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I -- did not hate the Glee finale, just parts of it, and some parts of it I really did like. SHOCKING.

The major problem I have had with Glee, all along, is that it's unrealistic. Which, well, it's a TV show, what do I want out of it? The thing is that I did do high school band (in a small rural town, at that), and I had a lot of friends that did choir (although my high school didn't have a show choir, so I can't speak for how different those two experiences are), and Glee is so over-the-top most of the time that watching it makes me scream. Especially parts where I just want to leap up and yell, "But that's now how high school music competitions work!" (I have given up on character with Glee, but the high school music competition thing drives me insane.)

I really liked high school, and I really liked my high school band. We didn't have much of a budget, so we didn't march the way most bands do; my freshman year the town and the parent group, after something of a kerfuffle following the Veterans Day parade, which we marched in street clothes because it's too cold in November to wear our pep band polo shirts, managed to raise enough money to buy us jackets. (That's what you can see in my icon, vaguely.) The following years contained constant bitching about the jackets from students that had come in after the kerfuffle, which was mostly carried on through the letters to the editor section of the local newspaper. We only wore them twice a year, on the two occasions we marched -- once for the Rodeo Parade (we used to wear the polo shirts), which was our only actual competition, and once for the Vet's Day Parade. We only had a handful of other competitions for concert band -- two, I think. But we were good. But again -- we had no money. We got invitations to go and play in various places across the country, but we had no money. My band director? Was also the band director for the middle school's three bands, the high school jazz band, the pep band, the marching band, and the two high school concert bands. No money to do anything else, no time to work with the students we had.

In conclusion, the show that I would like to see would be the Friday Night Lights of high school music. Preferably marching band, but I'm a little prejudiced, since I was a band geek myself.
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EHS marching band starts today.

I'm not marching -- I can't. My band director has let graduates march with the band in the past -- super seniors -- but I'm leaving on Saturday, two weeks before the Rodeo Parade. (That's right, y'all, my high school marches in a rodeo parade. How's that for country?) I didn't know that marching band was starting today until I checked the band website on a whim, wondering when the barbecue was and if I should drop by and say hi to everyone. And I graduated high school three months ago, but I was in the EHS marching band a full year before I was a freshman at EHS; I marched as an eighth grader, a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, and a senior. I marched flute and I marched bari. Except for my senior year, I gave more to the band program at EHS than I've ever given to anything else. I was the very epitome of a band geek, and I loved marching band more than anything else. And knowing that band starts today, I'm on edge, I keep glancing at the clock as if I answer to the beat of that drum again.

I could, if I wanted to, and maybe I will. I should go say hi. But it's not my band any more. It won't be my band ever again. My fight song isn't my fight song any more; my instrument was never mine.

It hurts, a little bit. It's lonely.

I miss it.

Who knew?
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I registered for classes today. I've got:

AERO 101: Foundations of USAF, and Foundations of USAF Lab
PHYS 131: General Physics, and General Physics Lab
MATH 122: Calculus II
ENGL 263: Introduction to British Literature I
ASTJ 101: Beginning Japanese I
TIDE (um, something): Invisible Cities in NOLA

One thing I don't have is band, and this is kind of a big shock for me. This is the first time in nine years -- nine years -- I won't have a band class, and for a lot of those nine years, I've had more than one. Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Pep and Marching Band...if you can name it, I've probably done it. But not this upcoming semester. I can't make it to Tulane's band camp because I have the NOLA Experience program at the same time, and if I'd known, I wouldn't have applied for NOLA, but I did and I got in, so that's where I'm going. I can't do concert band, either, because Tulane doesn't run their concert and marching bands concurrently. I'll definitely do concert band next semester -- on bari if I can rent one from the school, on alto or flute if I can't. I could probably audition for Tulane's jazz band on bari or alto, but...I'm not a jazz musician. I've played jazz for the past three years, but I don't love it the way I do concert.

This is deathly ironic because one of the reasons I chose Tulane over Wellesley was because Tulane had a band and Wellesley didn't. Hell, of my four final schools, Tulane was the only one with a band. Wellesley doesn't have one, Embry-Riddle doesn't have one, and Oxford College at Emory University doesn't have one. Vanderbilt, my waitlist school, does -- but why wait on a waitlist when I'm already into four schools? Christ, Tulane is one of the few schools out there that does march baris; I've been looking at colleges based on their marching bands since eighth grade. I'm bitter.
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Yesterday was performance day. WindFest has been going on up at the college for the past three days; EHS performed first thing Saturday morning. We played; I went home, changed, and ate something, then went back to Central to spend the rest of the day at the music building watching bands play. Some of them were okay -- nobody was horrible; WindFest is invitation only -- and some of them were really good. The CWU Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble also played.

