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Now, if I were to write a third part of the immortal!Susan/resurrected!Peter 'verse (well, okay, granted, I'd have to write the other two parts first), it would be an SPN crossover, of course. If only because one cannot not put the crazy Winchester brothers and the crazy Pevensie siblings in the same room, but also because it would have to include the scene where some demon has Peter and Dean in front of him (Susan and Sam having been thrown against the walls, trying to pick themselves up and go for their guns at the same time) and says, "Dean Winchester, dragged out of hell...and Peter Pevensie, ripped out of heaven. Now that's symmetry for you."
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"For all you know, [in the fourth season] it's going to be Sam with a flashlight in haunted houses with a special cell phone that calls hell," Gamble said with tongue in cheek.

Supernatural Looks to Year Four (No spoilers.)
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Official Visit of Lieutenant General Santa Claus"

No, really, this is about the level of my coherency right now. I'll do a 2007 fic round-up nearer the end of the year; what I should do is a round-up of all the fic I started and didn't finish.


The 2007 <s>Unwritten Fic</s> Fic in Progress (on my computer) Year in Review )
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It says a lot about me that the bit I really want to write in the SW-as-SPN story is their version of "What Is and What Should Never Be." *facepalm* AU of an AU, man. That's me.

(Where Anakin is going for his Ph.D at Caltech! And he's married to Padme! And Obi-Wan has a degree from Brown and is in the military! And Qui-Gon is dead! Still!)

And the part that's not going to be in there, from Anakin and Obi-Wan's one year together in high school (four year age difference, here -- look, if I can set it on Earth, I can change their ages), where Obi-Wan, who's mostly skated by in high school -- he'll do the work in class and he tends to ace the tests because he has a good memory, but he never does homework -- gets saddled with a teacher who actually cares what happens to him, so she starts keeping him after and forcing him to do his work. Unfortunately, Obi-Wan's in Anakin babysitting mode, so Anakin ends up sitting in the cafeteria for the three hours or so Obi-Wan's getting tutored -- doing his homework, which is a plus, but he gets it done fast, which is not. That's what he's doing when the basketball coach sees him sitting there alone and coerces him into playing basketball, where he makes varsity.

And Anakin plays basketball and then gets into a fight with another player during an away game and Obi-Wan comes to all his home games and looks kind of proud but disbelieving and Qui-Gon ranges around killing things. Obi-Wan's teacher coerces him into taking the SAT and the subject tests, and bullies him into applying to college, and they're all actually halfway normal until Qui-Gon ends up in the hospital because of a hunt gone bad. Obi-Wan and Anakin turn up, panicked, and Obi-Wan starts packing to finish Qui-Gon's hunt and Anakin says he's coming too, only he has a big playoffs game that night and Obi-Wan says, no, go be normal, and Anakin says, I'm not letting you out there alone, and they go hunt the thing down and kill it. Which is great, except for the part where Anakin missed the game. Which he's absolutely terrified about, because he really does want to be normal.

But because it's a small town, the coach heard about Qui-Gon ending up in the hospital, and he thinks he understands why Anakin skipped out. And they made it to state anyway. So Anakin goes to State, and Obi-Wan skips school to watch him and Qui-Gon shows up and looks stern, and life goes on without anything else interesting happening, and when the teacher asks, Obi-Wan lies and says he didn't get into any schools. And he graduates, and they move on because that's what they do. And a few days after they've left town, the teacher gets a copy of Obi-Wan's acceptance letter to Brown in the mail.

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I think Practical Magic takes place in the SPN 'verse.

I mean, there's nothing there that specifically contradicts it, and the Owens sisters and the Winchester brothers really need to meet.

Huh, speaking of which, why haven't we gotten the classic "witchcraft in Massachusetts" ep? We need good witches, anyway. Like, part-time hunter type witches. Huh.
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You know what I wish canon had given us? Obi-Wan going, at least a little bit, Dark Side for Anakin. You know. (I mean, I think the RotS novelization implied that Obi-Wan would go against all his Jedi principles for Anakin, but saying it is one thing and doing it is another. Plus, movie canon.)

