lion-related. (First I looked at "strength" and "warrior", but then I realized that Yoda's name meant warrior in Sanskrit. Leia Yoda is not a good name.)

Er. Leia Ariella? Nah, too feminine. God damn it.

*stares at Indian names* Leia Ashlata -- creeper of hope? Ashkira -- ray of hope? Hope -- A New Hope, conjures up images of the original trilogy despite significant changes made in the Lostverse. (Er, obviously these are highly bastardized versions of the actual names. Hi, Star Wars here.)

*scowls* Okay, canon Naboo regnal names for queens include Amidala, Jamillia, Apailana, and Kylantha. Amidala (Padme's name! In case no one knew that), according to Wookiepedia, comes from "Amitabha", a buddha that possesses infinite merits resulting from good deeds over countless past lives, according to Wikipedia. Okay, very nice. Jamillia, her successor (queen during AotC), comes from Arabic and means "beautiful." Apailana, her successor, Queen during RotS and later assassinated for harboring Jedi during the Purge, was originally spelled "Apairana", which is an "ancient house of the Maori people from the island of Aotearoa (New Zealand) with a strong female line (because Apailana was played by Keisha Castle-Hughes, who starred in "Whale Rider"). Kylantha, a puppet ruler installed by the Emperor after Apailana's assassination...has no meaning attached to her name, apparently. Damn.

Huh, curiously, according to Wookiepedia, by the time Padme was appointed to the Senate she was past the age that the Naboo usually gave up politics. Uh, what about Palpatine, then? Because he was definitely a lot older.

Regnal names apparently used only for the Princess (or Prince, probably) of Theed and the King or Queen of Naboo, but Padme kept hers when she went into the Senate...however, her niece, Pooja Naberrie, didn't take a regnal name when she went into the Senate, so that's out. *prods carefully* God, why does Star Wars have to have so much canon? And why doesn't it all make sense when put together? (Don't even get me started on trying to work out timelines; I've tried, and it makes me want to die.)

*head.desk* I give up. I'll think about it later. Freaking Star Wars, man. It's worse than trying to come up with Harry Potter names.

ETA: Ooooh...Arsalana, I think, and oh my God, I think that actually works in the context of the story. Man, this family reunion is going to be a bitch to write. I'm highly amused by the fact that the Lostverse is more Anakin/Padme than it is anything else, even though it's not. God, it's not my fault they got married and had babies.
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Well, the good news is that "A Long Time Gone" has gone to computer -- that is, I'm typing what's in my notebook into Word and labelling each scene for context. The bad news is that a lot of those scenes are going to have to be gone, gone, gone -- I have two possible beginnings, although I may be able to combine the two; a confrontation that I'm almost certain isn't going to take place in this story; a declaration that isn't part of this story at all; and a bunch of scenes (some of which are fight scenes) with a character who was killed ONSCREEN in canon, so I'm choosing not to push my luck too much. Also, I think her addition would make the story more confusing than it already is. Oh, Aayla. We all wanted you to be a Jedi spy who was sent to kill Anakin, but alas, you died in the movies and I'm pretty sure the few minutes of difference from the Lostverse and canon wouldn't change that. Oh, yeah, and there was the flashback within a flashback where I handcuffed Anakin to a bed; I think that's getting cut.

The other news is that part of the Qui-Gon lives AU has been written, and I can't figure out if Obi-Wan is a bastard or if Anakin's just a wimp. The other other news is that there's a possibility I may have started writing the Clone Wars story where Obi-Wan's on trial for being a Sith spy and Anakin gets passed around the Temple and proves that no, he really doesn't want to be anyone else's Padawan. I think I have to write it just for the scenes where Anakin is a horrible person, purposely forgets his temporary Masters' names, beating them in the rings, going on random rampages across random battlefields, ignores their orders, and oh yeah, swears that if Obi-Wan's convicted, will break him out of his cell and go on the lam with him. Plus, there's Obi-Wan awesomeness of the "ducks his guards -- while handcuffed, with Force inhibitors! -- and swears to kill the next Jedi who lays a hand on Anakin" type.

No, seriously, why do I keep watching SW vids that break my heart? Pause for a vid rec: Sick Cycle Carousel, by [livejournal.com profile] wolfling, which shows that there is something very wrong with Our Boys. No. Seriously, there's something wrong.

Also, why has no one yet made an icon of the end scene from RotJ, where Anakin and Obi-Wan are smiling at each other as Force ghosts, that says, "Actually, we *do* have the last word"? I mean, I won't promise I'd use it, but it should exist. Maybe I'll try sometime.


Aug. 10th, 2007 01:34 pm
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Suddenly I have all sorts of Padme love. Damn, it always helps to actually write a character, because then you have to know them. Also, you know Anakin's actually grown up when he can deal with Padme saying, "Yeah, you know what? So over ten years ago." In a much nicer way, of course. It's like combining kickass AotC Padme and much more emotional RotS Padme, by which I mean that I am evidently the one person in the SW fandom who actually liked AotC best out of all the prequels. I mean, even disregarding the really shallow side of me that's like, "Obi-Wan! In the rain! Kicking ass!"