The Symphonic Band played the first movement of a piece called Ghost Train, and holy cow, amazing. Amazing. (Okay, that was weird. I'm listening to Marc Cohn right now, and what just came up was his song Ghost Train. Creepy!) Ghost Train is about a ghost train in the desert, and you can hear it -- hear the train, slowly creaking to the life, and oh my God, I really can't adequately describe how amazing it is.

The Wind Ensemble played Music for Prague 1968, which was...God, amazing, but it's not a pretty song. It's not supposed to be a pretty song. In 1968, Czechoslovakia was invaded by the Soviet Union; this piece symbolizes that. There's a piccolo solo, which my flute teacher plays; she describes it "as the only beautiful part of the whole piece". It symbolizes hope. The third movement is all percussion; the snare drum symbolizes the military marching on Prague. Prague is also the city of a hundred bells, which have been used to warn of approaching armies for centuries; the chimes and bells imitate them. In the last movement, it's -- basically organized chaos. The vibes go nuts, imitating the sound of human screaming as the city is invaded and the tanks roll in. I left after that; a couple of band kids from another school said, "Now I never want to listen to music ever again."

Olympia High School played Red Cape Tango, from the Metropolis Symphony. Based on Superman. No, really. And -- I can't flutter enough here -- it was the most amazing thing I've ever heard. Just -- Red Cape Tango came out in 1993, which is the same year Death of Superman came out, and Michael Daugherty, the composer, deliberatley based his piece on that comic. He noticed that in some of the panels, it looked like Superman and Doomsday were locked in a deadly dance, almost resembling the tango. And so he wrote Red Cape Tango as part of his Metropolis Symphony (composed for the fiftieth anniversary of the Superman comics; he released one movement every year), and god, my friend Ellora's friend from Olympia High was right: it's epic. There's this thing with the cymbals -- I was watching them, and there are two cymbal players, one on either side of the hall, and they're playing back and forth, just off each other, like a clash of the titans. And there's the Dies Irae, played by the bassoon and the, I think, either chimes or timpani, symbolizing the death, and it's -- the Red Cape Tango because of the dance, and because of that iconic image of Superman's red cape fluttering from a lightpost, and just -- oh my God. *waves hands*

And also, I saw the musical again tonight. And really want to write fic. But I can't, because I have to work on my novel.
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So, um, Creative Writing Club had concessions yesterday? There is a possibility we may have set off the fire alarm by burning popcorn. And by possibility, I mean "evacuated the school", although fortunately immediately after the girls' game had finished. Like, literally, the band finished playing the fight song and the fire alarm went off.

*cough* *not from smoke inhalation*

Solo Ensemble was today; I played at 8:10 and 1:20 and did okay; I don't know my scores yet. Probably okay.

Also, at CWC yesterday, one of my Spaceforce excerpts got critiqued. Most of it is stuff that I'll probably ignore -- people kept asking about the military terms, and there was some stuff about my phrasing and POV -- but most of it was legit and I got to talk about Beau and Cam, and Beau and Sassy, and "Is Beau Southern?" "Yeah, he's from South Carolina." "I can tell."
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And today in band I got hit in the face with a donut and got a bloody nose. Not a donut donut, a donut like what you use to stop cellos and basses from slipping on the floor. A couple of the boys were screwing around; my friend Luke threw it and it hit me in the face. At which point I started bleeding all over the place. Fortunately the girls bathroom isn't far from the band room; I got in there, where the cheerleaders were touching up. They didn't freak out too much; it was mostly, "Are you okay? What happened?" I bled all over the bathroom, got it stopped after about seven minutes, and then went to Creative Writing Club, where someone had run in and told my teacher that I had a bloody nose. Apparently everyone I know should know by Monday, too.

Oh, well, everyone should have one funny high school story from their senior year. Now I can make stuff up, like Luke and I got in a fight or something.

My band director's going to freak; he wasn't here today.
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I really feel no desire at all to go to pep band tonight, even if it is Homecoming. I'd rather stay home and watch three hours straight of season premieres. Well. Two hours of season premieres and one non-premiere ep, since I'll take Nashville over Moonlight right now.