It is probably not a coincidence that one of the earliest scenes in mind for "The Most Dangerous Man in the Galaxy" (should I ever get around to writing it *rolls eyes*) is the one where Obi-Wan pulls a lightsaber on Yoda when he sees Yoda. Or that the Clone Wars spy story has Obi-Wan going psycho on a couple Jedi when they threaten Anakin.

And, of course, it's, uh, practically canon that Anakin starts murdering people whenever someone he loves is hurt/threatened/killed. In movie canon, see: Sand People, Jedi Temple. If I'm not mistaken, there are a number of cases in the EU as well.

In other news: Supernatural. Shiny. Cut for brief spoilers that were, like, spoilers a year ago, but you know, to avoid getting hunted down. Also, this is probably old news in the SPN fandom anyway. )
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Supernatural S2...*caresses case*
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The Supernatural Menace.

I don't even have any words. Well, I do. It's like someone raided my brain. In other words, go watch!
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Guys guys guys, horrible story: I went to Fred Meyer today after school to buy SPN S2 with my knitting money and ended up not buying it because (a) it was $44.99 and (b) the guy at the checkout counter was occupied with somoene else, so I went home to pull it up on Amazon. The cheapest price with $32.50, but my parents went to the grocery store and I said, "Okay, I'll do my chem homework (die chemical compound names die!) first, then buy it." When I finished, I refresed, and the cheap ones were all gone! It was back up to $37.99.

The new low item price is $34.99 with $2.98 shipping. I'm debating ordering it now and getting it (hopefully) this weekend, or waiting till this weekend and buying it at Costco (price: $37.99).

But really, it was tragic and I was traumatized for life. TRAUMATIZED, I TELL YOU.

Also, I have to skip band tomorrow to go do a chemistry lab. *weeps*
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You know that saying about how the first of the month defines how the rest of the month goes? Well, I'm screwed.

Cut for length )

I really want to see Supernatural do an ep involving a county fair and a rodeo -- a killer ghost cowboy! or something! -- just for the culture clash. I mean, come on. Rodeos are classic Americana.

Also, A Long Time Gone is falling together. Maybe reading about the Great Fire of London and how it compares to the Blitz was a bad idea, because I suddenly know exactly the image I want to end the story on.
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I'm really enamored of this SW SPN AU. Possibly been thinking about it too much -- and I still don't have a car, God damn it, and the story needs a car. Not an Impala, I think, because it's Anakin's car and I don't think an Impala is flashy enough for Anakin. Plus, the Impala will always be the Winchesters' car.

(And I'm chomping at the bit to get to "What Is and What Should Never Be" in this 'verse because Anakin. It has to be Anakin, of course, not Obi-Wan, because Obi-Wan doesn't know anything except for hunting. Anakin, baby, with everything he always thought he wanted -- except it's not, at all, because if Shmi didn't die he'd never have met Obi-Wan.)

(Also. Dean: breaks into Sam's apartment in the middle of the night to steal beer. Obi-Wan: parks The Car prominently outside where Anakin's sure to see it, breaks into Anakin's apartment in the middle of the day, and sits at the kitchen table drinking tea and reading Padme's polisci textbooks.)

Writing by [ profile] summer_bits stories frantically, and now I have to go to marching band, where we may get lucky and march by the wine red Impala. *happy sigh* It cheers me up every time, even though it's, like, 2006 or 2007 -- look, I don't know cars.
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...if only for the scene where Anakin hugs the Jedi version of the Impala and starts cooing at it, "Oh, baby, baby, I'll never leave you again, I'm so sorry, I left you with the bad man..." while Obi-Wan stands off to the side with his arms crossed and says dryly, "You make it sound like I beat her." Because, you know, while as far as character roles go Anakin is Sam and Obi-Wan is Dean times ten million, personality-wise Anakin is Dean and Obi-Wan is Sam.

Also, I think Quinlan is Ellen. *head.desk* Because Aayla is Jo! Which makes Mace Windu Bobby? Because I don't think I can make Yoda Bobby and keep a straight face.