See this? This is me writing now. Why am I writing Sparrow? I don't even like Sparrow.
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I'm getting my senior pictures taken at the end of the month, despite my protests that I'd rather take them in fall or winter, but no, I'm getting them in summer because my mom thinks I won't have time to take them in fall or winter. Despite the fact that I'd rather take them in fall or winter because then I can wear my letterman's jacket and therefore not have to worry about what to wear. Because I don't really do fashion, ya know? And now I have to find a cute top to wear. Preferably something in red or green. Not that my mom wants me to buy new clothes. *rolls eyes*

Ever since I got back from Brown, my mom's been after me to send my final project story into a magazine or a contest or something. Which, you know, I'm fine with, but I keep telling her, no, I want to edit it some more, and she goes, "No you don't! They accept it, then you edit it!" and I'm like, "Mom. You want me to send something to a publisher that isn't the absolute best I can do?" Not to mention that I'd have to find somewhere that's likely to take "And All the Saints are Sinners Too" (previously known as "Now Let the Fire Bathe Us"), which I'm pretty sure is horror. Or at least horror-esque. So I've got to do that, too. *rolls eyes*

I also have to buy a new purse, since the one I have is falling apart, and wow, isn't this a fun search? I'm really picky when it comes to purses, and I go through two or three a year.

I really want to get a class ring, too, which is expensive, so I have to find the money to pay for at least part of it, and I'm not really sure how to break it to my mom that I have to buy other senior stuff, too. I'm not sure whether or not I have to buy my cap and gown, but there's other various senior thingymabobs that would be cool to get. She's already freaking over the price of senior pictures.

Also, the college search of doom, which is hovering at ten schools -- I'd like to knock it down to nine, my mom wants to knock it down to seven, the early action program I'm looking at through QuestBridge has it at eight. Boston College went back on the list, since my dad really wants me to go to a Jesuit college (he went to Seattle U) despite the fact he doesn't want me to go to the East Coast. Since all except two schools are on the East Coast, I'm keeping BC on the list to placate him, despite the fact it doesn't offer as much financial aid as the others and doesn't guarantee four years of housing. It might get knocked off the list later. Currently, the list reads, in no particular order:

Stanford University
University of Washington
Wellesley College
Davidson College
Dickinson College
Boston College
Duke University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Williams College
Brown University

Also started one more essay, this one about why I like television. It's...kind of original, I guess.

On the other hand, I've been watching a lot of Farscape online. *blissful sound* I have mentioned how much I love the Internet, right?

And playing a lot of Majesty. It's kind of soothing, especially as I'm coming closer to the near end of the (really) rough draft of "Can't See the Stars Anymore" (which may be the working title, but is totally not the title the story will actually be because it's not active enough) and Obi-Wan is a hell of a lot more Dark Side than Anakin. Um. I mean really. I mean, activated a lightsaber through an unarmed someone's head Dark Side. I'm picking up on a lot of stuff I'm going to have to expand on in the second draft, and that's one of them. I'm also going to have to read through "What is Lost" again and see what I can pick up on, what I'm possibly contradicting, see if there are any overarching themes.

I'm getting a lot more hardcore about writing recently. This is sweet! I fail to see how this is bad, except in that I have more work to do.

Regarding the LJ drama (and I'm starting to feel, after going through my lurker journals, that this is a necessary post) I'm not going anywhere until fandom goes. If fandom goes, I go. I'm just really hoping it doesn't get to content-locked, password-protected, 18-and-over, etc., until I turn 18. So. Please. Nothing drastic for at least five months?

slight meta

Aug. 4th, 2007 11:24 pm
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Notes to self, sudden thoughts about "What is Lost" and "Can't See the Stars Anymore" dealing with titles and suddenly realized themes. And song lyrics.

Very very disconnected. Feel free to ignore. )
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Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] traveller: When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

This could take a while. I think the folder I was writing in before I went to Brown is upstairs. Also, by WIP, I mean anything that has words and a plot-like-thing. Also note that a lot of these have shown up here before. *cough* )

Also, after seeing "Born Under a Bad Sign", I reiterate: Sam and Dean are so totally Anakin and Obi-Wan. They've even got the murderous rage blackouts and the inability to kill each other!
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God, Obi-Wan uses his legs a lot in the prequels. *cough* I've been watching pieces of TPM and AotC to back up thoughts on the sequel to "What is Lost"; I should probably just rewatch all of AotC, since we see the Lars family on Tatooine and Padme's villa on Naboo in the WiL sequel and tonight I was all about the action.

God, Obi-Wan. Kicking things. I, uh, have kind of a kink for hand-to-hand. If anyone who read "What is Lost" didn't guess.

The working title for the sequel is "Can't See the Stars Anymore", which works nicely with the motif of lost things, but doesn't really work with the story. That part could be a problem.

On the other hand, the story does now have a soundtrack-in-progress. One of the songs is "Carry On My Wayward Son", which is where the Obi-Wan = Dean conparison a few days ago came from.