*dramatic sigh* The Homecoming assembly today was one of the worst I've ever seen, and my class -- 2008 -- kind of sucks. Alas. (Even though I do have a headband with "SENIORS 2008" on it on right now. SENIOR POWER, BABY.)

(I did in fact give in and write girl!Anakin -- Ani Skywalker -- but only the tiny bit I've been writing for my other SW AUs -- basic set-up, mostly, or whatever happens to come into my head in regards to them. I realize that I like writing Anakin more than I do Ani. Although Obi-Wan's faint desperation in regards to something other than the downfall of the Jedi is amusing and a nice change. Ani had been wandering around Obi-Wan's room in various states of undress since she was nine, so all Obi-Wan said was, very mildly, "Put something on, you'll catch your death of cold." He'd seen it all before, anyway. And among the Jedi, the entire physical meant next to nothing.)

(Oh, all right, I may sometime give in and write more Ani Skywalker, if I have an excuse, but it's not exactly on the front burner right now. That's taken up by "A Long Time Gone" and "Bad Moon Rising.")
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One of the pep band songs this year is the Cantina Band Song from Star Wars: Episode I, and you seriously have no idea how much playing it is fucking with my head. (Let's all ignore the fact that I'm the one who said, "Hey, let's play it!" when Mark W. found it in the music library.) Because: Cantina band. Which makes me think of cantinas. Which makes me think of The Sand and Stone. Which makes me think of "What Is Lost" and "A Long Time Gone."

Which makes me think I should probably be writing. *wince* On the other hand, I was thinking about some potentially useful worldbuilding type stuff. Okay, granted, it's the type of worldbuilding that will never make it into the stories because of how, as of now, The Sand and Stone is framed in "A Long Time Gone" and the sequel.

...I really want to babble about the Lostverse, but I can't do it here because I think I have good twists, but that's just me.

It doesn't help that one of our other pep band songs is "Carry On Wayward Son", which has currently switched positions from being the Dean Winchester Song to being the Anakin Skywalker in the Lostverse song (or alternately, the Obi-Wan Kenobi in canon song). Yeah, I picked that one too.

In other news, I am apparently writing "Five Times Obi-Wan Kenobi Compromised His Immutable Jedi Ethics For Anakin Skywalker, or, Five Times Obi-Wan Kenobi Went Dangerously Close to the Dark Side, Whoops," for [ profile] limmenel. Oh my God, it's totally canon, shut up.
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My stupid local newspaper, I swear to fucking God, man.

Two pictures -- two! -- of Eisenhower's band, and nary a mention of Ellensburg's. Hi, for one, we are, in fact, the local band, and for two, we are, in fact, the BAND THAT WON.

I mean, they've been going through ownership and journalist issues, but they don't give the high school the coverage we previously got: sports, academics, and arts. Especially arts, though, because TWO PICTURES of Ike, and none of Ellensburg. Hell, on one picture they went out of their way to highlight the "E" in Ike. (They won't let me link straight to the picture. Go to that page, click on "Parade 2007", scroll down until you see the two band pictures -- it's the one with the baritone player and the silkscreen E on the tuba in the background.)

*looks at 2007 Parade archive* Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding me. They didn't even take pictures of the Ellensburg band. I mean, I just...I don't even comprehend. We're a small town. It's traditional in any small town for high school events to get a lot of coverage, and the newspaper -- with the new owners and the new employees -- isn't doing that. I mean. Is it because Ike has shinier uniforms? I mean, is it? Do they even know the story about how we got the uniforms we have? Do they think Eisenhower High School is in Ellensburg? I mean, for some reason do they honestly not understand that Ellensburg High School is, in fact, in Ellensburg?

I'm so angry I can't think straight. Angry letter writing (again!) may be in order. I was at the high school today, helping my band director prepare for the upcoming school year with a couple other seniors, and all of us were pissed off. COME ON.
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You know that saying about how the first of the month defines how the rest of the month goes? Well, I'm screwed.

Cut for length )

I really want to see Supernatural do an ep involving a county fair and a rodeo -- a killer ghost cowboy! or something! -- just for the culture clash. I mean, come on. Rodeos are classic Americana.

Also, A Long Time Gone is falling together. Maybe reading about the Great Fire of London and how it compares to the Blitz was a bad idea, because I suddenly know exactly the image I want to end the story on.
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I'm getting really sick of this getting up early thing, and it's nowhere near as early as I'm going to have to get up when school starts. Of course, I probably won't be going to bed at two in the morning then, so that might help.

