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Things that are really not going to help my commitment issues: the fact that I have my 4-day pass for SWCO in my hand and I'm not going.

I had two separate plans fall through -- the first one was because I was planning to go with my ex, the second I'm assuming fell through because I haven't heard anything from her in about two months. And -- I know my ex is going to be there and I am literally terrified of running into her, so going probably wouldn't be a good idea anyway. They livestream the panels and most of the merch will be on Ebay the next week any day, and even at a markup will be cheaper than the thousand bucks it would cost to get a plane ticket and a hotel room (if there are still hotel rooms available).

I am still going to be furious and sulking for the next month, because I really do want to go. (Especially since there's not going to be a Celebration in 2018.)


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