I'm serious. I think everyone significant except Yoda shows up in this story. I mean, it has Han and Chewie and this is a prequels story, for crying out loud. There is, however, no Bail Organa, although he may go into one of Obi-Wan's flashbacks. Yes: WiL had Anakin's flashbacks, "Can't See the Stars" has Obi-Wan's. It has a lot of Anakin POV, though.

Huh, there's no Qui-Gon yet, though. Maybe I can kill off Yoda. Once I figure out what happened when Obi-Wan and Yoda landed on Coruscant after the Temple massacre. (Timeline: after the Purge began, before the Empire forbids all incoming and outgoing independent starships from Coruscant. I have to make sure I don't contradict my own canon; internal consistency is good. Talking to you here, JKR.)

Or I could work on my [livejournal.com profile] shakes_that_fic story, but I...haven't started yet. I think I'm going to just do a scene and not all of MacBeth, though; I was struggling a lot with how to do it properly and then I hit on just doing the opening scene with MacBeth, Banquo, and the witches, and if I do it with Jack, Bootstrap, and a couple seawitches -- it sets something up nicely for canon and for SPN hunter Will.

But right now I'm going to work briefly on "Can't See the Stars" and then go to bed. Because it's ten to one in the morning. *cough*

This is much wordier than I'd planned it to be.
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Obi-Wan is a whiny little bitch, that's what he is, and this is next to Anakin "I'll land on Naboo and run out of my ship screaming my wife's name at the top of my lungs after I haven't seen her for ten years and Obi-Wan has called requesting backup in the middle of the night" Skywalker. Also, Quinlan Vos is a rockstar. Also, I just realized that pretty much every character that's ever shown up in all six movies is going to be in this story (slight exaggeration). Except for Yoda. Surprisingly, Yoda does not fit in.

Or, you know, Darth Vader. Obviously. Or Lando Calrissian. Yet. *eyes story warily*

Possibly a title is in order. Oh, yeah, don't have one yet. *throws things*

A quote, which may or may not make it into the final cut, you know how it goes:

"I know where we're going," Anakin said, tight-lipped. "And I know I'm going to kill Obi-Wan."

Aayla, who'd come in and was leaning on the back of Quinlan's chair, said, "What, again?"
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I need a name for Anakin's starship. Oh my God, I hate my life.

Head, meet wall. *beats head into wall* It's already designed after Serenity, I can't name it after Serenity too. What's a properly post-Purge Anakin-esque name for a starship?

...yeah, yeah, I know, my flist's mostly CSI:NY people. ARGH.

I'd name it Puddlejumper, but we're talking Anakin Skywalker here, not John Sheppard, despite the fact that I once compared them in an essay as Satan as hero. Jack Sparrow also made an appearance. I'm going to shut up now and go watch The Holiday some more.

ETA: I've been going through the Wookiepedia files on SW starships, and Lucas and Co. are not that subtle. Not that this should surprise anyone who's seen one SW movie. You can tell which ship is on which side just by looking at the names: if it's an Imperial ship, it's named something like Ravager or Dominator. Oh, and a lovely Chains of Justice. (Or Interceptor. Who's writing that crossover? Shut up.) The Old Republic ships are a little more neutral: Katana or Resolution (this would be, like, a thousand years before the prequels. Or ten thousand. Or something). We do not, apparently, know many of the Galactic Republic ship names, but they tend to be of the "yay, happy" type: Perseverance and Indomitable. The Rebel Alliance has such stalwarts as Liberator and...excuse me, I have to go doublecheck if the Galactic Alliance, the Rebellion, and the Rebel Alliance are the same thing. ...apparently not. Unsurprisingly, the Rebellion and the Rebel Alliance are the same thing, but the Galactic Alliance is part of the New Republic, or follows the New Republic, or something. God, don't you love Star Wars?

Anyway, for the Reel Alliance, we have the lovely Liberator, the Independence, and the Liberty. Hands up everyone who's surprised. Moving forward a bit, we have the New Republic, which goes back to yay, happy moments with Tyrant's Bane and Alliance. Aw, and we have the Obi-Wan. Brief happy moment for everyone; Luke named a ship after his mentor. Moving forward a bit more, we have the Galactic Alliance ships -- apparently the Galactic Alliance follows Another Big War, Because We Can't All Have Peace Despite That Thousand Year Period Where We, Gasp, Had Peace. Or Something. And We Certainly Can't Keep The Same Damn Government -- Peerless, Protector, Rebel Dream -- which, apparently, was an Imperial ship called Tyrant, whereupon it was captured by the New Republic, recaptured by the Empire, recaptured by the New Republic, and was eventually transferred on to the Galactic Alliance -- and a bunch of other ships named after people, like the Bail Organa and the Mon Mothma.

And then we have the independents: the Millennium Falcon, the Ebon Hawk, the Dusty Duck, and a bunch of others. They got all the cool names, obviously. Anakin's ship is going to have a cool name. Possibly the Cat's Defiance.

...Yeah, I'm going to bed now.


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