Yesterday I went up to the high school at nine to help my band director pick out pep band music for the coming year, along with some of the other seniors -- two of the songs we're playing are "Carry On My Wayward Son" and The Cantina Song from ANH. Rock. On.

Yesterday was also the march from hell -- Radio Hill, which basically means hills, hills, hills forever! Playing. We go through the fairgrounds, too, but not with cadences, since a lot of the horses are already there and they tend to spook when a band goes through with the drumline really wailing. Radio Hill is also the longest march we do.

This morning I got up at six-thirty, showered, and went to the high school in full uniform for the fall sports senior picture, which goes on the poster they put all around town telling when and where all the games are. They have yet to put the band concerts on it. *rolls eyes*

Bulldog Day today, so I went down up to the high school again to pick up my schedule, pay my fees, pick up my yearbook, and get my parking permit -- this year we have senior parking! Rock. Finally, senior perks. (With the old high school, we had a bunch of senior perks, but that went out when we moved into the new high school. It's cool that we get senior stuff just as I'm a senior.) Saw my friends, glared at That Bitch Mila -- seriously, I refuse to talk to her, I refuse to look at her, and I refuse to acknowledge her existence in any way except to bitch about her self-righteousness bitchiness. At least have the balls to tell me what the hell your problem with me is, bitch; I'm only going to apologize for something I know nothing about so many times and they're all used up, bitch -- went out for ice cream with a couple of my friends that I haven't seen all summer.

Went back to typing up concept writing for "A Long Time Gone" -- what's typed is about 6300 words, but I've got at least that much still in my notebook waiting to be typed. I think I may have also gotten into the actual meat of the writing part, because I'm hitting a lot of things I wanted to cover: podracing, Force choking, and precognitive nightmares. And I think this one might be a straight Anakin POV, too, even though I was hoping for more Obi-Wan. I've got some concept writing for the third story -- God help me, fucking Star Wars, man, is there a law that says things have to come in threes? -- and have the vaguely horrifying realization that some of the music on the What is Lost/A Long Time Gone soundtrack is actually more related to the third story. Again. God help me. I will not speak of it, though, because it is Top Secret. (follows canon more or less, though. vaguely.) (also, I think writing it is going to break my heart.)

I really need to get back to my novel. At least I have a broad plot arc, thank you God, at least I have a broad plot arc and main characters. That's what I keep telling myself.

Dude, the DVD commentary thing is really fun. *bounces excitedly*

I also need to buy size 6 16" circs. I think I'm going to make an HP scarf.
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Okay, apparently my SW muse has gone into overdrive, because now I even have a plot for the Obi-Wan barfight story. Roughly Clone Wars-era, either that or just before AotC, involves civilian dress, the lines "Could he be any more obviously a Jedi?" and "I am the female of my species, you know!" both in regards to Anakin, and Obi-Wan getting drunk and kicking ass. Well. Not very drunk.

...I love my band director. He just e-mailed us all and went, "I have an ex-student who plays in one of the Marine Corps bands! (She plays piccolo, by the way -- how awesome is that?) There are some vacancies in the Marine Corps bands, and it would be a great opportunity for some of you! You should consider applying!" to which my reply is to burst out laughing, because he's had this year's seniors for six years now, going on seven, and I can't really see any of us joining the Marines. I've already established I'll go for the Air Force if I go at all.

On the other hand, we did have that one guy who joined the Marines, but he quit band his senior year. He totally doesn't count.

Still haven't started my [ profile] shakes_that_fic story yet, god damn it.
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Graduation tonight. *sad* I'm really going to miss the Class of 2007. This year's seniors were some of the smartest, most talented, and all-around great people I've ever met, and the thought of maybe never seeing them again is heartbreaking. Although I'm sure I'm going to end up crying all over them tonight, I also know they'll succeed in anything they put their hearts and minds toward, and I wish them the best of luck.

Also, the Other Bari Player, who is graduating and does not own his instrument, signed his case. *weeps* I'm going to miss him so much. He asked if he could play with the band instead of walking during the senior recognition assembly today, but he has to walk the assembly if he wants to walk graduation. And -- it's kind of shocking, really, because I'm so used to him always having his bari, that realizing he won't ever have that exact bari again is a little like getting kicked in the face, because it's just...him. And his bari. I don't know if anyone else in the band gets that, but it's one of the saddest things I've ever seen and it makes me want to cry.

ETA: And they're gone. *weeps*
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I have returned!