Now I just have to figure out what kind of car Anakin and Obi-Wan drive -- I mean, obviously Anakin rebuilt the entire thing from the inside out, but it's probably a sweet car. Dean drives the Impala, Will Turner drives a Challenger...what kind of car would Anakin Skywalker, hunter, drive?
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Snagged from [ profile] traveller: When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

This could take a while. I think the folder I was writing in before I went to Brown is upstairs. Also, by WIP, I mean anything that has words and a plot-like-thing. Also note that a lot of these have shown up here before. *cough* )

Also, after seeing "Born Under a Bad Sign", I reiterate: Sam and Dean are so totally Anakin and Obi-Wan. They've even got the murderous rage blackouts and the inability to kill each other!
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If I was insane, I would write a Star Wars/Supernatural crossover in which Anakin and Obi-Wan are hunters. Because Anakin and Obi-Wan are Sam and Dean, but with lightsabers.


Because Anakin would so totally be one of the yellow-eyed demon's chosen kids, right? And Obi-Wan is like Dean, only a little more zen. And Qui-Gon would be John, only a little more dead. And possibly Obi-Wan has some kind of deep dark secret where he was one of the YED's previous generations, only he never talks about it, and I should stop now before I actually write the damn thing. Which I don't want to do, because I have a ton of other stuff to write and that's not even counting application stuff and semi-homework.

...but it would so totally work, wouldn't it?

*crickets chirp*

In other news, I'm considering taking BC, BU, and W&L off my potential college list for various reasons and putting Williams College and Ithaca College on for various reasons. Even though Williams is in the middle of nowhere. Also, if I apply to Ithaca, I can write my essay on how the Odyssey shaped my life (no lie, it totally did) and how I always wanted to find my way to Ithaca.

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Also, I got my AP scores back! U.S. History: 4. Calculus AB: 4 (amazing! I thought I'd get, like, a 2, especially considering all the crap that went down during the test). English Language and Composition: 5. YAY.

6/29/07 )

6/30/07 )

Guys, this one came to me in a dream. I'm not even kidding. Thus Sam Carter and the bird, which, oh my God, WTF.

7/1/07 )

7/2/07 )

7/3/07 )

Happy Fourth of July, y'all!
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One of our assignments for Creative Writing is, as the first thing we do every morning, to handwrite a minimum of ten lines in a journal. Not necessarily journalistically, but anything. And it's actually been pretty interesting to see what crawls out of my brain early in the morning, so I thought I'd post my entries every three days or so.

6/26/07 )

6/27/07 )

6/28/07 )

I think it's clear that most of what falls out of my brain early in the morning is fanfic. I see: Star Wars, Supernatural, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I wrote Harry Potter today. And some of this is original, and some of this is just bitching about what I feel when I wake up, and some of it is just random lines.
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Tell me, why has no one yet written the SPN fic where Sam and Dean do a normal salt and burn, only the ghost just won't go away, so they do a little searching and find out that the reason she's not dead yet is because she donated her hair to Locks of Love, so they have to go hunt down Locks of Love and find the girl who the ghost's hair was given to, steal the wig, and salt and burn it, but Dean can't quite bring himself to do it, even though Sam's fine with the idea? WHY? Seriously, why has no one thought of this?

Yes, I did just get my hair cut today, thanks. It was almost down to my butt, and I cut it off to about shoulder-length, so it's going to Locks of Love.

*stares fondly at wordfile with The Novel in it* They're so cute when they're innocent.

ETA: Teeny tiny bit of fic, so it gets out of my brain.

"Dean!" Sam screams, so blindly terrified that Dean's first instinct isn't to punch a bitch but to get to his baby brother as fast as he can, put his arms around Sam and a loaded shotgun between him and whatever else is out there.
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CSI:NY, Bones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Supernatural, Space: Above and Beyond, Dark Angel, Ocean's Eleven, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ultimate Fantastic Four.

21 pieces of personal canon for eleven fandoms )


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