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...a day early, because I'm traveling tomorrow but don't want to get out of the habit of it.

What I'm currently reading

A reread of Martha Wells' The Cloud Roads, which is on the one hand comfort reading for me, because the series is one of my favorites, and on the other hand Wells' prose is similar enough to mine that it helps reset me when I'm feeling scattered, which I am at the moment.

What I've just finished reading

Star Wars (Legends): Knight Errant by John Jackson Miller -- a reread, but I think I've only read it once or twice before. JJM is one of my favorite Star Wars authors, but I don't like the Knight Errant book + comics as much as I like some of his other works. Kerra Holt is a little abrasive for me, though in a way that makes me second guess my feelings and go "is it the character herself or my expectations for what makes a female character likable?"

Also The Silent Tower by Barbara Hambly, which I've been rereading on and off for a while but finally buckled down to finish the other day.

What I'm reading next

I'm in my usual pre-travel "oh god I need to get ALL the books I will read ALL the books" even though I know that I will not, in fact, read all the books. I pulled out Star Wars: Wraith Squadron to put in my handbag as hardcopy reading, and I've got my Kindle as well. We'll see.


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