Okay, returned pretty sick, but hey: you gain some, you lose some. If in "lose some" you mean, "nearly passed out on the first day, very nearly lost voice on second and third days." And "didn't get to see the Air Force Band and the Boston Brass because people wanted to get back to the 'Burg for Tolo." And "six hours on a bus" and "five hours on a bus."

Make that school bus -- we didn't get a charter bus.

But it was very fun, and we played well -- well enough to make my BD cry, but in a good way, not a bad way -- and I got to test-play flutes and oh my god, alto flute and bass flute holy mother of god I want them now.

Coherence tomorrow, when I am hopefully not so sick.


Feb. 14th, 2007 11:01 pm
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In slightly less than eight hours I'm going to be on a school bus headed to Portland, Oregon, to play with Wind Ensemble at All-Northwest. I'll be gone Thursday and Friday; I'll be back late Saturday, at which point I shall probably be incoherent. Ta!

Also: show, you kill me dead. Danny is totally my favorite character ever, and one of these days, someone tell me what the hell is up in the opening exchange between Danny and Mac (over Peyton?).

Danny! Wednesdays are so totally good days for TV; between CSI:NY and Bones, I'm set.

No, seriously, I'd forgotten why I loved Danny so much.
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I am so totally going to Portland. Suddenly, my cloud of depression lifts.

Portland! All-Northwest! One with the rest of Wind Ensemble! You have no idea how happy this makes me.
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Won the parade. Been on my feet for the past thirteen hours (yay band, fair, and friends). Dead now.
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So it's that time of year again.

You know, school starting, football games, oh my god classes...and for the juniors, time to start preparing to take the SAT.

Somebody shoot me. I picked up an SAT test prep book today.

And I'm trying to decide if I should switch out of ordinary chem to either honors chem or AP Bio -- only problem is, I'd have to completely reconfigure my schedule, dropping symphonic band, going fulltime wind ensemble, and moving PE to second period for a full year instead of going halves sixth period with wind. *sigh* But I should, because I really want to get into Stanford, and junior year is supposed to be your most important year of high school... Anyway, my current schedule looks like so:

0: Jazz Band
1: AP Junior English
2: Chemistry
3: AP Calculus
4: AP U.S. History
5: Symphonic Band
6: BodyWorks (first semester)/ Wind Ensemble (second semester)

Now, if I changed my schedule, it would be one of two possibilities depending on the class I changed to. They'd be the same except for the science class, since honors chem and AP Bio are offered the same period.

0: Jazz Band
1: AP Junior English
2: Individual and Team Games
3: AP Calculus
4: AP U.S. History
5: Honors Chemistry -or- AP Biology
6: Wind Ensemble

But if I did that, symph band wouldn't have a bari, and not much of a bass section either, since my BD moved up the bass clares (I think he did both), the tuba moved up, the double bass moved up, and I think there's only a tuba coming up, nothing else. And both tenors quit, and none are coming up from the middle school, as far as I know. (We've got one new tenor marching with us, but I think he's an eighth grader rather than a freshman) And I like being in band with the frosh. It lets me build connections, and lets me be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond. And playing with Birkin (the other bari) is just frustrating sometimes; he's that much better than me. On the other hand, it is my last chance to play with the senior saxophone boys, all of whom are amazing. Okay, Kyle and Birkin are amazing, Joey is just cute. Kyle is cute and amazing. And they're graduating.

And I need to get into a good college, damn it.

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Or non-fiction, slightly fictionalized memoir, if you so prefer.

you're not halfway decent, you're halfway decent about being halfway trained )

Why yes, marching band has started, why do you ask?

"If I say play, you play. If I say stop, you stop. If I say dance, YOU DANCE!" Oh, Joey. *shakes head*
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My friend Ellora and I got together today to hang out and generally do the girly thing and watch "She's the Man" (which is awesome, by the way), eat ice cream and popcorn, and talk about band. Also about her ex; she's coming off a break-up, so. *shrugs* They're both in band, both in the same section, and marching band starts next week. Eek?

Marching! This makes me happy. This also freaks me out, because oh my god, schoo is in a month. Ish.

Also, see this? This is me totally not writing the Winter City flashback scene where a lame (literally), broken Danny has just lost his NYPD job and is gambling on horses at the racetrack, and a brutal, manipulative Stella shows up to completely ruin his life. I mean, it would be totally cool, but no. I'm trying to deal with the nightmare that is Schrodinger's Nightmare right now.


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